They sang us “Auld Lang Syne” and you, Farage, in your turn, made an idiot (me being polite) of yourself.

Now, I’d imagine that most people in Brussels know that you’re a blethering old drunk who smells like a stale ashtray, and, as such, they probably don’t listen to you,  your little playmates or, indeed, your mad old Granny Ann.

But I’d lay money on the fact that this clip will have been shown on news programmes around the world, from Greenland to New Zealand; from Japan to Paraguay.

You just showed the world what a set of ill-mannered, immature, boors you are, and your behaviour will have refected not just on your miserable selves, but on your country too.

Image result for ann widdecombe and Nigel farage stance"

Furthermore, with a set of extremely difficult negotiations yet to come with the EU, you have done your beloved UK absolutely no favours… and, make no mistake, favours will be what the UK will be looking for.

Even fervent supporters of Brexit will have thought you an embarrassment.

We most certainly cringed.


  1. With reference to your previous blog; you couldn’t make him up either.

    Shameless freeloader who’ll live high on the hog at our collective (include the remaining EU; re pension) expense & fuck the rest of us.

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    1. Bang on. He’s hardly been to anything, spent most of his time publicising himself… and drinking, of course.

      I wonder if Johnson will send him to the Lords so that he can continue freeloading.

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  2. Yep, 12/10 for squirm value from Farage and his fleg waving dum, dums with AW doing her famous burst couch impression on the end.

    I saw this earlier (unedited) and it struck me how their sad display summed up the entire sorry process from start to present. They look like a bunch of folk who’ve been wrong about everything their whole lives experiencing euphoria at being proven right for the very first time. Not that I’m saying they’re right of course. Far from it. Delusions of adequacy more like.

    It strikes me that this might be a good time to go into the pitchfork and fiery torch selling business. You know, get well stocked up to cash in on when the rampaging angry mobs are tooling up looking for payback.

    Nah! When it all goes tits up they’ll only divert blame onto someone else and start a war because a royal baby just won’t cut it this time.

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    1. Well put.

      Although I don’t for a second consider myself British, I was embarrassed for them.

      You may have something about pitchforks.

      Harry and Megan having another baby won;t cut it. William lectured us about only having 2 babies (and then had three), no one would give a toss if Andrew’s or Anne’s kids had babies, Camilla’s a bit past that sort of thing.

      No one of import is left to get married.

      I wonder… if the queen divorced Phil, or maybe he had to be deported back to Demark or Greece…?

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  3. Scotland is a European country and has links with the continent going back many hundreds of years before the union with England.
    These Rule Britannia flag waving morons do not represent our country in any shape or form.
    The European parliament’s gain however,in seeing the back of these idiots,is our loss.
    If our fellow Scots allow them to continue to foist their quaint Olde English customs on us then we will truly never return to engagement with our fellow European citizens.
    England,due to it’s empire baggage,was never going to fit in with a union based on equal partnership,as we Scots know only too well.
    Until or if ever they wise up to their real place in the 21st century global community,they represent a threat to others,especially us.

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    1. My mother always said that the UK shouldn’t have joined. It was/is not a joiner. It has to be in charge or it wants it ball back.

      Scotland should have joined on its own.

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      1. The weird thing is that we were in charge. Nothing substantive happened without UK agreement. And a good chunk of that was the UK getting its own way through skilled diplomacy eg the EU single market was a Thatcher policy guided through the EU by Lord Cockcroft.

        For too many years the EU was a stitch-up between France, Germany and the UK. The EU in those years was controlled by the so-called big 3. Even after that ended with the foundation of the European Council, the UK still totally bossed it.

        3 hrs left as a EU citizen. For what? We’ll never find out.

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        1. Yes. Originally had a veto over everything, then in later days of qualified majority voting, had a well above average vote weighting.

          2 hours now, and I really feel sad. I know that nothing changes, nothing of any substance at least for another 11 months, but I still feel like I’ve lost something very dear to me.

          I’m grateful for the opportunities that the EU has offered; for the friends I’ve made and the places I’ve seen.

          I really hope we’ll be back soon.


          1. It is now the day after.

            This is all desperately sad. Can’t really believe it’s happened, to be honest, even though I always knew that it was overwhelmingly likely.

            Cheering myself up by booking tickets for long weekends around Europe, just like a member of the liberal elite would do.

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            1. I woke up this morning and put the news on. The I turned it off. The I looked at Twitter.

              All the news channels are telling us that there were massive crowds for these Brexit events. Wide shots show that there were small crowds.

              No one bothered to mention far bigger crowds all over Scotland for Remain.

              Some of the people that were interviews are beyong belief. Their views culled from the pages of the hard right tabloids and then jumbled into near incoherency.

              There are gfoing to be some VERY VERY disappointed people.

              But I felt an overwhelming sense of loss. Genuine sadness.


