Not the smartest tactician, is she?
Didn’t realise that Better Together’s and pooling and sharing meant sharing beds in hospital…?
You see, we don’t want to be part of this idiotic nonsense called the EU, but we do want them to headquarter their agencies here. Obviously, duh!
And once upon a time, they told us that Spain would be an obstacle to independence.
I guess that that is not too unreasonable.
Very British Scot… Britch… Whatever! We’ll never buy it again. Incidentally, why do Brits find it necessary to put massive UK flags on just about everything in the supermarket from eggs to geraniums?
Like we’ve said, she’s not the best negotiator, is she? Erm, anyone know what she IS good at? Maybe we should leave it to David Da… No, sorry. Momentary aberration. What was I thinking? Let’s leave it to Mickey the Mouse, shall we?
Bless Fluffy. He’s always been easily confused. And all this has just been too much for him.
That’s the deal, guys. Take it or leave it… Oh no, just take it!
Proud flag …why not put it on a whisky bottle, and everything else you can see?
Aye, Amber, you’re going to need more of these visas. Like for doctors, nurses, care assistants, plumbers, shop assistants, builders ad infinitum… I’d get printing visas fast as you can.
So what you are saying is that you’ll hang on to all the powers over Scottish public services so that you can trade them with America for the seriously crap trade deal you’ll get. Sell off our water, and our heath service. You’ll maybe find that hard to do. We probably don;t really want that. We can be thrawn, you know!
England Fans
‘Gibraltar is ours, you Spanish bastards’, they screamed in a drunken frenzy in Madrid before their team lost. You can tell the Brits. They are the drunk, pale, overweight ones. Nice one Leicester. You must be proud. (The Express seemed to think that the police were heavy handed and it was all their fault…well, they were foreign police after all.)
Ha ha ha ha ha …imagine anyone having ANY kind of faith in a Whitehall computer system, The USA companies they usually get to design, supply and instal them must laugh their heads off every time they get a contract that will certainly end up 2 times over budget and no earthly use.



  1. Don’t panic Tris we are all right behind Saint Theresa of May and her Three Amigo’s … allegedly!

    Well I think that’s what the woman from London was saying when she phoned me personally to tell me how fantastic Saint Theresa was doing in winning over the whole of the E.U. to her way of “thinking.” LOL

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    1. Best to laugh, I think. It’s going to happen if it’s going to happen.

      Que sera, as they say in Spain.

      Could all be some sort of nuclear winter within weeks with Trump and Kim playing their schoolboy games with real bombs!

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      1. I never wanted for my kids to ever have to fear the threat of nukes in the way I did in the 70’s/80’s but they’ve started talking about it in the same way. It’s difficult to reassure when the threat feels ever present in the hands of idiots.

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        1. It’s actually very scary that two people with nukes are both spoilt children, although one of them is a 70 year old spoilt child.

          Who knows what is around the corner with people like Kim and the orange loonie.

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  2. I don’t buy their aprons. Full stop. It is oppressing us everywhere just now. I just wish that they would wrap all the unhealthy sugary and fatty stuff in it. Yesterday I threw ( with contempt too ) back a carton of cream to dip my new season Scottish ( delightful ) strawberry’s in. I came home with only French cheese. I had to go to two shops to get the provisions because the first lot only had wrong-flagged versions of the peppered mackerel and the eggs.

    I have complained to the staff, but it gets worse every trip. Before long I’ll be forced to eat a Mediterranean diet because there’ll be bugger all left to eat. Is that Hovis which is now draped in the flag baked in Tollcross? I know the Bristol Bar is just across the road, but there’s no excuse for that fashion faux pas.

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    1. I don’t think they’ve really thought this through. I picked up a lovely big mug in Matalan, perfect for coffee, over Tollcross way (is it Tollcross that’s the problem?!), spotted a union jack stuck inside and accidentally let slip, ‘Aye, that’ll be f******right!’ in front of my fifteen year old who was most vexed that I had been so affronted. 😉 Their sales are going to plummet at this rate. What is it with the flags everywhere? I don’t remember that being a thing.

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      1. LOL. I must admit that even Munguin, who has the mildest of natures, gets royally miffed at the number of them everywhere.

        I don’t remember it being thing either, and I can’t remember it being a thing anywhere else, except perhaps sometimes on fresh food… in order to show how fresh it was.

        I was recently in Hungary and Austria. I remember seeing flags on their castles and parliaments. That’s it.

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  3. Reblogged this on scottishmomus and commented:
    ‘We’re taking back control,’ we said
    And we meant it
    We really meant it!
    ‘We’ll invoke Article50’
    And we meant it
    We really meant it!
    So we sent it
    We really sent it!
    ‘We’ll have our cake and eat it’
    And we meant it
    We really meant it!
    Tho’ we huvnae got a bawbee
    ‘Cos we’ve spent it
    Some eejit lent it!
    We really spent it!!
    ‘Cos we’re dementit!!!
    Brexit ya bass!
    Or something like that. Hard to tell.
    You decide. ∨∨∨∨∨

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    1. £1 = 71 roubles today, so better rate! I’m keeping an eye on roubles in anticipation of visit. Can’t wait!
      BRexit..what a load of cobblers we are getting from MSM. They don’t think it’s all over…
      We know it is 😀

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      1. I hate currencies that mean a lot of calculating with big numbers.

        Remember Italy, when there 1000+ lira to the pound? You got the bill in a restaurant and you felt that you were a millionaire paying out hundreds of thousands! Trying to work out what it had actually cost was a nightmare.

        Get photos Mogabee!!!


  4. They must be getting worried about USA patronage continuing to support their delusional self importance (or rather not continuing).
    Without that,they are toast.
    Trident says it all.
    Remove it from the shop window and everyone will then see the empty store which lies behind it.
    All bluster and pretence.

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      1. I actually do have the box set – and the Yes PM ones too – 5 series in all. After I gave up the licence I went on a DVD frenzy, and that is one of the few non-American sitcoms in my burgeoning collection. There was a time when the MOT made some damned good stuff. Some time ago now I’ll grant you.

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  5. I remember reading a book called, (something like): ‘Someone Hath Boobed’, which was a re-hashing of some of the great disasters in British military history – the Charge of the Light Brigade and so on, plus some lesser cock-ups from the days of Empire.

    How highly will Brexit and Mother Theresa’s decision this morning to go for a General Election rate in the next edition, I wonder?

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    1. Someone Has Blundered by Dennis Judd ISBN: 9780753821817

      I can see it on one of my many bookshelves as I write. (Well, OK, I had to get it to copy the ISBN.)

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    1. I’ve just done a new post about this. The debates MUST go ahead. Surely this “mother of democracies” (whit?) cannot be the only country to have elections without leaders’ debates.


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