Mrs Easter Bunny’s Message

Mrs May delivered an Easter message to us all today, and jolly grateful we are to get it too.amayyuk

She says that there is a sense of coming together after Brexit. Indeed, the expression she used was “coming together and uniting”… both of them at the same time!!!… So that’s nice, isn’t it? “Our shared values can – and must – bring us together”, she continued, in that schoolmarmish voice she reserves for us plebs, “for at heart, this country is one great union of people and nations with a proud history and a bright future.”

So basically, that was a load of old tosh.

They seriously must think we button up the back. I see absolutely no signs that people are uniting around Brexit, despite a poll that supposedly shows that 55% of Brits favour Brexit. (The pole by Orb (no me neither), was commissioned by the Daily Telegraph.)


And I wonder what these shared values are. Making the poor poorer and the rich richer? Corruption and theft, greed? Sexual perversion? Tacky celebrity status? Poor education, poor health? Selling arms to odious regimes that use them to kill kids? Like every nation, there are, I’m sure, moments in its history of which some people might be proud. But there is a great deal of shame too.

As for the bright future? In the hands of the current set of idiot ministers, I doubt that very much.



But that wasn’t her finished, oh dear no.  She told us about her Christianity. “We should be confident about the role that Christianity has to play in the lives of people in our country. We must continue to ensure that people feel able to speak about their faith, and that absolutely includes their faith in Christ,” she added.

It might serve Mrs May well to remember that not all of us who live here are Christians, and frankly, with the greatest respect to my friends who are Christians, Christianity plays no part whatsoever in my life, and never has  (except when it was rammed down my throat at school). Probably the only part of her speech with which I agreed was that people should feel absolutely free to be able to speak about the part that their faith plays in their lives.


I do think though, that a person who presides over a government which treats the poor so cruelly, and the rich so well, should be very cautious about presenting herself as some sort of salesperson for any religion.

I’m no Bible expert, but having had 10 years of schooling which demanded that Bible studies should be taught daily, I can’t help but wonder what Jesus would say about turning away unaccompanied refugee children, surely one of the greatest shames of this government. Maybe “suffer the little children to come unto me”? Luke 18:16, Matthew 19:14.

What would he have thought about the rape clause; the reduction of benefits paid to those most in need, the torture that sick people have been put through to get their benefits, the people who have died waiting for tribunals, the involvement of the banks in doing people out of their homes, the selling of weapons to regimes which use them to kill children?


And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:24.



64 thoughts on “Mrs Easter Bunny’s Message”

    1. Yes, that’s true. He is depicted as a blond haired lad, almost undoubtedly Anglo-Saxon.. but in fact he was a Palestinian; he would have almost certainly had a dark skin and dark hair.

      Strange they had to sell him as a European.

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    2. Considering what happened to the last Jesus, deportation sounds like a good option to me! 😉

      I despise these so-called ‘Christians’ who participate in politics in the UK & USA. I’m no Christian but I come from that sort of family & the least Christian people I’ve ever encountered are the likes of Theresa May & Donald Trump. I kind of hope the Christian God does exist as per the Bible because those folk are not heading for heaven. (Trouble is, neither am I…)

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      1. Although I am an atheist, I was brought up as a Catholic, and like you I believe I can tell a true Christian from an imposter. Yrue Christians would be outraged by the Saudi regime, not doing arms deals with them, but as we all know, the Theresa Mays and Donald Trumps of the world are not Christians, much as Bush and Blair weren’t before them. By preaching their messages of hate, and divisiveness, these self-serving politicians are wilfully putting true Christians in real danger. But the blood of innocents means nothing to these people, because there’s plenty of bucks to be made from their warmongering antics, and that’s all they’re interested in.

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        1. Justly said, Marco.

          It’s strange that as an atheist, I feel in some ways sorry for Christianity, that it be lumbered with such appalling people as the ones you mention.

          It seems unfair to attach your self to its coat tails when all you want to do is make some money and get your place in history.

          Heartless bastards who killed at random and deprived poor and sick people of help. The exact opposite of what the New Testament preaches. (The same could be said of adherents of other religions.)

