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It seems that Good Morning Britain deleted this tweet very rapidly after putting it up… but on the internet, there’s always someone who’s kept it for sentimental reasons, or something! Stuff on the net never really goes away, eh Piers?


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Boris, seemingly determined to make Hunt prime minister, has appointed none other than Ross Thomson to be his campaign manager in Scotland and his advisor on Scotland and Scottish affairs. Presumably Ross will be hoping to take over from Fluffs as the McTea boy in chief at Downing Street.

But given that Boris has to get there first, he might have been advised to choose someone who knew just a little about Scotland or was at least slightly in touch with the country, as his advisor.

Ross is telling anyone who will listen that Boris is the prime minister to put the fear of whatever into Nicola Sturgeon. (You may remember that, yesterday, it was Hunt that was saying that distinction fell to him!)


So, as we said yesterday… just two words on that. “Jim” and “Murphy”!

I’d also point wee Rossy in the direction of material that suggests a somewhat different or contrary conclusion.



I bet the 2-3% of people who pushed the “leave” vote over the line in England and Wales weren’t as aware as they might have been that companies would go bust and jobs would be lost as a direct result of their choice.

I suspect that many were simply rejoicing at £350 million a week for the NHS and getting rid of foreigners from their care homes and farms and shops and factories leaving lots of jobs for “hard-working decent British families up and down the country”, as they are wont to say.

It’s such a pity that the Leave Campaign wasn’t as honest as it might have been.


Image result for boris johnson would make independence for scotland more likely

There may be little point in electing Boris as prime minister. His own side has threatened to bring him down and start the process all over again if he tries to take the UK out of the EU without a deal.

The problem is that Hunt has more or less made the same promise (see above). Leave on October 31, come what may.

So whoever is the next prime minister may find himself in the records for all the wrong reasons and beat George Canning as the shortest ever serving PM (119 days). At least Canning had had a relatively distinguished career before that.

But, can you just imagine a second contest within a couple of weeks? Quite apart from the laughing stock that the UK would be around the world (about which I care little), we’d be obliged to suffer Leadsom and McVey and the wee goblin Gove, appearing on tv, radio and social media all over again.

Oh please, no!




45 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. We won two world wars

    Er no we didn’t

    The Allies won two world wars
    England on their own would of been crushed under foot.
    We should always thank
    The Soviet Union who
    Held the Nazis at bay
    Giving the Allies time
    To build up the armed forces
    From many nations.

    The German fought on their own and now they have allies
    And England does not .

    Well if your are a complete dick
    You could count Trump 🤞
    Geoff Boycott never done a hard days work in his life
    Found guilty of hitting a
    Women 20 times (wanker )

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    1. I’m sure the Brits believe that they alone won the war. Some get really shirty when you point out that from early on there were allies… some of them (shock horror) Europeans… Eastern ones too!

      People from all over their empire chipped in, not because they wanted to either. Then there was the Americans, and as you point out, The Soviets, who did so much to take troops from the Western Front to the Eastern Front!

      Boycott is a complete arse.

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      1. Not to forget, of course, the millions of us who flew with Braddock in the Rover every Thursday……

        Was it George III or IV who told people so often about his imaginary exploits at Waterloo that he came to believe that he had actually been there ? Brexiter role model !

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    2. England has you as an ally, Niko.
      You voted to be governed by them when you voted No.
      You will be responsible for Scottish job losses when we crash out of the EU.


  2. Spose I best confess to
    Being a lefty and thus
    A bearer of fake news
    And lies.

    Just remember if you hear women Screaming and noises of crashing and smashing
    Don’t be a curtain twitcher
    Just keep it to yourself

    So Rees Mogg the Christian
    Tells us .

    Like wot is wuz in the 1950s
    And we weren’t in the Evil 🦹‍♂️

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    1. Well, you’re in company with a few more lefties and centrists here. Since dear old Dean the Tory left us, I don’t think we have many right wing readers.

      I wondered when Jacob would chip in about this.


