I don’t like Mr Bone’s politics one little bit (although I understand that he is a very hardworking and highly respected constituency MP who says what he thinks). I seriously don’t see him ever being Sir Peter Bone.

However, my personal antipathy to his views, as a rule, doesn’t stop me thinking that he is right on these matters.

I’d add though, as I sure Mr Bone probably wouldn’t have thought of it, that the Prime Minister should have repeatedly made clear to his audience, the British people, that these matters referred only to England and that the other 75% of countries in the union had their own governments and their own policies about lockdown ending and about travelling to the countryside.

Had he had the courtesy to take the advice of the Speaker instead of ignoring it, and made the statement in parliament, then I am sure that MPs from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland would have drawn attention to the fact that he spoke only for England.

Mr Johnson should have rammed home the point that before travelling to Wales or Scotland (I imagine that very few flights or ferries to Northern Ireland are running at the moment), people should check what policies existed in those countries.

It is right for the government in Westminster to do what it thinks is the right thing with regard to the balance between protecting industry, the economy and, therefore, jobs, and protecting the public from serious illness and possible death.

It is also the absolute right of the governments in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh to make decisions on these matters for their countries.


You may also find this entertaining.


From Janey Godley in response to Johnson’s address.

39 thoughts on “BONE OF CONTENTION”

  1. When will we ever learn?
    Looking through an old magazine and came across an article from 1960’s.
    It was on the’ Kenya Emergency’ or more recently’ the Kenya Independence Struggle’.

    A sample
    The Mau Mau Uprising (1952–1960), also known as the Mau Mau Rebellion, the Kenya Emergency, and the Mau Mau Revolt, was a war in the British Kenya Colony (1920–1963) between the Kenya Land and Freedom Army (KLFA), also known as Mau Mau, and the British authorities.
    Dominated by the Kikuyu people, Meru people and Embu people, the KLFA also comprised units of Kamba and Maasai peoples who fought against the white European colonist-settlers in Kenya, the British Forces, and the local British colonists, local auxiliary militia, and pro–British Kikuyu people.
    The capture of rebel leader, Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi, on 21 October 1956, signalled the defeat of the Mau Mau, however, the rebellion survived until after Kenya’s independence from Britain, driven mainly by the Meru units led by Field Marshal Musa Mwariama and General Baimungi. Baimuingi was killed shortly after Kenya attained self-rule.
    The KLFA failed to capture widespread public support. Frank Füredi, in The Mau Mau War in Perspective suggests this was due to a British policy of Divide and Rule but fails to cite any contemporary British government documents which support this assertion. General Sir F Kitson, who served in the British colonial forces in Kenya describes the tactic of manipulating the Mau Mau into rival gangs and pitting them against one another. The Mau Mau movement remained internally divided, despite attempts to unify the factions. The British, meanwhile, applied the strategy and tactics they developed in suppressing the Malayan Emergency (1948–60). The Mau Mau Uprising created a rift between the European colonial community in Kenya and also resulted in violent divisions within the Kikuyu community. Suppressing the Mau Mau Uprising in the Kenyan colony cost Britain £55 million and caused at least 11,000 deaths among the Mau Mau and other forces, with some estimates an order of magnitude higher. This included 1,090 executions at the end of the war, the largest wartime use of capital punishment by the British Empire

    The article was about using aircraft to bomb and strafe villages perceived to be ‘REBELS’.

    How things in the Colonial master race don’t change.
    This is how the english government work, no details allowed to divert the spin and false news.

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    1. It wasn’t really a rebellion, was it?

      It was people saying to immigrants, this is our country, we want to run it from here, not from London, but you people are getting too rich on our backs for you to leave because we ask you nicely.

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    2. And they are still at it. While we are buoyed up by the support for independence, they have infiltrated the SNP. You have to admire their skill. While Nicola Sturgeon is doing a fantastic job during the current emergency, at some point she will have some explaining to do. There was a conspiracy within the SNP to have Alex Salmond put in prison. It remains to be seen how the party will cope with the inevitable eruption.

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  2. Meanwhile back here on the big island called britain.
    Sky news this morning.
    You can meet one parent on thursday in the park,the other on friday ,in the park. Keep 2 metres apart to stop the spread of the virus.
    You can get on a bus with 52 strangers and go on a trip to work a place with unknown numbers and repeat later in the day.

