n bun1
Morning! A bit of a surprise for you today. It’s Easter so I gave the Orangutans the day off. I think they are rolling their eggs.
n mt fuji
Mt Fugi. Wanna roll your egg down there?
n porcupinequills
I got Rose Hips instead of Easter Eggs…much better for me.
n sb dog
Belt up, little one. Off to roll your egg.
n wisteria
Wisteria at my friend’s house. How does she manage to make it grow?
n bun4
You gonna share that?
n south georgia
Munguin’s family in South Georgia.
n cat
I spy with my cat’s eye something beginning with E!
n snaefellsness
Snaefellsness, Iceland.
n bun2
Are we quorate for the Bunny Council meeting?
n baby-orang-utan-poses
I thought I’d better look in to keep an eye on these bunnies!
n bun3
What a cosy looking home…
n japan
They do posh garden sheds in Japan.
n wren
Even little wrens get sleeping sometimes…
n moo
Your not rolling eggs down my hill, or you’ll have these horns to deal with!
n bun1
I like doing this Soppy Sunday job. Does Munguin pay well?
n switzerland
Do you think the Swiss roads designer had had one or two too many glasses of the infamous Swiss whisky?
n sea turtle
Sea Turtle on her journey to the sea.
n o3
I’m not sure these bunnies are doing a good job, Uncle Tris.
n stockholm
n bun6
You thought it was all over… but we have a surprise for you…


Mrs Easter Bunny’s Message

Mrs May delivered an Easter message to us all today, and jolly grateful we are to get it too.amayyuk

She says that there is a sense of coming together after Brexit. Indeed, the expression she used was “coming together and uniting”… both of them at the same time!!!… So that’s nice, isn’t it? “Our shared values can – and must – bring us together”, she continued, in that schoolmarmish voice she reserves for us plebs, “for at heart, this country is one great union of people and nations with a proud history and a bright future.”

So basically, that was a load of old tosh.

They seriously must think we button up the back. I see absolutely no signs that people are uniting around Brexit, despite a poll that supposedly shows that 55% of Brits favour Brexit. (The pole by Orb (no me neither), was commissioned by the Daily Telegraph.)


And I wonder what these shared values are. Making the poor poorer and the rich richer? Corruption and theft, greed? Sexual perversion? Tacky celebrity status? Poor education, poor health? Selling arms to odious regimes that use them to kill kids? Like every nation, there are, I’m sure, moments in its history of which some people might be proud. But there is a great deal of shame too.

As for the bright future? In the hands of the current set of idiot ministers, I doubt that very much.



But that wasn’t her finished, oh dear no.  She told us about her Christianity. “We should be confident about the role that Christianity has to play in the lives of people in our country. We must continue to ensure that people feel able to speak about their faith, and that absolutely includes their faith in Christ,” she added.

It might serve Mrs May well to remember that not all of us who live here are Christians, and frankly, with the greatest respect to my friends who are Christians, Christianity plays no part whatsoever in my life, and never has  (except when it was rammed down my throat at school). Probably the only part of her speech with which I agreed was that people should feel absolutely free to be able to speak about the part that their faith plays in their lives.


I do think though, that a person who presides over a government which treats the poor so cruelly, and the rich so well, should be very cautious about presenting herself as some sort of salesperson for any religion.

I’m no Bible expert, but having had 10 years of schooling which demanded that Bible studies should be taught daily, I can’t help but wonder what Jesus would say about turning away unaccompanied refugee children, surely one of the greatest shames of this government. Maybe “suffer the little children to come unto me”? Luke 18:16, Matthew 19:14.

What would he have thought about the rape clause; the reduction of benefits paid to those most in need, the torture that sick people have been put through to get their benefits, the people who have died waiting for tribunals, the involvement of the banks in doing people out of their homes, the selling of weapons to regimes which use them to kill children?


And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:24.





Happy Easter everyone.
That goes from me too…
n sand
At this time of the year, beauty is everywhere
I’m just having a shower, seeing as it’s Easter.
Easter Daffodil
Hedgehogs are very fond of Easter Eggs… Can I have one?
n tree creeper
Tree Creeper…different kind of eggs .
n panda
Lazy Panda, eaten too many Easter eggs.
n japan
Japanese Garden. They are spared Easter
N far
Faroes: The lake over the sea. You wouldn’t know which way to roll your egg there.
n blaze
Blaze fae Skye.
That’s what I think of Mrs May and her Easter.
Donkeys like to be included at Easter, ye know.
So do super cute baby bears.
Yeah, well, what is Easter all about anyway? Bunnies, that’s what.
n clova
Glen Clova.
I like the smell of these…
n badger
Can I ‘badger’ you into getting me an egg?
Bluebell wood.
n dundee
Close-Up Of Rabbit Yawning On Field
Well, if that was Easter, it’s over now. So I’m off back to bed. Very tiring being a bunny at Easter, you know. Did we mention it was Easter?




Firstly it’s ridiculously unimportant in the great scheme of things, but as far as I can see, the word “EASTER” is still pretty prominent (as in the largest point size) here, at least in Scotland. And I only went to ADSA Opticians!

Secondly, I’m not entirely sure that the national Trust should be obliged to do any work promoting Christain festivals. David Cameron insisted that “we are a Christain nation”, but we’re not really, and neither should we be. People, not nations, should hold religious beliefs because, above all, beliefs are very individual things. As I’ve said so many times on this blog, I respect everyone’s right to their religious beliefs but I don’t expect them to be rammed down my throat.

Thirdly, I never cease to be amazed at the inordinate fuss that the state church, and when it thinks it’s useful to them, politicians, make of any diminution or watering down of Christian influence in our daily lives.

We mustn’t, in any way, stop Christmas being called Christmas, for example (even although it’s been referred to as the “holidays” for a long time in our big brother and mentor country, the USA). Happy Holidays.


No one seems to mind that we attach to Christmas, the supposed birth of Christ (which probably took place in October), the singularly biggest-ever festival of greed and waste known to man…well, with the possible exception of the Saxe Coburgs. We spend the best part of three months extolling our populace to spend, spend, spend. Borrow if you have to, to buy rubbish that they don’t want for people you don’t like, so that they can dump it on the next bin day. It doesn’t matter, as long as you make large amounts of money for organisations that are probably on the tax fiddle. From my memories of Bible Study at school, that was never what it was about. Oh Bah, Humbug, I hear you say.

And as for Easter, well,  should we attach Christianity to the fact that for the last month we’ve had aisles in supermarkets fair brimming with all manner of Easter Eggs? What are these Easter eggs again? Oh yeah,  fairly small (and gettings smaller) thin, pieces of chocolate in a cardboard box, with a small bar of chocolate or little toy inside them, selling for about twice what that weight of confection would normally sell for. Like Christmas Crackers…a rip off.

No complaints from the Church about that? Christmas festival a rip off…scilence. But don’t, whatever you do, forget to put Easter in your Egg competition, or the wrath of the highest bornof the land will descend upon ye.


And so, the prime minister, a vicar’s daughter and a member of the National Trust… on a visit to a Middle Eastern dictatorship where you can be flogged or sentenced to death for converting to Christianity, or for being gay, or for criticising the king… and a list of other trivial “offenses… with the main purpose of selling arms, goes off on a rant about how ridiculous it is that Easter has been left out of the “egg hunt” (when it hasn’t).

To coin a word… JEEEEEEEZ!

Still, it takes people’s minds off the chaos that is Brexit.