  3. We can all be confident that the UK will not leave on 31 October – Parliament will be unable to fill the legislative holes that arise from leaving the EU. Even if the next PM restricted their efforts to purely domestic affairs it would be a fools errand to attempt to cram months of legislative effort into the handful of days that Parliament will actually sit. Parliament, in its current form, would never agree to self-inflicted legal chaos. Even the Withdrawal Agreement route is now impossible by 31 October due to time restrictions. Watching these buffoons is truly painful.

    I can easily imagine another extension on the provision that a General Election is called to give the next government a mandate to follow a particular path. A pact of Tory and Brexit Party could easily decide for no-deal Brexit. This is genuinely terrifying – they’ll do it if parliamentary arithmetic works. I just can’t imagine Johnson’s enourmous ego going for that. He’ll think he can win it on his own terms. Recent history tells us there is no consensus for any form of Brexit. Would we just end up stuck in the same mess as we are today? Would Corbyn continue his policy-free babble and just bang on about bus routes? Well, the 2017 GE was supposed to decide Brexit.

    I can understand Nicola Strurgeon’s reticence to pull the trigger. A series of General Elections is likely. How can she put together a campaign and expect to engage with voters in the middle of all this chaos and electoral uncertainty?

    Every day the mess gets worse, the idiots get stupider, and the spurious claims get bolder.

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    1. One only hope that the Tory’s
      Smash themselves to bits
      On the Brexit anvil

      I like your quote
      A meme for Brexit Britain 🇬🇧

      Every day the mess gets worse, the idiots get stupider, and the spurious claims get bolder

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    2. Yes. I guess that is true, Terry. But what happens if (and I doubt that it is likely) Europe refuses a third, or is it fourth, extension?

      Parliament has said that it will not allow a no-deal Brexit. Tories have said they will bring down the government if the government, their own government, tries it. But Macron was pretty unwilling to allow another extension last time. Will he be prepared to extend for anything more than a couple of weeks, given that every time they ask for an extension they waste the time fighting with themselves… themselves, mind you, not even the opposition.

      In all of this Labour has been as pathetic as the Tories. I have no idea what they stand for if, indeed, they stand for anything at all.

      This whole situation is something that I could never have imagined happening. It is beyond bizarre. It’s bloody lunacy.

      I take your point too, about Nicola being in a position where none of us (including them) has a clue what they are going to do, and, possibly faced with a general election…or two… trying to get a referendum campaign going when they have both made it clear that no ‘permission’ will be given for it.

      In all of this Labour has been as pathetic as the Tories. I have no idea what they stand for if, indeed, they stand for anything at all.


      1. If the EU refuses a further extension then all bets are off. Literally anything could happen, any outcome is possible. I have honestly no idea if we are at that point yet. It is complete madness.

        People like Charles Grant from CER point out hardening attitudes in the EU but also that they are not yet completely hardened. On the other hand, Ivan Rogers reports a developing view in the EU that a no-deal Brexit could be worked to their advantage. With the UK removed from the EU it will have no influence on EU policy, giving the EU complete control over the post-Brexit process and able to dictate future terms to a desperate UK.

        The new Commission President will barely be in place on 31 October. We have to hope that the laundry list of internal EU concerns will kick Brexit into the long grass, at least for a while.

        Labour have kind of blown it, haven’t they? The Remain vote is flocking to the Lib Dems in England. If Labour suddenly came out for Remain or a 2nd vote it is probably too late for them to pick up those votes. For as long as Corbyn is leader I can’t foresee a time when we wont apply Kremlinology to every utterance and talk about the internal power struggles more than we do the announcement.

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          1. Thanks, Terry. I’m not subscribed to the Spectator, but I’ll get it on an incognito page tomorrow and give it a read.

            I’ve been meaning to ask you about the blog? I see it’s gone private and I’m not an invité. Are you still writing?


              1. The damned cheek.

                You’d think that they would just pay you and let you be creative from time to time.

                People can be so unreasonable.


