Or so we are told. So Munguin is reluctantly turning the central heating up a degree or two, and Tris has been sent to get in provisions (mainly lots of Veuve Cliquot) so that we shall be sustained should it get bad.


Keep warm, Munguinites. Check on your neighbours too, offer a helping hand if you can. Munguin is sending Tris around the neighbourhood to do just that as we speak.

And make sure the birds are fed.


It should be over by the weekend.

On the other hand, it might not happen at all. And the beast from the east may be nothing more than next door’s disgruntled cat.

But in any case, whatever else you do…


It’s very unpatriotic. And not at all British!



John Redwood‏ @johnredwood

Once out of the EU Customs Union the UK could unilaterally cut all tariffs on products we don’t grow for ourselves or could offer to do so in return for some free trade response from those who would benefit. Inside, we can’t do this as the others don’t agree with this strategy.

Yes, that would all be fine, Mr Redwood, but it would involve leaving the World Trade Organisation too. You did know that, didn’t you?



It appears that Fluffy Muddle wasn’t available for an interview this morning on Radio Scotland to talk about the EU withdrawal economic impact assessments from the British government, y’know, the ones that they had and didn’t have and then had again (or something).


I suspect he must have been on early morning tea duties at Downing Street (tea tray at 6 am, tea, milk, 2 digestives, open curtains). But I wonder where his blue-blooded aristocratic assistant was. Don’t we pay him to be available for occasions on which the Rt Hon blokey is otherwise engaged in beard cleaning …or domestic duties… or whatever it is he does?


And what about the Colonel, who assured us she attends British Cabinet meetings? Was she on manoeuvres somewhere with her rusty troops?

Why does no one want to talk about this stuff?

Murdo, oh Murdo????



A Fife farmer has had to let crops die in the fields because he can’t get anyone to pick them since so many Europeans have left for home, or somewhere else in the union with more stability.

This is before we have actually left Europe.

It is a bit worrying that we will be bringing back control only to find that it’s all got out of control.

Some quote the unemployment figures and ask why we are so short of people when so many are unemployed. However, government figures (1.4 million) show an unemployment rate of 4.2%, which by common consent, is considered to be more or less full employment.

A substantial section of this is made up of people simply between jobs. Starting a new job in a few weeks but left the present one and needing “NI stamps”. After a few weeks they sign off to be replaced by others in the same situation.

This figure also includes the ever-growing number of people who are over 50 and over 60 (and unless you’ve been used to outdoor, hard physical work all your life it’s unlikely [not impossible] you’d be able to start …and be effective… in that kind of work at that time of life).

Clearly, some older people have no problems landing a job.


Having worked in the employment business, I can assure you that it is harder for older folk to get into work. If it’s a physical job, employers are looking for younger people who will still be standing at the end of a hard 8-hour shift. If it’s office work, employers are looking for people whose IT skills are up to the lastest mark. In hospitality and retail, they tend to be overlooked too. When did you last see a barista in Costa Coffee, or an assistant in Next with grey hair

It also includes people who have disabilities but who are able to work if someone gives them the chance, but for some of whom a job bent over in muddy field wouldn’t be appropriate, or even possible.

Unemployment figures also include those who, for other reasons, are pretty much unemployable. (Michael Something of the Night Howard’s “prison works” may have been a cool slogan for the blue rinses and retired colonels, but the truth is it does damage people’s employment prospects in the future, one reason that Scotland’s government has tried to reduce the number of people incarcerated).

Then there are those who have drink and drug issues which render them unemployable. Not a small number.

So if, in the end, 2 million of the 3 million Europeans do leave, from what pool of labour will we recruit?

We need to remember too, that farm labour is a tiny part our problems. Perhaps even more important are the care staff for our old people’s homes, the highly trained medical staff that work in the NHS, doctors, nurses, radiologists, physios, etc, etc.



Oh and, I won’t tell you again…



a dims

Laura Kuenssberg has just tweeted this illustration of the economic impact assessments that MPs have been allowed to see. Important to note forecasts are for a fifteen year period – and predict how much more slowly the economy would grow, not how much it would shrink, so they still expect growth, just a good bit less of it.

So, if you voted for Brexit, this is how much worse the pro-Brexit “Department for Exiting the EU predicts your future will be.


Scotland, were we to stay in the single market, which May has ruled out (on pain of the disgraced Liam Fox resigning… Yeah yeah, I know, anyone else would see that as a massive bonus, but what the hell???) would lose 2.5% of our growth. With some sort of Free Trade Deal, a very dubious possibility, we’d lose 6%, and if we work on WTO figures,  the most likely scenario, 9%.


This is broadly in line with the conclusions of the Scottish government’s impact assessment which found that Scotland’s GDP would be 8.5% lower by 2030 than it would be if it stayed in the EU if Brexit resulted in the UK trading with Europe on WTO terms. It would be 6.1% lower with a free trade agreement, but only 2.7% lower if the UK stayed in the single market.

That’s in a country that voted 62-38 to REMAIN.


But, with the broad shoulders of Britain, and the strong and stable hands and legs and arms and possibly other bits of the Maybot… what chance does Barnier have?


Hoi Munguin:


Aye right… whatever.


Yeah, right…

After the end of January, apprentices who were employed by Carillion will no longer have a job or a training place.

The outsourcing company had a £6.5m public contract to train apprentices. It seems they must have spent this money on paying the senior management massive bonuses. Oh well, that’s Britain.

Have you any idea of what a complete dick you look…

Of course, the UK government in the form of Cabinet Office minister, David Lidington, who goes under the bizarre ancient title of Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, had previously promised that folk working for Carillion full-time would be paid and trainees would not lose out. Not sure of his definition of “lose out”.

What is it they say about Tory promises… something to do with pie crusts?


…For Directors and Shareholders

Ah, yes, and while we’re talking about Carillion, it seems that they “wriggled out” of payments into the company pension schemes as things got worse, all the while paying shareholder dividends and bosses’ bonuses, according to MPs.

Still, I’m sure these apprentices will be happy to know that their betters are not suffering in any way, as befits Brits of their station. The good old UK. All in it together. Broad shoulder. What what!


MPs Warn? Or what? You gonna make us, like?

And in other news, the cost of a Brit passport is to rise by 17%, which is a lot given that inflation is only 3%. (LOL LOL LOL, oh the UK government makes me laugh…3%!) But the Brits assure us that it has nothing, absolutely NOTHING, to do with the fact that they are going to be BLUE and the best passports ever in the whole wide world (‘cept obviously for American Trumpian passports which are even betterer).

No honestly.


And ever so BLUE.


To be fair, can you even imagine what his hair would be like if it got wet?