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Richard Leonard said that the Scottish government should mitigate the 2 child policy in its next budget.

Nicola Sturgeon asked him to co-sign a letter with her to the Brits asking for ‘Welfare’ powers to be devolved to Scotland.

He refused to do that.

Jeremy Corbyn has now tweeted:

. is calling on the Scottish Government to use its powers in the interests of the many, not the few. needs to listen and scrap the two-child cap in the upcoming Scottish budget.


I saw an excellent comment from Cameron Archibald.

Labour: The SNP should mitigate the two-child cap policy!

SNP: Sure, join us on calling Westminster to devolve welfare powers to Holyrood.

Labour: …

SNP: …

Labour: …

SNP: Well?

Labour: …

SNP: Hello?

Labour: …

SNP: Are you ok-?

Labour: The SNP should mitigate…

Come on Labour. What’s the problem? It’s not like some welfare powers are going to make us totally sovereign. It would, though, mean that we would be able to run out own social security system, hopefully, a good way from the despicable English Tory welfare misery which, only last week, prompted damning criticism from the UN Rapporteur.

48 thoughts on “OH STOP IT”

  1. Tris
    Labour are charlatans at best liars at worst. They are a total joke of a party. You should have heard them today. Corbyn was his usual ineffective against a floundering May and the comments from the likes of Gaffney defy understanding. Leonard is a clown and out his depth, they are red Tories and a stain on Scotland.


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    1. I can’t make out what has happened to a once good party, especially in Scotland. They seem to have become a bunch of bitter incompetents.

      And the high hopes I had for Corbyn in England have been ill-founded. If ever a prime minister was lucky, May is she.

      She’s incompetent and useless at communication. She’s an open goal… and he’s nowhere.

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      1. Tris
        Corbyn is shocking but probably the best Labour have, how mental is that. May was all over the place today and only really put under pressure by the nut jobs in her own party and the SNP/Greens and the Scottish Tories trying their hardest to set the ground for their total cave in. You’re correct though, May is the luckiest PM ever. She wouldn’t have been allowed to make the tea and mop the floor if she was around when Thatcher was PM. She is also a racist in my view, her vail does slip from time to time like the q jumpers comment last week. I also don’t believe she wanted to stay in the EU, she said that to win the leadership. I really think she wants a hard Brexit.


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        1. She seem to be a racist. I think she probably was a leaver but didn’t have the nerve to say so when Cameron was her boss.

          She was quiet during the referendum campaign and only turned out for the Remain side when Cameron ordered her to.

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      2. Tony Blair was Thatchers greatest success.

        Ever since then, all the intelligent folks have gone elsewhere – Intelligent blairites go the the real tory party, intelligent socialists direct their energies elsewhere.

        Who would want to join the modern labour party?

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        1. Whenever I hear the Red Flag, I cannot help but remember an old Communist I used to know – long dead, alas – who gave up on the Party because of the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact. When idly provoked, he would sing the following additional verse to it (in pukka Ah Pee English):

          “The working clarse
          Can kiss my arse
          I’ve got the foreman’s job at larst”.

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  2. The purpose of the London based parties in Scotland is to ensure that independence doesn’t happen and that Scotland does not deviate from England in any significant manner.
    That explains most of their behaviour.
    The rest is just imbecilic.

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  3. The problem with devolving to the snp
    It would lead to the snp featherbedding
    Their lazy extremist supporters ,
    And starving into submission any
    Opposition from other hardworking
    patriotic Scots .

    Poor ole tris always wearing his
    Labour tinted glasses the ones
    With lenses embedded in hate.
    Any Objectivity long gone ver sad

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    1. So, Niko, has Labour given up any hopes of governing in Scotland?

      Because, y’know, if they did things that were popular with people maybe they could lead again… as long as they got rid of Leonard and found themselves a leader.

      The SNP can’t lead forever and surely no one seriously believes the Tories will ever govern here?

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    2. I really don’t have a clue what you’re on about sometimes, Niko: if extremists are lazy, there’s no real point worrying about them, is there, if they’re too indolent to get of their ars*es and cause trouble for anyone.