  4. It will be a sad sad day for me
    On Friday there will be no
    Celebrating a loss of a better
    Future .

    I’d just say to the northern
    Voters who put their trust in
    The Torys.

    I hope you watched the Tory response to HS2
    No No No

    The torys cried out
    You reap what you sow

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    1. Yeh Niko, but for us, there is an alternative to being a vassal State annexed by the bigger country next door. You know? Having a government you have a chance of voting in and all that democracy stuff. Independence, self determination, stuff that’s considered a normal state of affairs for most countries.

      Can’t you see your once again regurgitating yet another ever more apologetic version of the same old liebor shit you’ve been simultaneously swallowing and spouting your whole life.

      You can’t though because your just too Niko to see it.

      There’s too many folk that are too Niko, there’s even more, unfortunately just don’t give enough of a shit to pay attention. What the BBC says is good enough and that simple truth makes them the real enemy.

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        1. Why thank you Niko. I’ll definitely pass it along to the management team. I’m sure It will put an extra spring in her step when I let her out in the garden to do her business.

          Positive feedback is always welcome regardless of the source.

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    1. A SONG from a Scottish source, worded by Robert Burnes of this parish.
      Recognised throughout the WORLD as a song of friendship.
      It made my day, surely a message to us that we are welcome to join the family of Europeans, all we have to do is take the leap of faith in ourselves.
      We can do it.
      The Europeans didn’t send them off with a quaint morris dance.

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  5. Hoping for a big turnout at Holyrood tomorrow, Brexit Day, at 6.00pm to register disgust at the loss of EU citizenship. Delighted that SNP and Green MSP’s outvoted the anti-Scottish and anti-EU unionists to retain the EU flag proudly flying at the home of Scotland’s democracy. Pity they did not also vote to have the reviled Union Flag removed and placed in the nearest skip.

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    1. Yes, Clive, I hope there is a big turn out for that.

      And I’d love to see the union flag disappear, but for the moment, the Scottish parliament must reflect the votes of the Scottish people.

      Stay in the UK and stay in the EU. I really hope that that will soon change.


  6. Heard around the world allright it made the news here complete with the moron and his fleg waving stunt being told off by the boss lady, Mairead McGuiness. Crass boorish behaviour, total disrespect to the EU. They will reap what they sow, they will never learn until they have to eat grass like some of the people they forced into that state of affairs.

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    1. 100% agree.

      The EU parliament that Britain in the form of these people just insulted, will have a say ion how the trade talks go, and the formation of a future relationship.

      They might have thought of that as they insulted the parliament, the nations and their presidents/chancellors/first ministers.

      But, what can you expect from old drunks?

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  7. I saw comments from arch Britnat and Tory, Alex Massie saying that “Burns has a lot answer for” in response to the parliament singing Auld Lang Syne. He was ably supported by champagne socialist Muriel Gray. Their cringe was showing under from below their Union flag knickers. To think the parliament’s gesture of friendship was the thing to be embarrassed about speaks volumes about them.

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    1. Strange old world.
      The EBC pay for local newspaper journos.
      Now pay off hundreds of their own.
      Only conclusion is that it was part of the brexit strategy, no longer required.
      The farage is going to be well funded by his EU pension, 40 years of NO service, paid for by us.
      I would like to bet 90% of the english don’t realise they are going to be paying his pension.
      Sad thing is the english car industry is just about to hit the skids.
      Think about it, Honda closing, Nissan owned by Renault, Vauxhall by PGA, Toyota by the Japanese and Mini owned by BMW. Rolls and Bentley by Germany and last of all Jaguar Landrover owned by the Indians.
      These companies sell over 80% of their production into the EU and the USA.
      The big deal is coming and like the response to the SHUGGIE deal from trump I’d like to bet it won’t be pleasant.
      Our chancellor says, in one hand, budgets up by the rate of inflation, 1.3%, now he needs a 5% savings to continue with HS2 at £88 billion when it’s forecast to be £106 billion.
      You can’t make any sense from them.
      Oh, and it’s still Australia burning and the Antarctic icecap is melting.

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      1. What I’d like to know is, did the French, German, Italian and Spanish governments have to fork out twice the budget for all their network of railways. Networks they seem to have had for decades.

        A couple of hundred miles of track and the Brits have gone to hell.


    2. And yet, despite only ever having, briefly, a couple of defecting MPs, who either lost their seat or reverted to the Tories, this man was on Question Time more than anyone else (apart from old Dimbleby).

      You are right. The BBC promoted this.


  8. I’m not a great fan of André Rieu but I’m buying this to see if the BBC will play it in the chart programme.
    Ode To Joy (Final Movement From Symphony No.9, Op.125 / Live)

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    1. May I ask? The video kept cutting to a woman I think I should know, but don’t.


      In a Police procedural manner:

      “The camera cut to her about five or six times.”

      “She had short brown hair, and seemed very happy in a sad sort of way. And the absolutely telling thing, officer is that she had a red scarf.”