          For all the bad that religion has done, I know some very good people who do great work in the community… my local food banks, one attached to an Episcopal Church, the other to a Mosque but neither demanding any kind of “rice Christian” recompense for helping.

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  1. Assuming we want something biblical at this point, Matthew 23:27-28 seem apposite.

    ” 27 Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones, and of all uncleanness. 28 Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity.”

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  2. I followed the link and downloaded the poll data. It contains the statistics that 58.7% of Scots support independence, 54.3% of Scots want an independence referendum by Spring 2019, and 60.2% of Scots think Theresa May should approve the request for an independence referendum. Meanwhile, 69.3% of the UK think that Brexit is more important than the break-up of the UK, and 57% of the UK would still back Brexit even if they knew it would lead to the break-up of the UK.

    These numbers are extraordinary. If the results are to be believed then two things are happening: 1) the idea of separation is hardening on both sides of the border 2) responses to Brexit in the north and south of the UK are diverging fast. Not sure I believe the data but, hey, this contains positive Easter tidings for supporters of independence.

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    1. Some excellent news contained in that. I’m always suspicious of polls that show what the person who commissioned them wants them to show. Useful for propaganda but valueless otherwise.

      However, it does seem that there is much in there that the Telegraph would NOT want be be out there, so maybe I misjudged the poll.

      Thanks for doing that bit of research that I should have done. By way of recompense Munguin will send an appropriate sum in Zimbabwean Renminbi (a currency he has taken to employing for these transactions).

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    2. Terry,

      These are, as far as I can recall, an extraordinarily high Scottish Independence vote. 58.7% is curiously close to the 60% that was ‘required’ under one measure, for there to be a further referendum vote.

      Before I get too excited, I’d like to see a few more polls from other organisations at least pointing in the same direction.

      Though the ‘chatter’ from Unionist Politicians and supporters suggest that there is some truth in it. They have their own internal polling, and I suspect it is not looking good for the Red, Blue or Yellow coalition of Unionists. Indeed, in terms of lies per second, they have trebled their output, approximations may apply here, but even the Herald has desperate unionists, well, frankly being uneconomical with the truth. When a Unionist is trapped in a corner, they will lie beyond belief.

      As a tactic, it is all they have.

      I have rarely seen so many Unionists running around so utterly bereft of a méme.

      They want to make the Council elections about independence?

      Well, game on!

      In an optimistic frame of mind, perhaps this is the beginning of the end?

      Best wishes.

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    3. Don’t get too excited the Scottish sample is too small to be statistically relevant.

      I don’t know why you would even ask people who live in england if people who live in scotland should have a referendum. They should ask people who live in england whether they want england to be an independent country?

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      1. It was in the 900+ range. All that does, as far as I know, is widen the confidence limits a tad. It does not move us into un-confident territory. I am, by nature, not confident that any democratic outcome I want will come to pass. However, I think that the ‘chatter’ suggests that this is not a rogue poll.

        It seems to me that they are running scared.

        Your mileage may vary 🙂

        Your second para is bang on the nail.

        Best wishes.

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      2. Fair point. No, I’m not sure what the point of that is. I mean they didn’t ask people in Germany or Latvia what they thought of Brexit…


  3. Typical hyperbole from May and company..devoid of any realism of how your average joe lives in this disunited kingdom, despite her haverings to the contrary…paw broon,another child of the manse similarly had the same blinkered vision and truth aversion during indy 1, federalism, pensions, unable to access transplants outside Scotland, pound not our coinage, all despicable lies that’ll never be forgotten no matter how many times he’s wheeled out for interventions…sorry these folk have no morals or ethics to be inside a religious house…

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    1. Kat,

      I am, perhaps not the one – being an atheist – to argue.

      You said, my friend:

      “…sorry these folk have no morals or ethics to be inside a religious house…”

      They have no morals or ethics whatsoever. Would I be a better person if I pretended to be inside a religious house or outside it? I doubt that that is the split.

      It is between people that subvert a code – or religious beliefs, if you must – and folk that care not a toss about religious beliefs, me for instance, and see justice and freedom as viable ideas in their own right.

      That is the brief version of what I believe.

