The Labour party are so busy fighting amongst themselves they can’t deliver for the country

Yes, the brand new team at the Conservative Party Headquarters tweeted yesterday that the Labour Party is split. Which, of course, it is.
However, it is unfortunate to make a big thing of their differences when …
… And Owen Paterson who, I think, used to be someone, openly invited Philip Hammond, who still IS someone, to resign:

No one arguing to sever trade with Europe, but only clean break from Single Market and Customs Union gives freedom to embrace huge opportunities around the world. Cabinet Ministers who do not support Government policy and manifesto commitments can always resign.

9 thoughts on “POTS AND KETTLES”

  1. This is completely off topic, Tris, but the BBC website briefly carried a front page story about the mail apologising to Nicola Sturgeon, albeit blaming AS for the flag stuff instead without mentioning his discussion with the queen…
    Within a very short time this story was removed and replaced by one about magnetic putty…. I kid you not. Did anyone else notice this?

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      1. The number of people who subscribe to this nonsense drops all the time, I’m told.

        I’ve not had one for I reckon now, 4-5 years. And I honestly can’t think of any friends who have a licence.


    1. Well, Neukie, let’s be honest, magnetic putty is important stuff. I mean what would we do without it?

      Bloody BBC. That woman, Donalda, was supposed to make it her mission to make us trust her abominable British Bullshit Corporation.



  2. Elizabeth Truss

    Was Lord Chancellor July 2016 to June 2017
    Justice Secretary Elizabeth Truss said:
    We want a justice system that works for everyone. That means creating a system that is just, proportionate and accessible.
    We have the tools and the technology to cut unnecessary paperwork, to deliver swifter justice and to make the experience more straightforward.
    Historic joint paper from the Lord Chancellor, Senior President of Tribunals and Lord Chief Justice outlines their £1 billion vision to deliver a justice system that works for everyone
    Under the shake-up, legal jargon will be replaced by simple language and people will be able to plead guilty to some minor offences and pay fines online
    The joint paper also outlines plans to make the system more straightforward by reducing legal jargon and allowing people to plead guilty to some minor offences and pay fines online – beginning with transport fare dodging

    A separate consultation has been launched today seeking views on modernising a number of working practices for judges and to attract talented and diverse candidates to this career.

    Wondering what happened to these ideas.
    Listened one evening to her being questioned about these ideas on R4.
    She said they were necessary responses to the loss of magistrates in England and the failure to recruit replacements. Due to reduced funding, we’re all in it together, remember
    Wasn’t replaced in post after the GE, but now in the treasury.
    This is the minister who has refused to meet the finance committee to discuss the barnett formula.

    At least we have our own system, for better or worse

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    1. I was thinking as I read that that it was good that the Scottish legal system was separate.

      As I recall from my time living in England, they have Magistrates who are volunteers. Upstanding men and women of the local community.

      Well upstandingish, anyway.

      They dealt with minor cases, and were advised on the points of law by p[aid solicitors. Anything serious had to be sent to a higher court.

      I guess that they don’t have enough volunteers.

      What a joke. Everything about the Tory led England is falling to bits.

      Hospitals, Prisons, Law and Order, Transport,


  3. Here’s a wee laugh at tricky dicky again:

    Keith Brown MSP‏Verified account

    .So Labour have put out a statement attacking the Scot Govt on Carillion, highlighting a PFI contract let by GG Health Board in circa 2001 by, you know who. After the Babcock fiasco, you’d think they would check facts first.


  4. So, just thinking aloud here … how much will it cost us for the UK to keep him? And wouldn’t that spur more support for IndyRef2? I’m thinking, “win-win.”

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    1. I don’t suppose it would cost much. I mean all he needs is a golf course, lots of sparkly things and an endless supply of McDs…oh and a cell phone so he can tweet… oh and it seems he like porn stars, but I expect they have plenty of them. Probably ask Damien Green.


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