      No officer, don’t be silly, of course I don’t want her arrested.”


      Perhaps munguinites know who she is?


  9. Jeez, that was powerful. Absolutely magnificent.

    That soprano on the right-hand side has an absolutely magnificent voice.

    I do like his music. His players are incredible. As I understand it it’s one big family of musicians. You have to be good to get in but he looks after them well.

    I’ll play this tomorrow.


  10. Meanwhile, here’s this idiot, propagandist, whatever you want to call him, stirring up the morons.

    Read the comments if you can. They’re a hoot.


    1. Jings… “tiny remainers with their tiny hands”?

      Very Daily Express!

      Well, it’s done.

      Now we have to see what those who promised so much to win, will produce for us.

      I suspect it will fall short, in many ways, of the promises made.


        1. No, Niko, I suppose it won’t do a lot of good. The hard right government in London has already shown that they give not a thought to what we do. They will be playing Rule Britannia and God Save the queen and Land of Hope and Glory and getting drunk in parliament square while Scots are mourning their connection to the rest of the world.

          I would have thought that there would be many Labour people and indeed probably even some moderate Tories who might feel the same way.

          Not of course, Jack Carlot, who has been convinced that all the things he said before Boris came along were just a pile of cowdung and now the EU is an evil organisation to be escaped from.

          You have to admire his get ahead attitude though, when he extracts himself from Boris’s arse.


      1. Dear niko,

        And how is your ‘savage breast’ placated? What tunes of a lost Empire stir your loins, summon up your blood?

        Perhaps you could give us your ‘Top Ten’?


  11. You might find this illuminating

    As far as the UK is concerned, between Brentry in 1973 and Brexit there have been four recessions, three boom/busts in the housing market and a gradual erosion of manufacturing capacity. Periods of sustained growth – first in the 1980s and again, more enduringly, in the 1990s and early 2000s – culminated in painful slumps. North Sea oil has come and gone, its proceeds squandered.

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    1. And every single bit of it Niko, was the fault of those damned foreign johnnies. They squandered the oil; they held back Britain’s great potential to rule the world; they made us waste billions on WMDs, wars, projects that overspent and overran.

      Evil people.


  12. Brexitannia – a paean

    Now dawns the day, the hour is at hand
    when Britons liberate their glorious land.
    From foreign laws and trammels free,
    we do restore our sacred liberty.
    Dagoes, Eyeties, Frogs and Krauts we shun,
    with Belgians, Greeks and Dutch we’ve done:
    we’ve smashed the fetters, cut and run
    to take our right place in the sun.
    With a world of opportunity before us,
    no Johnny Foreigner hovering o’er us,
    we’ll show that we’re no more their fools
    as bold Britannia waives the rules.
    Our argosies shall roam all seas
    and Britons trade with whom they please,
    riches and treasures to bear home
    from every land across the foam.
    Gold, silver, silks and spices fine,
    exotic fruits and honeyed wine,
    furs, leathers fine and jewels bright
    in trade for jams and famed Marmite.
    But should some upstart power decide
    to challenge the Lion in his pride,
    our Navy bold shall guard the ocean’s lanes
    with both our carriers that have no planes.
    And, yea, our submarines on the Clyde,
    except when all are moored alongside,
    shall deter any foolish foe
    who would ‘gainst Albion strike a blow –
    to them our missile strike oblivion bodes
    as long as Yanks give us the codes.
    No gold-starred blue flag o’er our land shall fly
    our sacred Union Flag instead shall flutter high
    against our nation’s sunlit sky.
    Around our rugged coasts and gentle sands
    no rapacious fishing boats from foreign lands
    shall any longer dredge the bounty of the sea –
    a sea now British ‘til eternity.
    Likewise, no Czech, Romanian or Pole
    shall force young Britons to the dole.
    There shall be work aplenty in our land
    to which our sturdy lads can turn their hand.
    Young damsels too, Britain’s beauties,
    shall henceforth glory in national duties,
    in caring for Britons of older age,
    while generously paid a minimum wage.
    Fruit-picking, lifting spuds and such like rural joys
    shall breed a race of healthy girls and boys,
    who will, in time, serve in our armed forces,
    maintaining Britain in her courses,
    to rule and guide the globe entire,
    once more as Britannia’s great Empire!
    Ignore the whining of Remainer curs,
    Northern Irish dolts and, even worse,
    mad Scots who would be independent –
    instead hail Britannia now transcendent.
    So raise your bumper, peal the bell
    and welcome Britain…into Hell!

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  13. Andimac,

    Thanks for cheering me up on an awful day.

    It is why they don’t hate Luxembourgers ’cause it don’t rhyme, with anything much.

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    1. Oops! Trump got away with it! Well that means a thousand years of digging ourselves out of dictators and lunacy. unless the USA wakes up. It’s last option is pretty soon.

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