It seems that Monsieur Barnier didn’t manage to catch her speech.

Still, she did meet with her boss from Washington and apparently they made up. At least she sat next to him nodding like a Churchill Dog at everything he said, no matter how banal.

I have grave doubts about any trade deal being to the advantage of the UK in general, but very particularly to the advantage of ordinary people in the UK. Mr Trump had, after all, been selling his vision of America First… which means at very best UK second.

It is interesting perhaps that the other face to face meeting he had was with Netanyahu.


His best buddies, May and Netanyahu.  What company to keep.


Reactions so far to May’s speech from tech and business figures: “lazy,” “disappointing,” “ridiculous,” and “embarrassing”



May is on her feet in and live on , if live is the right word for the Maybot, reading out vacuous drivel written for her by some half-witted adviser.



    1. It occurred to me that she was head nodding agreement with Trumpy much the same way that government ministers on the front bench (in the camera shot with the PM) nod their heads when the PM is speaking in PMQs.

      I wonder if the average Brit or European knows how much harder it is to remove a President from office than it is to remove a PM by a no confidence vote. You can get rid of a PM by a simple majority vote of Commons as I understand it. On the other hand, “Impeachment” of a president is simply a bringing of charges by the House of Representatives of Congress by a simple majority vote. But removal from office then requires conviction by a trial on the Impeachment charges by the Senate, which requires a 2/3 majority of the Senators voting. Pretty much an impossibility these days. ANY days actually….since no president in all of American history has EVER been impeached AND removed from office. Nixon resigned from office over Watergate, but was not YET impeached by the House or tried by the Senate. Bill Clinton was impeached, but was acquitted of the charges by the Senate. Neither of the two Articles of Impeachment against Clinton even came close to the required 2/3 Senate majority. One of the two didn’t even get a simple majority in the Republican controlled Senate.

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      1. Yes, it’s a kind of nodding that you do when you don’t actually agree but you desperately want to be seen to be agreeing.

        Unless Trump’s health deteriorates or he gets fed up and resigns, it looks like you, and the rest of the world, are stuck with him for the next 3 years, at least.

        I just hope the Democrats find a really good candidate for 2020.

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        1. Recently I saw an interview with Al Gore and was impressed – surely if the Democrats had put him up instead of that awful Hillary Clinton he would have wiped the floor with Trump – or does he have some nasty skeletons in his cupboard?

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  1. What a speech! A combination of delusional thinking and meaningless platitudes from the dope who gave you, “Brexit means Brexit”. By the way, Davos – isn’t ‘e the geezer wots goin’ ter tell them Yoorypean gits where to stuff their Common Market, know wot I mean, John? Rool Britanya, Gawd sive the Queen!

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  2. I have read quite recently that one of Trump’s occasional brushes with reality concerns the USA’ s large trade deficit with the UK, about which he is determined to act – so no surprise that he is keen on a trade deal to redress this imbalance. Not good news for us, however.

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  3. Initially Trump did not want to meet May at Davos but is / has slotted a face on face with Macron. Then after lots of lobbying it was announced that May and Trump would meet.

    The big May occasion was a 15 minute photo pose with oleaginous quotes from Trump and supplicant ones from May.

    Just spin and bollox

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  4. Thanks for the New Statesman article. I’ve also read several others in the same vein, but the bottom line for all us real people is that it doesn’t matter who is the Prime Minister, we will still be subservient to Westminster rule.
    That point has once again been underscored with the refusal of a Conservative minister to appear before a Holyrood committee, something that couldn’t happen at Westminster since they could be compelled to attend, whether they wanted to or not.
    And when you see the names being bandied about as May’s successor, Johnson, Rudd, and Rees-Mogg, do any of us really believe anything will change, especially in their attitude to Scotland?
    Whoever is in charge, and this also applies To the Labour Party, will make sure that either none, or very few of the powers being returned to the U.K from the E.U, will be devolved to the Scottish Government.
    That is their plan. The emasculation of the Scottish Parliament by a thousand cuts.
    While I’m not exactly looking forward to campaigning throughout the winter of 2018/2019, we must have a second Scottish Independence Referendum before the 29th, March, 2019, in order to try to at least minimise the damage being done to our country by an increasingly dysfunctional, and viscous, Westminster administration.

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    1. Johnson is a buffoon, Rudd is an honest to gods fascist (Tory party conference/chapter 2 of Mein Kampf speech) & Rees-Mogg lives in the 19th century.

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    2. Yes. I added it without comment.

      My personal view is that no one really wants the thankless job until the deal with the EU is done. So actually, I think she’s safe.

      I know that politicians, certainly ones that reach that level, have massive egos, and that mostly they think that they could sort the problems just becasue they are better than anyone else, but I maintain that even the most ego bloated idiot knows that this is a mission which is going to fail.

      No matter what the outcome. There just isn’t a way that this can lead to something better.

      Needless to say, I have no doubt at all that whoever might take over in the future would make things better in any way for Scotland.

      Not one politician from outwith the Greens/SNP has ever indicated that Scotland’s vote be taken into consideration with a slightly different arrangement for it (as has been proved is possible with Greenland and Denmark).


        1. Signed and shared.

          This is ridiculous. As the text says this is a popular piece of legislation.

          It may not be perfect but over 80% of the public seem to want it to remain on the statute book.

          This is being down to spite the SNP… and in this particular case, the people, but an increasingly policy-less opposition.

          Surprised at Patrick. Vaguely surprised at the Colonel. As for Carry on and his pet attention seeker, frankly NOTHING would surprise me.


  5. I just hope everyone who voted Tory is leaping with joy over Feartie’s ongoing antics. Most of all how is everyone preparing themselves for the imminent deluge of Chlorinated Chicken?

    What about that NHS eh? Currently run, mostly, by Virgin but thanks to a “new” deal with Rumpy Pumpy Trumpy it will soon be being run by American Healthcare!

    I know all the Bombardier workers in Northern Ireland are all out celebrating … the possible loss of their jobs all thanks to the Orange tangerine man’s hype in import duty to 300% (I think) on any of their aircraft imported into USA!

    I can hardly wait to hear about the next load of shite we will have to endure being imported from USA.

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    1. But, Arbroath, he said he liked her, and that she liked him… to which she was obliged to smile and nod her stupid head.

      As one of his own Republican Senators said recently. All you have to do is tell him you like him, and that he is great, and he’ll be on your side.

      He’s like a child.


  6. Slightly off topic:
    Last Tuesday we bought a ‘new’ house in a small village just outside Stornoway.
    The village is called Tong and is the birth-place of Trump’s mother.
    Today it has been announced that Trump is to visit the UK.
    Today Trump has announced how much he loves Scotland.
    Will he again come to visit his mother’s birth-place as he’s done before?
    Will he bring Theresa with him to intimidate the natives?

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    1. Congratulations on your new home, John.

      We hope you’ll be happy there.

      I thought that the latest was that Trump said he will only go to the UK if May can guarantee that there will
      be no protests.

      So, I’m thinking that the likelihood of him going is pretty small.

      Clearly neither May nor Sturgeon has the authority to ban protests, and his ego is sooo fragile that any protest, never mind a massive march, would bruise it badly.

      I believe some of his relatives… cousins? still live in Tong. Fortunately they seem to be uninterested in him.

      Once again, I’m really glad you got a place. Send photies!


      1. I see a ‘follow’ request keeps coming up. You probably haven’t noticed but I have been following your blog for years through thick and thin. Well, I was thin~~~~

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