Among the many others to bite the dust this afternoon, is our own, little-loved, now EX governor-general. Apparently this despite advice of Ruth Davidson who had asked the new prime minister to spare him. Presumably, this is why he didn’t have the sense to resign while resigning was a possibility, like Rory and Hammond. He presumably thought, like Ruth, that she had influence. 
Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson and Scottish Secretary David Mundell at an Edinburgh press conference thursday..Pic Gordon Terris/The Herald.16/3/17.
According to the Herald, Mr Johnson’s move threatens to deepen his rift with Scottish Tory leader, who had made it abundantly clear that she wanted Mr Mundell, 57, to remain in post.
So now we know what Boris thinks of the Colonel.
It also indicates to Munguin, that possibly Boris has his own man ready in place to put in the governor-general’s post.
He has rewarded others who campaigned for him during the contest, so why not for the position of Scottish Secretary.
Now, out of the Scottish MPs, who would be most likely to have impressed BoJo?
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Oh yes, Ross “vodka goes better with Coke” Thomson.
Other sacked second-raters include: Failing Grayling (well, you can kinda understand that one), some people called Hind and Noakes of whom I’ve never heard.
Scarily, Dominic Rabb is Foreign Secretary and Preti Patel is Home Secretary.
Lower down the ladder, but equally capable of making a huge mess, is Andrea Leadsom at Business (can you imagine her organising companies to be ready in 99 days for a no-deal Brexit?)
Liz Truss is back in the cabinet too, taking over from DOCTOR Fox, who, as he has been in the past, was a complete joke as Trade Secretary.
Villiers is back, as Environment Secretary.
More will be revealed, I expect, as the night wears on. There’s an updating page here, if anyone is that interested.



Dear Mr Mundell,

I am flabbergasted at your ignorance of what the people of Scotland voted for, and therefore appear to want.

I mean, what part of 62-38 are you failing to grasp, Secretary of State? Do you think we all said, ‘oh well, the English voted by a narrow margin to leave so obviously that’s what we want too’?

We don’t want an orderly Brexit… or any other kind of Brexit. And just because you say it to yourself doesn’t make it so.

Now, it’s your job to convey our wishes to Downing Street, you are supposed to be our representative there. So why don’t you do that instead of threatening every few days to resign and then remembering that you’ve got a highly-paid cushy number with all that foreign travel, and withdrawing your threat?

Not that I think for a single second that your leader will be in the least bit interested what a bunch of Jocks think. She’s only interested in your confidence and supply partners in Northern Ireland (who represent a minority of Northern Irish sentiment, by the way) because without them she is toast.

In fairness, she’s probably toast anyway.

Yours sincerely




(My thanks to Jonathon Poole-Smith for the pic.)