1. I think I must have been out of the country at the time… I like the giant hibiscus flower, though. Or whatever it´s supposed to be.

        I suppose she is just an example of everyday British politicking folk: one principle and one principle only, i.e., see trough, stick snout in.

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        1. She was particularly obnoxious.

          When she got caught out she decided to have a breakdown, and the glamour disappeared.

          This was her at her court appearance. Hibiscusless.

          I’m not poking fun at someone who may or may not have had mental health issues. I wouldn’t do that for a second. She was found fit for trial by a psychiatrist. And it seemed to me that her breakdown was all about the fact that she got caught.

          However, it didn’t take her long to get into the money making business again… WHILE CLAIMING SICK LEAVE FROM HER JOB IN PARLIAMENT… erm, till she got caught on a Sunday Times sting.

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          1. Crikey… and when I think of all the howls and screams of outrage and indignation from the Usual Suspects after 2014 around spurious allegations of minor financial irregularities against SNP MPs and MSPs …

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    1. The Get A Brain, Morans guy has been a meme on the left over here for about a decade, now (it never gets old). At Daily Kos, for example, it’s become a standard spelling when referring to the Trumpanzees flinging their feces about the country.

      Among us Cubs fans, it takes on another, delicious layer of Teh Stupid because the dude’s a Cardinals fan (big rivalry between the cities, teams and their fans)

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    1. Contact ‘Judge Judy’/’Judge Rinder’/ contact the Daily Record and make sure this ‘accident’ is spread all over the front page and shared with every news outlet in the country. Ensure BBC Shortbread has it as its main SNPBad story of the week, get a spot on the Victoria Derbyshire programme, with a tearful Mum telling the world about dangerous playgrounds which should be closed immediately as they are a hazard to ‘our children’s future’. Get a free trip to Disneyland Florida courtesy of crowdfunding by a sympathetic public.

      I think I may have been a little over-cynical? We would have run home to Mum who would have applied a generous daub of iodine – ouch – (I loved that phrase ‘tincture of iodine’), put a big white bandage round our knees, dried our eyes, given us a jammy piece and a hug and sent us out again.

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    1. My daughter has banned from places that sell anything other than “Coffee”, she says I embarrass her by repeatedly asking for a cup of coffee.

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