Let me translate:

“Well, if the Scottish branch office broadcasters want to arrange a debate between the First Minister and that beardy specky guy, who makes the PM’s tea and serves those delightful butterfly cakes at Cabinet, it’s up to them. We don’t really care. It makes no difference to us what you people do. We shan’t pay any attention to the outcome, anyway

“Remind me, is Scotland the little one on the left or the bigger one up the top? We know it’s not the one with the sharp-tongued leaderette we’ve had to bribe with loads of dosh, which we won’t be able to get back now even though she stabbed us in the back.”

Almost a quote from David Livingstone, who, for those who don’t know, is some wee chappy who works in the imperial cabinet office in faraway London, although according to his photo he’s been dead for more than 100 years. A perfect qualification for a Tory minister.

It occurs to me, though, that if we are going to have a debate here, wouldn’t it be better to have Scottish leaders debating about Scotland, rather than that Muddled blokey, who simply says, nay stutters, whatever London tells him and who couldn’t find Scotland on a big map of…erm, Scotland.

Image result for david mundell beard

Although to be fair, it would be fun to watch the FM’s sharp legal brain wash the floor with Muddle’s fluffy one. Come to that it would be fun to see Nicola and Patrick wipe the floor with Carry on Dick, Wee Wullie and Jackson Carlot.

But wait, a horrific thought has just struck me. If we had a Scottish debate, we probably also have to sit through the awful prospect of Tweedle May and Tweedle Corbyn boring each other and everyone else, to death as well?

Image result for may and Corbyn debating cartoons

There seems almost no point in us watching the two Westminster leaders debating as neither has acknowledged the vast difference in the voting intentions in our country in the Scottish parliament, in the central parliament and most specifically, in the European referendum.

They are hardly likely to address any issues that would interest us and if they did they would almost certainly know nothing about them, and care even less.

All of that misses the main point that, if you are not going to allow a people’s vote on your half-arsed deal, what is the point of debating it for the people who can do damn all about it?

It’s the politicians who will make the decision. Maybe May and Corbyn should just bore the backside off THEM, till they agree to vote whatever way the whips tell them.

20 thoughts on “LEAD US, DON’T LEAVE US… HA HA HA HA HA, etc”

    1. Thank you very much for that.

      My goodness, she is so impressive compared with May. She speaks clearly and knowledgeably. She has a good rapport with journalists. She doesn’t dodge questions. She does it all with humour.

      Can you imagine Mundell dealing with a press conference like this?

      Or, for that matter, Richard Leonard, Jackson Carlaw or Willie Rennie?

      As many English people have said, why can’t she be our leader!

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      1. Hmm … well I’ve often thought that for England+ and Scotland to be equal partners in the UK, and since London has called the shots for a good while, maybe Edinburgh deserves to have the whip hand for a while before the Union is finally dissolved, on the basis say of relative population perhaps? Surely that would only be democratic? Hell, the likes of Nicola and friends could sort out the English with one hand tied behind their backs as it were, starting with all this Brexit nonsense 🙂

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  1. Tris
    I certainly won’t be watching any debate. I probably won’t even watch the vote on the 11th Dec given I would usually watch the Holyrood budget debate if not working. A May Corbyn debate just bores the May Corbyn out of me, they don’t care what I think and I really don’t care what they think, in fact that’s the point. Scotland is moving on but it’s taking a little longer than planned but moving on all the same.


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  2. Nicola Sturgeon

    2h2 hours ago

    A debate that just focuses on two marginally different versions of #Brexit is not worth having. The voice for remaining in the EU must be heard – I’m willing to be that voice. What is the PM so scared of? https://twitter.com/thetimes/status/1067399044295811072

    Nicola Sturgeon added,
    James Kelly


    Leaving aside the Anglocentricity of excluding Scotland’s leading party, how would the broadcasters justify excluding all pro-EU voices from a TV debate at a time when a majority of the *British* people would prefer to stay in the EU?

    Jeff Dugdale


    How can you have TV debate on Brexit when there is no one to argue we should stay in the EU?

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    1. “Leaving aside the Anglocentricity of excluding Scotland’s leading party,”

      They’re Westminster’s *THIRD* biggest party by number of MPs, and *SECOND* biggest by number of members.

      Why are they being excluded when the fib dems wouldn’t have been?

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      1. Becasue they know erfectly well that Nicola Sturgeon would wipe the floor with both of them. And they know that Nicola HAS a better plan, which Hammond said this morning, didn’t exist.