    All very clear.
    The CULL is to restart. We’ve got a nightinggale hospital lying empty,USE IT.

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    1. Good point, Dave.

      I wonder what the DUP’s position would be if you were a person:

      (a) with a job in a customer facing environment,
      (b) with no car, and so obliged to take the bus and/or train to get to work,
      (c) suffering from asthma and/or hypertension and/or diabetes or some other disease which would make you vulnerable,
      (d) you were aged 65.

      And you refused to go to work, because it would massively increase the likelihood of you catching the virus, and there would be a fair chance that it would be serious or even fatal.

      Would they deny you benefits?

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    1. Oh… I don’t know that. Sorry.

      It’s hard to keep up with all the titles that are going around. You get them for voting the right way and being a lair and cheat… Not that I’m suggesting Bone is either of these… quite the opposite, I’d have thought. (Still there are others, eh?)


      1. Tris I’m with you.
        Lord david cameron
        Baroness maybot of maidstone
        Lord osbourne of ossie.
        Sir masterton of Malletsheug
        Sir can’t remember his name from Stirling,oh kerr
        Lady hair from net farm

        The list could be endlesssssss

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  3. At the end of a lovely day here in the west.

    Lies for the day from doris
    Care home government policy from February, denied.
    France and UK to have free access to each country,denied.
    Covid virus can’t live in the water supply,denied.
    & weeks of DAILY graphs of comparison dropped because they’re bad news, denied.
    The sewage system will will be checked for local hotspots. declared true, denied.
    These and many more,you can trust the liar johnson to tell more and then deny he said it.
    Even his press are beginning to catch on but won’t do much about it.
    This is the person in charge of a puffball government,of course he will say you didn’t read the Ts & Cs.

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    1. I really don’t believe anything any of them says, Dave.

      One of them says x and the next one says z… and then they change their mands.



  4. Forgot BONE probably voted for the doris.
    Handcock on R4 today says the great performance in care home deaths at 25% in englandland shows how well the government is doing. 25 % of the deaths due to the virus in englandland.
    What!!!!!, over 8000 deaths is a great performance.
    Then we find out the actual number up to May 4 is actually twice that number some 40% of deaths are in care homes.

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  5. Missed 3 more.
    Remember doris said NO border between uk and NI,well we’re now building the check points at the PORTS. NI can continue with it’s open Border to the Republic.
    Estate agents can show people around your house that’s for sale. You can’t be in it but the agent and the perspective buyer can.
    Family visits are TOO HARD,you might have 2 big family groups meeting.
    As I said this morning,you can get on a bus with 52 strangers without it being a problem.
    We are so fortunate in Scotland to have the the huge talent of the Tory party running the national government because we’re too poor too stupid and un-talented.

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    1. Hard to imagine anyone being much stupider than them.

      I just can’t understand why you can sit/stand on a crowded bus/train, and touch the rails or bells/buzzers that other people have touched, but you can’t go see your mum and dad…

      If you are in the park (where there is a much reduced likelihood of catching anything, you have to stand 2 m apart. If you’re on the bus you can have your face in someones armpit.

      Obviously come up with by someone who has never seen the inside of a bus.


  6. Dave tewart,

    The UK closes, well pretends to close, incoming travel, although allowing enormous loopholes. And then establishes a common travel area – for the virus – with France! Or maybe they didn’t.

    So, they do something sensible, although about three months too late, and they then destroy their own policy next day.

    Or summat.

    It is as if they are expirimenting with ‘what the public will swallow’ rather than addressing the issue. If it is now essential for the model of selling a narrative of normality, then ’tis obvious that the London Underground should return to it’s flesh pressing normality. It is pretty obvious that gardeners – there are a lot of them including our good host – that are losing a growing season.

    ‘Let’s just put these ‘ideas’ out there and see which flies and which fails. Oh! Folk are dying, who gives an f. We’ll never be constrained.’.

    OK, growing plants is popular, let’s open Garden Centres.

    There are good people trying to do what they can by getting from North London to Central London. To work. They are probably hero’s to Boris Johnson. There are good people going to Garden Centres too.

    They have one thing in common, they are being manipulated by a charlatan.

