He’ll need a few more smarts if he’s going to try to take on Nicola Sturgeon and win.

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This is a fascinating piece about the Faroe Islands, one of Scotland’s nearest neighbours by Lesley Riddoch.

With 65,000 people, it is a fraction of the size of Scotland, but its devolution from Denmark’s government is far deeper than Scotland’s. It is not in the EU, for example (nor is its sister country, Greenland). (Remember when we were promised the most powerful devolved government in the world… We really are suckers!)

I seriously suggest that this is worth half an hour of anyone’s time, and a donation, no matter how little, to help make further films about our nearby Nordic neighbours.

Iceland is next…



Munguin’s man in Malaysia.

Recommended reading/watching before reading the main piece, for preference in the order listed).





A few of you may be wondering as to why this faraway Malaysian is very resolute in his support for Scottish independence. It is for the very simple reason that Malaysia is very much subscribed to the Anglo-American socio-political and economic worldview and outlook.

I suppose that was the reason one of my law lecturers once stated that Malaysia is a little England. Malaysia has replicated every single problem that the UK has, the only difference being the degree of severity of the problem. This is compounded with the very recent election of a new prime minister (formerly the fourth Prime Minister) who is an unrepentant, and for the lack of a better term, Thatcherite authoritarian (though he claims he has “reformed”, which is laughable if you have been following his political career).

Which brings back to Scotland. Scotland is trying to break the Anglo-American socio-political and economic outlook. We can see through the policies that are being brought forward by the Scottish Government. The Scottish Government is also trying its best to prioritise those in need, especially young persons, the disabled and the poor in face of swinging cuts the name of austerity. These policies have one aim, which is to achieve an equal, fairer and just society. These policies are in stark contrast with the policies of the UK (Westminster) government. It is for these reasons I have chosen the above videos and podcast. They show what Scotland could have been, what Scotland is and Scotland could possibly be.

If Scotland becomes independent, maybe just maybe, the rest of the Commonwealth countries and especially Malaysia may look towards her and realise that there is another possible way to govern their countries. If one is familiar with Frank Herbert’s Dune series, Scotland is the spark that will light the Golden Path. This is why I am very invested in Scottish independence. Scotland may be a wee country but it is going to have a very, very big impact on the world should it become independent. God forbid it might actually lead the nations of the world (note the sarcasm :P).

We are at the end game and independence is very much closer than it was in 2014.  As the Tories are more than ever willing to prove, we are about or already exhausted all possible political compromises within the definition framework. And as per the podcast, if we do not defend the Scottish Parliament (and by proxy the nation) Scotland will not be independent at least for another 20 years.

Now is the perfect time to give the final push for independence because our opponents are in such disarray that they will not be able to mount an effective defence of the Union. Don’t wait for the perfect condition, create it. Remember in 2012, Alex Salmond started with about 30% support for independence. I don’t see why we cannot achieve another 15% increase in support for independence in the next referendum. When the time comes, you will be able to count on me to support your effort. I hope together we will be able to see this through.


*Lastly, and God willing, I will be in Scotland this summer. Hopefully, I will be able to meet some of you, if not all. Till then.

Post Script 1: if you want to have an idea how insane Malaysian politics is right now, it’s like Jeremy Corbyn stepped down and Labour decided (yes, DECIDED) to appoint Theresa May as the new leader of the party. Theresa May then fully acknowledge that all Tory government policies are wrong (while overlooking the fact that she was the architect of such policies) and readily subscribe to hard-left policies as per Momentum ideas. She then says Theresa May of the old is gone, she is now a reformed person and everybody should forgive and forget. Everybody should also believe that.

Post Script 2: I would like to further caution you that the allegation of corruption (the main beating stick of the then opposition) allegedly done by the outgoing Prime Minister was spearheaded by one Clare Rewcastle Brown via Sarawak Report website. She is the sister-in-law of one Gordon Brown, formerly a Scottish Labour stalwart. We on this side of the Scottish independence debate know that anything purported by or anyone remotely connected to Scottish Labour must be taken at the very least with a pinch, nay a bucket, of salt.

Make whatever you want with this information.

If you think British politics is crazy, welcome to the Malaysian one!