16 thoughts on “Scottish Labour ain’t half posh these days”

  1. It’s called Lorem Ipsum and it’s been used in printing since the 15th century. Basically a printer wanted a specimen book so he took a copy of “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” by Cicero and mixed it up. Windows word has an example and it looks like this slipped past the highly trained Labour monkeys.


    1. “slipped past the highly trained Labour monkeys.”

      Well Labour in Scotland does tend to live in the past, so conceivable some might speak Latin so maintain contact with the Empire. Oops wrong Empire 🙂

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  2. There again, at least in the West of Scotland, it could be that, with so-many traditional Labour voters from the Irish diaspora/Roman Catholic tradition having, allegedly, defected to the SNP, that “Scottish Labour” is mounting a Latin-based campaign to win them back. Sort of like the old joke about the bingo numbers at the Catholic social club being called out in Latin, so the Protestants cannot win.

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    1. Not true, Socrates. You see if you had a winning line you had to cry out “Bingo!” or “House!” but the Protestants thought that, “The cry was ‘No surrender!'”

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            1. oops I wonder if you’ve misunderstood my reference. The old West Coast East Coast divide. LOL – Loyal Orange Lodge which in the context….

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