Soppy Sunday


n oran2
Oi, Uncle Munguin, we’re supposed to be first on Soppy Sunday!
n Luleå - Sweden (by Barney Moss)
Luleå , Sweden.
n mooo
Moooooooooooooooo (that’s Finnish for Mooo: they tend to ahve rather a lot of letters in their words).
n nuts
What a nice café I’ve found.
n Ostgronland, Greenland
The beauty of East Greenland.
n pig
What? You want some?
n peyto lake canada
Peyto Lake, Canada.
n puppy
I suppose you don’t fancy a game of something, like stick throwing, do ya?
n paris1
Cruising on the Seine.
n orang4
That woke you up!
n Barre des Ecrins Alpes.
n rhino
This is what we have for breakfast, and lunch… well, and dinner… and snacks. I hope you like it?
n starlings
The amazing point at which a murmuration of Starlings takes the form of a giant bird.
n greece 2
Now, this should warm you up…
n robbie 2
But it is January, and this is Scotland, so back to the cold.
n snow
And the snow.
n snow-leopards
If you don’t wash under your chin, then mum will have to do it for you, no matter how embarrassing it is in front of your friends.
n snow in Chamonix
Ouch… And this is France!
n oram
OK, you saw enough for today? You’ll be back next week, I guess? Bye then…




The Tory leader of Windsor council, Mr Simon Dudley (presumably hoping that Mr will now be a short-term title) has written to his local Police and Crime Commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld, asking that he take action to clear beggars off the streets of Windsor  before the planned wedding of Harry Windsor and Miss Marple in May.


Well, that’s not entirely true. The facts seem to be that Mr Dudley tweeted a good deal about it while he was on a skiing holiday in Wyoming over Christmas, and then wrote a letter (dated January 2) to Mr Stansfeld, which he leaked to the press. Unfortunately, possibly due to the dire straits of the privatised postal service in Britain, the letter has yet to arrive. (However, Mr Stansfeld was able to read all about it in the press, so that’s OK.)


Clearly Sir Simon, sorry, my mistake, MR Dudley, [don’t be so previous, Tris, signed Munguin] wants to make sure that when the eyes and ears of international media descend upon his little corner of the green and pleasant land in May, the streets will be the way one expects of a town that boasts Windsor Castle, one of the royal family’s many publicly owned residences (tour £53 a pop. family ticket), Eton college, where princes (and others who can afford the fees of £34,000+ a year) go to school, and Ascot Racecourse, (dress code NOT optional).

Eton schoolboys in traditional tails at Eton College, England, UK

Mr Dudley (got it right this time) contends that many of the beggars who populate his patch are homeless for the fun of it, and the caring Conservative council has offered them all suitable accommodation, which they have refused because they prefer to be sleeping on the cold hard streets in winter weather. (Ungrateful beggars!) [Enough! signed Munguin.]

So, where to put all these down and outs while their majesties and highnesses and lords and ladies and other dignitaries are partying and spending untold millions which they managed to get from us, not to mention all OUR money paying for security for all their posh friends?


Well, I have a suggestion. I’ve heard that there is a nearby state-owned house with over 1000 rooms and only one family living there.


As an afterthought, this notion of royals marrying divorcees has caused some anguish in the past. According to the teachings of the Church of England, it is not possible to marry a divorced person who has a spouse living. Presumably because vows made before god that are “till death us do part” are supposed to mean just that.

ROYAL Monckton/Windsors 2

So back in the 1930s when Edward wanted to marry Mrs Simpson, a twice-divorced person, he was obliged to abdicate and go to France where he could be married.


When Anne remarried, Mr Philips still being alive) she fled to Scotland to use the Church of Scotland to get hitched to her current husband.

When Charles wanted to marry the divorcee Mrs Parker-Bowles in 2005, he was obliged to do so in a registry office (registrars), although he did get the Archbishop of Canterbury to bless the wedding, which kinda defeated the point.


Now Harry will marry his divorcee in a chapel in Windsor Castle.

Has the Church of England decided that it was wrong to deny marriage to so many people over the years?  If so, will it apologise to them? If not, is there a special dispensation for royals now?

Just asking.



James Cook has just pointed out that by January 2, 2018, 63 people in the USA had died at the hands of a gun. That’s more than the Las Vegas massacre. It happens all the time in the USA and only makes the news here if it is a massacre or if there are Muslims involved, but every life is a life no matter whether it ends as a one-off or part of a mass shooting. And what is Mr Trump doing about gun control? Answers on a postcard.



As most of you know my mother recently spent a little time in hospital in Dundee. It was busy, right before Christmas and the staff were run off their feet, but they all had time for a friendly word, a little bit of encouragement, for all the patients, not just my mum.

Some of the patients were less than pleasant. I heard one woman moaning about the food, another potty mouth complaining that they were keeping her against her will, and a third who kept getting dressed and heading towards the doors, determined to leave. And that was only in a bay of 6 beds!

As well as treating seriously sick patients these nurses and doctors coped with these stresses. And they did it with a smile.

We are incredibly lucky to have the health service we have and I’d like to say a personal to them.



Best summed up by our own dear Arbroath 1320

Replying to 

aha … so it IS true then … there are MORE kids staying on at school to better improve their education before moving onto tertiary education then. WOW! who knew eh? MORE Scottish school kids are seeing the benefits of a SCOTTISH education I blame the SNP myself! SNP BAAAD

That along with the fact, pointed out by various people, that “6th form” is an English expression not used in Scotland.

Dr David McNay Retweeted HeraldScotland

6th form? you should try employing some Scottish people for your SCOTLAND BAD propaganda; we call it 6th year here.

Really, Scotland Office, Dover House, London, when you are writing press releases for the Scottish press, could you get someone who is Scottish to do it? It makes more sense to us who don’t speak English English and y’know, it’s a courtesy to use OUR terminology in OUR country.



We are fortunate that university education in Scotland is run by the Scottish government, because, not only is it £9500 a year cheaper than in England, additionally it is spared this creepy son of a lord fellow who knows next to nothing about university education and who, according to his now much-deleted twitter account has interesting and freely expressed opinions on matters sexual as well as education! I’m sure he will be as great a success as most of the rest of the Maybot’s appointments.