33 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

      1. Tris, I’ve been looking at photo 4. Although it’s black & white, I think the tram livery is Dundee’s. I don’t know Dundee too well, I’ve only been there a few times, but I think there’s a railway overbridge in Lochee.


  1. By the way, Tris, thanks for alerting me to the poetry competition on Terry Entoure’s blog – I posted a wee ode –
    ” To Britannia, now re-awaken’d!
    Some lines penned in contemplation of the forthcoming exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union.”

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    1. EEEK

      Och aince a year willnae hurt.

      Does that man no trust his haggis aff the lead?

      Talking about talking Scots… I see Neil Findlay made a bit of an ass of himself tweeting is pseudo Scots and eliciting replies that asked whether he was mocking people who spoke Scots, or maybe the working classes in general.

      I wonder if they ever think before the tweet.


      1. It’s Rothesay and the steamers are P.S. Duchess of Fife (1903 – scrapped 1953) and furthest away the T.S. Queen Mary (built 1933), the period is 1933-39 as the the Queen Mary has white funnels – post war she had CSP buff funnels.

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              1. Mostly although Rothesay entered into a long period of decline in the 60s/70s.

                But a great place to grow up – freedom – the pier and harbour was my playground even before I’d learnt to swim!

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  2. Dunoon pier just looks the same as then, only the furniture is different.

    Boring my foot, show us where we’ve come from, not far, poor investment in our country by the rUK

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