          2. Yes I agree “No Deal” is now an odds on certainty.
            The PM may go to Brussels for appearances but will come back empty handed. Then he can sit on his hands and like Nero let it burn baby burn, no deal being the default. This means the brexit party is toast and the Tories will sweep the boards in a GE called shortly after Halloween. The PM will then be safe for 5 years, which is after all what they are really after.

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        1. Obviously, I understand that the EU wants to arrange a deal with the UK. It is to their advantage to do so, but I can also see that it has taken now 3 years and counting of THEIR precious time.

          Clearly, like every other country (or block) the EU will have the UK at a disadvantage. After all they have 70+ trade deals around the world and so far I think Fox has managed 9. Most of them with tiny countries.

          With all these trade deals needing to be negotiated, I trust that Fox’s department has been employing rafts of trade lawyers… 500 or so, I would have thought.


          As you say. Once the UK has gone, that could suit the EU because it will, as it were, “hold all the cards”

          Eh Govey?

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    3. These liars who are lining up to be the next PM will promise anything to get appointed and then find a way to not deliver.
      As May rapidly found out,if you make any sort of decision on Brexit,it will be vetoed by one section or another of the Tory party.
      So……more can kicking for BoJo or Hunt if they wish to stay in place.
      I think it was John Major who described his party as the Ba*****s”.
      Not sure however that the EU have the patience for any more can kicking so,yes you are right,probably the promise of another GE in return for more time.
      A very tangled web .

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    4. “I can understand Nicola Strurgeon’s reticence to pull the trigger. A series of General Elections is likely. How can she put together a campaign and expect to engage with voters in the middle of all this chaos and electoral uncertainty? ”

      Really easily:

      “The next vote we have, general election or referendum, will be a vote on Scottish Independence. If a general election is called, the SNP will stand on a pure platform of ‘take Scotland independent’ and if we get a majority of Westminster’s Scottish seats, we will consider that sufficient mandate. If no General Election happens before the referendum (date as previously announced) then we will hold the referendum instead.”

      This does a whole lot: It makes it absolutely clear that a general election will not stop, and will actually accelerate the Indy vote. In the case of a general election, it grabs every Hollyrood “Greens are pro-indy” vote (lets be honest, they aren’t going to win any Westminster seats). It means that if the Labour, Cons and LibDems want to stop the SNP from getting their mandate, then they will have to not stand against each other (cue the “tactical voting wheels”). It would turn every seat into a two-horse race, and make the labour-Conservative “quiet pact” utterly clear. If they do stand against each other, then the SNP cruise to a win due to a split opposition, and Indy here we come.

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      1. Oh, and if we lose the vote again, all the SNP need to do is keep that as the entirety of their Westminster Manifesto, and we get to go round and round again until we win.

        Best part: Westminster cannot stop this without banning the SNP from standing for election.

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          1. I’m not a member of any party, Niko.
            I’m just sick of folk that voted No bleating about the mess we are in now.


  4. Sam Coates Sky
    · Jun 21
    😱Tory leadership race day 1😱

    – Police in midnight call to Johnson flat over row with his partner
    – Minister Mark Field suspended over physical handing of protestor
    – Tory whips investigate abusive texts between Tory MPs
    – Tory MP ousted by constituents over expense fraud


  5. So, we could go to war in the middle east on the orders of Donald Trump?

    Kevin McAlba
    UK could join US in assault on Iran, Jeremy Hunt says


  6. I think the 39 billion is at the upper end of the EU’s expectations but there is it, it’s a considerable sum. I think there should be creative ambiguity about when and how that gets paid over.
    This is from johnson’s chat with the EBC’s laura
    Creative Ambiguity.
    Heard enough now

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  7. Listened to johnson on LBC interview.
    I now know what Creative Ambiguity is, when you ask a simple question about a picture and IF he knew it was going to be released., creative ambiguous non answer sounds like an embarrassed LIE avoidance.
    The maybot does the same.
    Do you want this person to be the next PM of rUK?
    Yes, we will be independent by Xmas, this year.

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