        So either Hammond is a liar or the proposals that the Scottish government put forward haven’t been shared with people as senior as the Treasury.


  3. Just another example of the arrogance of Westminster when It comes to the other parts of the ‘UK’.
    They (Westminster) don’t give a ‘Monkeys’ what Scotland or It’s people want.
    All they’re interested in is enriching themselves (and their already rich cronies), maintaining their hold on the reins of power, and using Scotland as a cash cow, and a ‘Dumping ground/Garage’ for their obscenely expensive obsession with nuclear weapons and subs.
    Any ‘Debate’, which excludes any opposition from having a voice is pointless to the point of ridicule.
    And typical of the ‘One-sidedness’ of UK mainstream media.

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    1. I suspect you are right.

      And can you imagine the two of them boring everyone legless and then Nicola coming in with coherent articulate arguments. How pathetic would it make them look.

      Ian Dunt laid it on the line here. Neither of them has anything much to say; they both lie; neither is a good speaker; neither is charismatic.

      Who’s actually going to watch it?

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  4. Lets lookback at the result for the whole uk, only 37% of the electorate voted to leave the EU.
    IF we are to have a fair and reasoned debate we must hear the views of the remainers otherwise all you get is a self serving outcome.
    We are well served by our First Minister, what a wonderful human being and willing to listen to conflicting positions, a real lions den today with what appeared to be NO planted questions.
    Where was Laura?
    Oh , forgot much more important things going on, the maybot was talking to Four Million people in Wales and Northern Ireland explaining how her deal is better than the status quo. She’ll no doubt be talking to the converted from the local tory party to convince herself that indeed everyone just wants it finished and we’re out by April into La La Land.

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    1. I’ve not seen much about the visit, but I heard that she didn’t go down too well in NI. As she has all the charisma of a wet weekend in the Mersey Tunnel, I suppose that’s not surprising.


      1. Exactly.

        She’s hardly out there meeting the people. She’s, as always, meeting like-minded people who will give her some photo-ops and no backchat.


    1. Aside from the assault it represents against press freedom in general, I don’t suppose the National’s exclusion from meetings of May’s Glee Club matters in any practical sense: after all, the only thing May really is good at is not answering questions and not telling the truth. She even lets us know, a lot of the time, that she’s going to do it, because she sends out verbal signals so you can tell what’s coming: “Let me be very clear about this”, for example.

      She’s like Donald Trump in that respect: when Trump says “believe me” after any statement, that means the statement was false. When he begins with “To be honest”, you know he’s going to be anything but. Still, it’s easier with him, because he is a pathological liar even absent any political motive.

      I’m sure someone will make a tape available of Ms. May’s mealy-mouthed prevarications so the entrails can be picked over at leisure. Almost all of will need to be shipped off pronto for incineration as toxic waste, and as for the rest – any clues gleaned that way are far more likely to be deeply discouraging rather than the reverse.

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      1. I expect her beloved BBC will pick some good bits to show on camera.

        But it’s a closed meeting aparently in a company.

        They are usually safe bets, because clearly the management will make it clear that the pm is to be treated with the respect that the position once deserved. To deviate will be to move closer to the door.


  5. It might just be that this particular phase of the right wing coup fronted by the cadaverous one is coming unstuck. Is the penny about to drop with the supportive media? Are they about to realise that to have a future after all this they’re going to have to wake up and get with a new programme?

    I believe that some of the media have been complicit but I also believe that much of it has been conned. Cosy old boy networks believing it could never happen in Britain have through the corrupt nature of their relationships with the ruling class been fooled into believing it was all for the best and would be “alright on the night.”

    The instinct to survive trumps all though, opportunists having backed themselves into corners will as we speak be frantically searching for an out. Are we about to see a turnaround, a realignment of priorities, of allegiance? If so, industrial volumes of egg is about to be slapped around a great many faces. All the stories hitherto unreported, dark money etc.. might suddenly emerge blinking into the light. Heaven knows, there’s plenty of ammo out there just waiting for now being the time. We may be in for a masterclass in how much dirty linen the establishment can wash in public.

    Wishful thinking you may say but there’s a lot of people in England not happy with the media. They see it from a different perspective than we do but they’re pissed off nevertheless.

    I could be wrong and that’s not at all unusual. Let’s wait and see though and if, in the unlikely event I’m correct, as much as I hate and detest the saying. Pass the popcorn.

    Ach weel, back tae reality. Am fair rochit wi it aw, so a am.

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