    I expect Boris will play his alternative realities until the English overthrow him. Because, when death becomes more personal, more immediate, the English will rebel, and that will be the end of him. It will, unfortunately, have seen the death of a lot of them and us too.

    Meanwhile, we should, those of you that are left – I don’t fancy my chances – should walk out of the open door after the horse has bolted.


    Maybe that only makes sense in my head.

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    1. Douglas

      It just seems that even the ‘experts’ are on a short message sheet and aren’t prepared to say anything other than the cumming’s spin.
      How can an expert not workout the difference in death rates of different ethnic groups unless it isn’t on the script.
      Today’s expert says that family group meetings are difficult, makes no sense.
      As is said,golfers, tennis players, estate agencies, can all go back to old times.
      Mis information is the name of the game,confuse the punters,tell lies and deceive.
      The media complies.

      They really are shower of ****

      Keep safe

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      1. Dave tewart,

        We may not agree on the minutiae, but we seem to agree on most everything else.

        There seems to also be a desire, elsewhere, to listen to demagogues.

        We are, perhaps, immunised from that, by all of us reading and all of us writing here.

        We owe trispw a huge thanks you for allowing that and keeping it under control.

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  7. Who they pick and choose to go back to work, airline Flights, meet in the park, go to a shop , who is in lockdown , who can travel, how it is monitored, meeting family. Is not a plan , it is chaos.
    But you can be sure of one thing, the people whom are needed to make life easier for the upper echelon will be allowed to be at work.
    So are their servants still working or did they all stop, Chauffeurs, butlers, cooks, their wardrobe ,caretakers, housemaids.,mechanics. I bet they all continued to travel too.


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    1. Yes, James. I was just wondering if prince Charlie’s hair is growing over his eyes, like mine is or if, miraculously, he has someone cut it.

      These government ministers all seem to be very neatly turned out, except for Johnson.

      (I wonder if Trump manages his hair all on his own!)

      Going back to work is not working out too well, anywhere they have tried it.

      Lebanon, where our pal, John Brownlie, is living, is the latest to try it, and the latest to have a set back.

      I saw pictures of the tube in London yesterday. You wouldn’t get me near that, even if the alternative was to be sacked.

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  8. I do hope it’s late enough in the day to go off topic.
    Given that Munguinites are both well read and enjoy a pun, I thought this might raise a smile…

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  9. I’m an avid reader. I just devour books. Currently, I’m working my way through “The Sword in the Scone” and then I’ll tackle “The Bun also Rises”.

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    1. Arhggggggggggggggg

      I was thinking of getting some Steinbeck read.

      Yeast of Eden, maybe?

      Or, maybe Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye Bread?

      Yeast again?


      1. I detected a South African influence in the cartoon – wors, braaim sosatie – unless they’ve now become UK staples with the spread of international cuisine. Then I spotted the signature: Zapiro. Of course, I should have recognised the style. Great cartoonist. Got sued by the odious ex-president Jacob Zuma for damaging his ‘reputation’ – a joke in itself, and a great tribute to the effectiveness of Zapiro’s satire. More here…

        Tris, when you get tired of Steinbeck (at the risk of incurring Grapes of Wrathwith Flat Tortillas and Coddery Roe) I recommend Darles Chickens – his Old Curry-hottishy Shop is great if you fancy a really fiery vindaloo; his Tale of Two McVitties takes the biscuit, as does the follow-up Tale of Two City Bakeries; and David Cuprefilled is excellent to finish off. I think I should now ask for the Checkyll and Hide – at a safe distance from Dundee (cake?), a I ham.

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          1. John, how can you cite Darles Chickens without mentioning his The Pickled with Capers, Hard Limes, Barnaby Fudge and, above all, A Christmas Carrot?

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  10. We like all the comments and humour on your site munguin, There are serious topics to discuss on becoming an independent nation, trying to figure out, getting around the numpty maze in Westminster
    However doesn’t it make life a lot more bearable when we do it like this, with a smile,

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    1. It should always be done with a smile and with respect for each others’ opinions, James.

      I wouldn’t expect all of to agree on everything, but because “x” and “y” see things differently it doesn’t mena that one of them is necessarily either “stupid” or even “wrong”.

      If we all understand that, then it makes what is a difficult world, a little bit easier.

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