State dinner with President Obama.

I read that the queen (for which Maybot) has invited Donald Trump to make a state visit to the UK in June. That’s pretty short notice for the immense amount of preparation that will be required to keep him entertained and safe.

(Although to be fair, you could keep him entertained by giving him a bucket load of McDonalds and KFC, setting up Fox and Friends on his tv and allowing him free reign on Twitter.)

I’m a little dubious as to why this is happening.

When Trump made a visit back in 2018, there were mass protests and he was obliged to keep himself out of the way of ordinary people. He was helicoptered everywhere so that he could avoid facing the public.

There is no reason to suggest that it would be any different this time. Except that, on a state visit, he will be expected to go places and do things with members of the royal family and government (even if it’s raining).

Talk about a face like a torn scone… Tubby pushes in front of the queen while inspecting the troops

A carriage ride down the Mall with royals is almost inevitable. And a big deal shite tie state dinner is normal. That means being close to the public. Crowds can only be controlled to a certain extent, no matter how many police the government is forced to deploy.

The royals may be less than happy to be involved with him.

The queen, of course, has no choice.

But Phil has retired from public duties. Charles is a conservationist and Trump and he are unlikely to make a happy pair. William and Kate have clear issues with him after he made sexist comments about Kate when she was snapped sunbathing nude a few years ago. Harry may have to be deployed, but his American wife will just have had a child… and Harry is pretty far down the pecking order for the so-called “leader of the free world”!

Image result for william and kate stupid
I suppose they could drag her out and make her earn her massive income just for once. At least we’d all get a laugh at her hat.

Then there is the issue of whether or not he will be invited to address a joint session of the Lords and Commons as were Obama and DubYa.

Bercow is on record saying that he wouldn’t approve it, although refusing permission is not entirely in his remit. The Lord Speaker may be of a different view.

However, I’ve seen a few MPs making it clear that should he be invited to speak, they will be otherwise engaged.

Rude? Yes, but then rudeness and Trump kinda go together.

Maybe, of course, the Maybot has a solution to all these problems. But based on her current form, I reckon that she’d have problems sorting out what to eat for lunch.

Image result for donald trump hand on theresa may's arse
So happy together…

What I can’t understand is why she would add all that extra stress to her already stressful life and for what?

One last thought… I’ve not seen the proposed schedule, but I’m wondering if he will be moving outside England. Anyone know?


    1. Pretty sure you’re right about that and we will be expected to pay for his security and possibly helicopter
      Anyone got any ideas about appropriate ways to welcome him should this happen? We could always paint a suitable message on whichever of his golf courses he decides to visit so that it could be seen from the air. Weedkiller would work but is perhaps a bit anti-social as other golfers use these facilities.

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      1. I’m not sure.

        Good manners suggests we shouldn’t do anything outrageous (just becasue he is outrageous, we don;t need to lower ourselves).

        That said the man is unspeakable. We really don;t want him here.

        I trust that, if he HAS to come, Humza sends the outrageous police bill to Javid. We shouldn’t have to fork out money for this. It’s sod all to do with us.

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          1. Alan…Tris…..When your hat is so strange it looks Photoshopped before it was Photoshppped, you know you’ve got an internet sensation……LOL.

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  1. Too early to have any information relating to Scottish Area flights.
    Suspect we will be seeing the red one mainly in englandland as I think the main part is the D-Day celebrations of death and slaughter.
    Prestwick airport is to see the visit of the largest number of C47/Dakota aircraft ever assembled on their way to France. Paratroop drops are part of the plan with some participants from the original, don’t think they’ve to drop.
    We might get a visit of the red one to his companies golf hotel nearby.
    Love to see the paramotor pilot do a repeat.
    Will pass on any info as it arrives.

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    1. Thanks.

      Fluffy will be all of a dither again. He’ll be hoping he gets to see Donny off again.

      Remember last time he wore his best suit and had his tie at Trumpy length.

      He looked a right divvy.


  2. Here’s an idea: declare independence next Tuesday, and then declare Trumpy persona non grata in Scotland on grounds of religious bigotry; offences against nature Β§94, “Skin tone not found in the wild”; neo-nazi white supremacist ideology; being excessively loud in a built-up area; incitement to violence including sexual violence; criminal misconduct and malign narcissism; malfeasance in office; and an offensive hairstyle.

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      1. Yes and the impersonating a baboon’s bottom when he speaks. I’m offended whenever he speaks, the baboon impersonation thing just tips me over the edge.

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          1. Nothing at all and a baboons arse in the right place I find perfectly ok. Maybe something about the orange background and being under that hair style. We’re used to people in power, and out being an arse, looking like an arse as well is too much of a consolided effect.

            It could also be something to do with my early toilet training because I find myself objecting (strongly) to our cat, Meabh, who insists on presenting her arse, with tail up, towards your face when she jumps up on your lap. It really does look like the mouths of the righteous on their way to church. Thankfully she is not a big cat, so there is some space between your face and the area that looks like a tea towel holder.
            Yip, probably early toilet training.

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  3. This morning from the maybot.
    Too busy with ‘Bigger’ issues to consider Scottish Issue.
    Aye, trumpy is coming to visit.
    Huawei bung to salt away.
    Oh and that wee building to fix, westmonster’s falling down.
    Crossrail years behind schedule.
    After 2 years all the inhabitants of the tower fire still to get into housing.
    And the ‘just managing’ to get out of poverty.
    Twenty other promises NOT delivered.
    Now is the time Nicola to assert Scottish Democracy.

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      1. Aye , too busy.
        Off to the funeral of a journalist in Belfast.
        The maybot still does politics, democracy can wait.
        Sorry state of affairs in Ireland but will the present politics help, who knows.
        The re-unification of the island can only be coming, sooner or later.
        Scotland will have a place in the big world, sooner or later.
        England can have it’s Exit from the EU, We can decide after our Freedom.
        Loved the tory central office graph of MP popularity, guess who comes bottom, no not the muddle, they don’t know he exists in London, it’s the maybot.

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        1. The muddle is in the list, missed him, didn’t have on my reading glasses.
          Untruthful gets a mention on a cabinet list, don’t understand that as she’s not in the current cabinet unless she’s in the lobby cupboard.


  4. Perhaps some right minded people could dig up the greens of his golf courses in order to persuade him to stay out of Scotland as he is not welcome!!!!😈

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  5. As the blog title, maybe Tris could publish the list for discussion.
    It’s on WoS.
    Published by tory central office from their survey of membership approval ratings.
    The loathsome is the most popular in the survey.
    The disgraced one is also pretty popular, almost as popular as untruthful.
    Wonder how someone who has not been in the news can be so popular in their party?
    Now I’ve done it for fairness as he isn’t mentioned.
    Carless jacklaw. Caretaker leader of some obscure party.

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