Yeah, right…

After the end of January, apprentices who were employed by Carillion will no longer have a job or a training place.

The outsourcing company had a £6.5m public contract to train apprentices. It seems they must have spent this money on paying the senior management massive bonuses. Oh well, that’s Britain.

Have you any idea of what a complete dick you look…

Of course, the UK government in the form of Cabinet Office minister, David Lidington, who goes under the bizarre ancient title of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, had previously promised that folk working for Carillion full-time would be paid and trainees would not lose out. Not sure of his definition of “lose out”.

What is it they say about Tory promises… something to do with pie crusts?


…For Directors and Shareholders

Ah, yes, and while we’re talking about Carillion, it seems that they “wriggled out” of payments into the company pension schemes as things got worse, all the while paying shareholder dividends and bosses’ bonuses, according to MPs.

Still, I’m sure these apprentices will be happy to know that their betters are not suffering in any way, as befits Brits of their station. The good old UK. All in it together. Broad shoulder. What what!


MPs Warn? Or what? You gonna make us, like?

And in other news, the cost of a Brit passport is to rise by 17%, which is a lot given that inflation is only 3%. (LOL LOL LOL, oh the UK government makes me laugh…3%!) But the Brits assure us that it has nothing, absolutely NOTHING, to do with the fact that they are going to be BLUE and the best passports ever in the whole wide world (‘cept obviously for American Trumpian passports which are even betterer).

No honestly.


And ever so BLUE.


To be fair, can you even imagine what his hair would be like if it got wet?