25 thoughts on “WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?”

  1. The E.U. handed over £160 Million to Westminster to be distributed amongst Scotland’s farmers. Westminster distributed £30 Million and kept, STOLE, £130 Million to re-distribute, amongst the farming areas that did not vote Tory in 2017 no doubt, rather than do the honest thing and distribute it amongst those who it was designated for by the E.U. THIS amongst many other reasons is why we need shot of this corrupt broken union.

    p.s. When asked about the missing £130 Million Gove said it had already been spent, of course Scruffy Fluffy wee Thereeza’s tea boy (Junior grade) had, as usual, nothing to say on the matter!

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  2. Not only could Scotland do themselves a favour leaving the ‘union’ they could, by default, do me and millions like me a favour also. The English Brexiteers would surely s**t themselves and back off from the stupidity of leaving the EU, if all that was left was them and the Welsh, for the main part, lemmings.

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  3. I girded my loins and watched Question Time last night because Dumbleby’s no longer doing it and lo and behold, that ghastly wee horror Oakeshott was on it again. She seems to be on the panel every time I watch it. The specially selected pro-leave, angry middle aged, fat, bald white guys were also in the audience same as last time. That’s it I’m not watching it again and I mean it this time.

    At least I know what ‘Gammon’ means now.

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  4. Watched to see how it went. Kristy Blackman got very little chance to speak, unlike Oakshot who got far too much, but what she did say was sensible and she got a fair bit of applause from the English audience.

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    1. Fair enough. The thing is that they have to gear these things towards the English audience because of the comparative sizes of the 4 countries.

      That’s why we really need our own Question Time.

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  5. I’ve stayed in Black Rock cottage, the last pic. There are many ‘interesting’ stories of the wild nights that happened there. Many of the famous/infamous climbers of the past used it as a base for climbs on the BEM.
    I think it now belongs to the Scottish Woman’s Mountaineering Club.

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      1. What a pleasant thought, a whole new career prospect for Oor Wee Fluffie, something at least mildly useful at last, and as a bonus most of us would never see or hear from him again. What’s not to like 🙂

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  6. The fundamentals remain the same as ever.
    It is never a good idea to allow people in another country to elect your government.
    All the nonsense clutched at by No voters in our last referendum,avoided that basic tenet and now they reap what they sowed.
    Let’s not get bogged down in unionist deflection mud next time.

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    1. John…. So long since I heard from you.

      I hope things are OK with you.

      Email me sometime when you have the chance and let me know.

      Yes, they seem to say it without thinking. Huntingdonshire, Norfolk, Greater Manchester, Scotland, Devon…


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