Happy Easter everyone.
That goes from me too…
n sand
At this time of the year, beauty is everywhere
I’m just having a shower, seeing as it’s Easter.
Easter Daffodil
Hedgehogs are very fond of Easter Eggs… Can I have one?
n tree creeper
Tree Creeper…different kind of eggs .
n panda
Lazy Panda, eaten too many Easter eggs.
n japan
Japanese Garden. They are spared Easter
N far
Faroes: The lake over the sea. You wouldn’t know which way to roll your egg there.
n blaze
Blaze fae Skye.
That’s what I think of Mrs May and her Easter.
Donkeys like to be included at Easter, ye know.
So do super cute baby bears.
Yeah, well, what is Easter all about anyway? Bunnies, that’s what.
n clova
Glen Clova.
I like the smell of these…
n badger
Can I ‘badger’ you into getting me an egg?
Bluebell wood.
n dundee
Close-Up Of Rabbit Yawning On Field
Well, if that was Easter, it’s over now. So I’m off back to bed. Very tiring being a bunny at Easter, you know. Did we mention it was Easter?


22 thoughts on “SOPPY EASTER SUNDAY”

  1. Hey Tris: I LOVE the layout of the pictures! The separation and captions of the pictures added immeasurably to Soppy Easter Sunday. I liked the Easter bunnies, and the captions added great fun to all the animal pictures. Nice to know the identity of the scenic locations too. I hope the execution of the layout was not TOO much more labor-intensive than usual. 😉 (I just noticed how the spelling of “labor” looks slightly out of place when I’m in the mindset of a Scottish blog.)

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    1. Danny: I took on board what you said and messed about a bit with it and viola.

      Don’t worry about not being able to spell. I mean with a president like you guys have, it’s a wonder you can even read and write. 🙂


  2. Outstanding Tris. The wee lamb and the Dafs is well caught shot.
    Hope everyone has happy and peaceful Easter. Panda and his wee chum send bet wishes to Munguin, Tris and all the followes and readers I hope Nico is well, and Taz too.

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      1. It’s going fine Tris – We’re having a quiet Easter cos things are going to be really busy for the next fortnight or so. Regular updates on f/b page
        Gerry Parker SNP for Gartcosh, Glenboig & Moodiesburn

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  3. thanks for the bunnies I requested but there was so much to love this week. The lamb and the elephant (sound like a pub!), the Faroes looked amazing as did Dundee and some cute orangs. But my favourite was definitely the teddy bear, oops sorry baby bear. Are you sure it’s not a furry toy?

    Happy Easter folks

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    1. Thank you PP.

      It’s a good name for a pub.

      I did wonder about the bear, but I’m pretty sure he or she is for real. Besides Munguin says there is no such thing as a furry toy.


      1. How did he knit that together? Sorry didn’t mean to needle him, he does come out with some good yarns; a veritable prince of wales.

        I’ll stop now.

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  4. Great photies as usual, Tris! Here at Schloß Freeman-am-Tay, we particularly liked the photo of Dundee; with a very powerful magnifying glass, you can even make out the battlements of the Schloß… the orangutan babies were a life-enhancing as always, and I concur wholeheartedly with the political comment on the fragrant Ms. May’s Easter message. Apparently she wants us to share values with her to overcome the divisions caused by Brexit. Funny how it’s always other people who need to be called upon to share values, isn’t it, to overcome “divisions”… anyway, we would all be much better off sharing my values, not hers, because mine are MUCH nicer.

    Happy Easter to all – or, as some others say, Христос воскрес! And the Orthodox Easter is even on the same day as the Western one this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ed.

      As Mrs May went out of her way not to consider any of our views on her Brexit, I feel pretty justified in telling her that I decline to get behind her on this.

      Христос воскрес στον καθένα

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