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  4. Being a Christian Tory is a very challenging state of mind with competing and opposing philosophies to be satisfied.
    With Tories,the Tory bit always wins out.
    It is easier to be nasty to others than having empathy and consideration.
    Don’t know why they bother with the religious side,they should just stick to being nasty…they are very good at it.

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    1. Tradition? Once upon a time no one would have trusted them if they weren’t?

      I’ve never known one that didn’t profess Christianity, and look at the wicked lot they have been, and not all Tory either. Blair has to be amongst the most wicked.

      But because they really believe that God is English and is behind them in everything they do, they invent their own kind of Christianity.


    2. Until we reach such a stage as it was agriculturally unfeasable, I would quite like Scotland to take in refugees.

      For we are a mongrel nation, and are the better for it.

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      1. I’d certainly like to see us do something about the children. I know you can;t take vast numbers, but we could do our share. Cameron had agreed, somewhat reluctantly, to do his bit, the vicar’s daughter told them to bugger off.

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      1. Idolator! There is no god but the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Your “Force” cannot equal being touched by his noodley appendages… ahem.

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      1. We need t persuade the young that if they want to change things they can easily do so by getting out there and voting. I really only takes a few minutes.


  5. Maybe “suffer the little children to come unto me”? Luke 18:16, Matthew 19:14.

    Haven’t they missed out “But only the first two” ?

    Sorry for being so facetious but this disgraceful clause should never be forgotten.

    BTW, did you know that there are only two words in the English language where the vowels run in alphabetical order and ‘facetious’ is one of them?

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  6. I wonder if May’s emphasis on Christianity above other religions is any way significant? Presumably she voted, along with the other ‘Christians’, for Blair’s invasion of Iraq and the resultant casualties who presumably were not Christians? John Lennon had it spot-on regarding religions.

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      1. I thought you would give us the Latin version, Conan? I remember years ago, when the world was young, learning Auld Lang Syne in Latin which went down well at New Year in the Leb. Sadly, the only part I remember is “Tum dextra dextram implicet, O vos fidissimi”!

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    1. Tu autem firmasti sinistra brachium in,
      Tua reliquit brachium sunt:
      In: de, in, de.
      Et agitabit illud per circuitum.
      Tu fac in hokey cokey,
      Et circum vertere.
      Hoc illud est quod suus ‘circa omnes!

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  7. I had to turn the radio off when she came on spouting that nauseating claptrap as I most certainly did not wish to see my breakfast again. It reminds me of that speech she made when she ended up holding the keys to number 10 after everybody else had knifed each other in the back. You remember all about including everybody and running things to benefit everybody. I remember thinking at the time that “everybody” meant everybody that made a substantial contribution to the Conservative Party. People often say that Scotland is run to suit England, but England is run to suit the Conservative Party, so Scotland is actually run to suit the English Conservative Party.

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    1. I read it rather than watched it, Dr DLA.

      I can’t stand her tuneless, fluted, patronising voice.

      I remember that speech in Downing Street when she was wearing her shop lifting frock, the one with the big pockets. (I see she wore that to Buckingham Palace. I wonder if she managed to lift anything good.)

      I too though, what a load of …. Absolutely as convincing as Mrs Thatcher’s St Francis speech (where she forgot what he had said).


    2. Seems right.

      But my Pensioners for Independence group is run by an Englishman. So, perhaps best not to assume that born English folk that live here are antithetical to Scottish independence?

      For they are not. Indeed some of them are quite the opposite.

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      1. Absolutely not. David Taylor whom I follow on Twitter, is a really strong supporter and he’s English. Math Campbell, Mark Frankland in Dumfries… there are so many.

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  8. Know Mark Frankland, who is a sort of a hero of mine. The good that he does is bloody incredible! Have noticed you too on his fundraiser threads. So, double plus good!

    Will try to pick up on David Taylor and Math Campbell. Who are not currently on my radar.

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  9. I just wonder why the likes of your good self and Mark aren’t in politics? You both speak with a sensibility I’d vote for. Crazy, I know, to try to get sane people into politics.

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    1. Not my cup of tea, Douglas.

      I think Mark is, in his own way. He works a lot with politicians to get abetter deal for the people he helps.

      Me, I just run off at the mouth sometimes.


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