On the day that Tess comes to town and bars the National newspaper from her press conference in Glasgow (not sure where, for anyone who wants to go along and protest, but all information welcome in the posts below), I thought we might start the day with a smile of admiration for these guys.

33 thoughts on “LIGHT RELIEF”

  1. So we are all in it together.
    The evening news will have this as the prime message .
    Wonder if the maybot will comment on the mayhem her policies in Syria, Libya and the uk meet with the above.
    She’ll arrive in Glasgow at 3pm, drive to a factory, speak to some people, NOT listen to anyone who might just say something out of place and be home for Dinner by 8pm.
    Then tell us again that our position has been listened to, some hope
    Democracy tory style, looking more like a dictatorship every day.

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    1. What on earth is the point of her visit.

      She goes to a factory; she talks to some people who are being paid to listen to her, and are being watched by their management; she meets no one who could possibly counter her in any way; she excludes the one newspaper that takes an independence stance and then she goes home to England. Job done.

      That is not engaging with Scotland, any more that yesterday she engaged with Wales or British Ireland.

      “I can spare you strange Celtic people half a day in my busy schedule!”

      Once again I ask, who are you trying to convince, Mrs May?

      It’s your own MPs you need to talk to. They are the ones with the votes. Not us ordinary folk, unless you are about to go back on your promise not to have a second referendum.

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      1. I asked myself the same question: if she’s not going to countenance a second Brexit referendum which would, among other things, destroy her already untenable case for refusing a second independence referendum here in Scotland, and she know the majority of Scottish MPs are going to vote no to her deal, and quite possible most of the Scottish Tory MPs as well, what on earth is she going to gain by it?

        Excluding the National is a real affront against press freedom, which we are simply not taking enough note of because we have got so used to our rights and freedoms being trampled all over here in Scotland whenever Westminster has any say in the matter.

        I see that Universal Credit is being rolled out in Edinburgh, for example, against the well-nigh unanimous opposition to it here in Scotland.

        Oh what a lovely Union.

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        1. Well yes, of course, if she admitted that there had to be a second EU referendum, she would have to concede a second Scottish referendum and she’d be terrified of both.

          Excluding the National was stupid, but then she is stupid. She has no political nous. She handles everything badly.

          The National will get information about the farce of a visit and it will still be front page news. All May has done with her stupidity is to rub people up the wrong way, again!

          Incompetent, fourth rate, pathetic politician. Time she was gone.

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  2. Tris
    A saver.
    She is only doing the smoke and mirrors for her own view of things, totally native to westmonster as in Yes Prie Minister. Everything she says is the truth and honest inside her head. Let me be clear, this is the biggest change to the nation in 40 years and we have a whistlestop tour of Wales, then Northern Ireland, home for a swift whisky and the briefing for tomorrow. PMQs in the morning, Glasgow in the Afternoon, home for dinner.
    Her history will record that she spoke to the people what will not be disclosed is how long the FEW minutes of video and photoshoots for tomorrows media, more time to take pictures than talk.
    If its Thursday it must be Peru.
    It’s her friends that will do the back stab, et tu Brutus.

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  3. Just to keep you up to date.
    The maybot and muddle visited Bridge of Weir leather works.
    A rather smelly place that discharges into the local burn.
    Interesting detail of the workforce is the large number of Poles that work there, bet our media don’t report that.
    Away home already.
    So she comes to Scotland to sell her deal to people she wants out of the country.

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    1. Interesting choice. According to their website they push their role in leather manufacture for the automotive industry. How will they get their product to market in Europe after BREXIT? They will be up against tariffs, quotas and have to contend with delays at Dover.

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      1. Landed just after 3 pm and left just before 6 pm.
        Spoke to the media for longer than she spoke to the workers.
        Still it was only a 15 minute drive to BoW, as it’s known locally, and 15 minutes back.
        So in answer to the question, less than 180 minutes.
        This is the most important decision the country, rUK, will take and she speaks to the people for the time it takes to take a cup of tea.
        The love just overcomes me.

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        1. Doncha just wish they’d spare you their unwanted attentions sometimes, Dave?

          I just read that Karen Marshall, the CIO of BoW Leather, is a Tory Party donor – can anyone give a reliable source for that info? It sounds likely, but I hate to jump to conclusions. As the song goes, one of them might jump back.

          If so, I suppose it would make it more likely for them to be able to drum up a suitable group of forelock-tugging tanners, whatever their own views on the subject of the Tory Party.

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          1. I saw a little bit of footage. The workers talking to her, shaking her hand, looking awkward. And her looking insincerely “interested” and awkward, as she always looks in the company of humans.

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        2. Dave, I put this in a comment in the National just now, under the story about Chris Law calling out May on excluding the National, and that Angela Loathsome quacking on about something completely different.

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  4. They produce fine leather for car seats, volvo and ford for certain.
    Note they didn’t take her into the hide preparation areas, wet and smelly.
    Note that there weren’t many people around.
    Ponsonby of STV won’t be getting a gong now, he did ask her simple questions about the chancellor’s radio interview and the result of the parliament vote. Answers there came sound bites that answered nothing.
    What a difference on Channel 4, same place in the factory, different interviewer but the sound bites broadcast with NO challenge.
    As someone pointed out elsewhere Elvis stayed longer in Prestwick.
    Would you buy a used woggle from her?

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    1. Actually their business is quite interesting. Apparently because Scottish hides have no blowfly infestation they are of exceptionally good quality. The company exports/ supplies all the luxury car makers, but all over the world. Any negative impact is likely to be from non tariff barriers – content quotas – and of course, from the unavailability of workers from the EU.

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      1. The whisky will sell regardless btw. People can always get a cheaper hit in virtually every market, but it has a cache about it. Although it is perhaps being irreparably f@cked by Jackery just now.


    2. I think they must programme her in the morning with a half dozen phrases and then set her off for the day.

      I wonder what she sounds like when her spring runs down.


    1. … and I’d love to meet either or both of them, and wouldn’t let May in my front door. And if anyone asked me to go and watch her avoid questions at my place of work, I would refuse, and if ordered, I might do it but shout very loud about it while a journalist was recording.

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      1. I’ve managed to avoid most contact with politicians who visited the work, and it’s happened on a few occasions, by being off that day. Although I did meet Jock McConnell and Margaret Curren. Both of them were actually very nice.

        I refused to go to a garden party at Holyrood House after reading the instruction on what to wear, how to comport myself and how if I were “fortunate enough” to be spoken to by Prince Charles, I was to address him. His name is Charles, how else would I address him?

        As you can tell, I’ve never got on in life, although my current position as Factotum to Munguin isn’t a bad situation.

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    2. My mate, now sadly deceased, had a similar story. Going home from the Chinese takeaway with spare ribs in Szechuan sauce inside his jacket, he was knocked off his bike. Apparently the first person to reach him turned him over on his back, saw bloody red ribs poking out of his scarf, and fainted.
      A good story but he was known to embroider things.

      You only got spare ribs in Szechuan sauce from the Lucky House, and he was coming from the Golden Dragon.

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