And, if you think this makes him sound like a relatively unpleasant and not particularly forward thinking person, the real horror is the tweet in reply to a terminally ill man who is fighting for the right to be allowed to end his life under medical supervision so that it is  safe, clean and final, and doesn’t cause any additional distress to his family and friends.



There are those who have strong religious feelings about this, which I respect, and I reckon that should be their choice.  No one is forcing them to end their lives. Of course, there is nothing to stop someone taking an overdose, or jumping off a bridge, or in front of a train or whatever, supposing they have the wherewithal and do not involve any other person in their plan.  Suicide is indeed not illegal in Scotland*. But the risks involved in a DIY suicide are horrific and can make a dreadful condition even more intolerable, not to mention the cost to other people.  I suspect that Donald Gatt Esq, (an ex-UKIPPER, I believe) might feel very different if it was him or someone close to him that was involved.

*Suicide directly involving only the deceased person is not by itself a criminal offence under Scots Law and has not been in recent history. However, attempting suicide might be a Breach of the peace if it is not done as a private act; this is routinely reported in the case of persons threatening suicide in areas frequented by the public.  The Suicide Act 1961 applies only to England and Wales but under Scots Law a person who assists a suicide might be charged with murder, culpable homicide, or no offence depending upon the facts of each case. Despite not being a criminal offence, consequential liability upon the person attempting suicide (or if successful, his/her estate) might arise under civil law where e.g. it parallels the civil liabilities recognised in the (English Law) Reeves case…




  1. I am reminded of a quote about Tories that describes them as born with some essential part of their soul missing. I’m sure it doesn’t originate with Charlie Brooker, but in an article in the Guardian in 2007 he described the Conservative party in the following terms: “The Conservative party is an eternally irritating force for wrong that appeals exclusively to bigots, toffs, money-minded machine men, faded entertainers and selfish, grasping simpletons who were born with some essential part of their soul missing.”

    Well, you can’t say fairer than that, guv.

    Here’s the URL of the article, which I think has worn rather well over the years.

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  2. “Donald Gatt Esq, (an ex-UKIPPER, I believe) might feel very different if it was him or someone close to him that was involved.”

    Salaried, or by the hour?

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  3. Normally, you’d think that adding “Esquire” to your name was just a bit of twitter fun. In this case, I’m quite convinced he really does think he has attained a high social rank and should have the corresponding title. It’s up to the electorate to decide if that is true. What a charmer.


    1. Was going to ask him about that on twitter but he’s protected his tweets. I could follow him but I don’t want to get badgered by twitter’s not-so-smart algorithms to follow Nick Griffin for the next year and a half.


    2. Well, Terry, we shall have to ensure we afford him the rank of Esquire whenever we refer to him.

      One day he might be promoted to royalty, although I don’t think they are allowed to choose not to have children, unlike Mr Esquire person here. Still, as we keep them, and they don’t have to worry about the expense thereof, I suppose that does put them into another category. Oh never mind me, I’m rambling.


        1. Well, with the example of the orange one, who could blame him… and who knows, maybe he is right.

          After all here he is starring in an article in Munguin’s Republic. How much greater could he want?


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