      Corbyn and Leonard on the two-child cap – as their position is incomprehensible and cannot withstand analysis, we have to ask who the targent audience is supposed to be, and I think it’s primarily former Labour voters in Scotland. My judgement is that Corbyn and Leonard are on a hiding to nothing with that one, because part of the journey from No to Yes, and from Labour to SNP, involves reexamining the propaganda; once you see through the knee-jerk SNPBAAAAD, you can’t unsee the lies and the spin, and are successfully inoculated against them.

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      1. eddjasfreeman,

        It is surely true that demographics and the kind of culural re-awakening you posit will eventually win the day.

        I’d just like to see it sooner rather than later.

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      2. “I really don’t have a clue what you’re on about sometimes, Niko”

        I never have a clue what he’s on about. Sometimes I feel like part of the family here, then other times I realise that the whole Tris, Conan, Niko history is something completely unknown to me.

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        1. You are part of the family, PP. Never feel that you are not.

          Conan, Niko, John and the Spook of Leith are too. We go back to the early days of the Republic when we didn’t even have a chance of a referendum. It’s almost like we were at school together. But there is no intention to exclude other people. Munguin isn’t that kind of animal.

          We’re all Munguinites one way or another.

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        2. It all started on the Scotsman comment threads PP, more than ten years ago now. Many have fallen by the wayside since then, Meths, Spook, Ayrshire Scot and the rest of the “Resistance” as we styled ourselves.
          As you may have guessed, Niko wasn’t part of it…

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  4. Yes we’ll unfortunately
    For extremist snp/Nat
    Loony radicalised not
    Very nice people at all
    The Esteemed leader at
    The real and not pretendy

    Mrs May has squared the
    EU circle ⭕️ and our wonderful
    Future within our (yes even including you 👈)glorious
    Union is sealed for all eternity
    Anybody not content with
    This outcome is ver ver sad 😞

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        1. The oddballs who have been organising their holidays on Niko’s website and arguing with someone who doesn’t want them there. At least, I think that’s what’s going on.

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              1. Ah, the sheriff was good fun… especially in that last series of Robin Hood.

                Yes, Lawrence was born in Eastwood, not far from Nottingham. Had to study him for A level English. Sons and Lovers!


      1. I would have said, birthed a pig in a poke and then tried to put lipstick on it.

        As for the 1000-year Reich, it would have to be a 1000-year blue-rinsed Reich, presided over by a succession of more-and-less successful Margaret Thatcher clones, including some with external gonads.

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    1. That’s the question they are asked time and time again.

      Water, Trains, Health, Police, Social Security… Over and over they bring up how crap things are in Scotland only to be pointed to what crap REALLY means in Wales under Labour.

      Yes, there are more powers in Scotland, but they are hard fought for powers. The green and pleasant land doesn’t hand out powers without a fight.

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  5. I says to Rees mogg
    Seeing as I employ 20
    Working men

    But finding taking a wedge
    Of profit more difficult
    Happen after hard brexit
    Iffen I don’t have to pay
    Holiday pay (they can of course
    Take unpaid days as long as it
    Don’t clash with the needs of the business)
    Or sick pay and all that elf and safety nonsense
    I can secure me business keep 20 men in full
    Time work and put some cash offshore for me

    Obviously alongside these changes those
    Employment rights must go as they are
    An impediment to much needed flexible
    Wage slavery oops err employment

    Wonder what the answer would be to me
    Imaginary but most likely event to occur
    Throughout this disunited kingdom.

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    1. Well, that’s what people like Fox have advocated. We could be a world leader, they reckon, if only we didn’t have to pander to the needs of the lower orders.

      Of course, given that our workers are already treated so badly that our productivity comes towards the bottom of European levels, I suspect that these people are talking through a hole in their bottoms.

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    2. This is the land of the zero-hours contract. There are also such things as unpaid internships – officially discouraged, but we all know they are actually quite common. So not only do we have zero-hours contracts, we have zero-pay contracts, in which the quids in the quid pro quo are intangible – and can be withheld. Basic failure of contract law in there somewhere, I suspect, but I just can’t see it…

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  6. I see our MPs are coming to the rescue of Labour MPs belittled by the Press…well, The Sun, so I exaggerated a bit.

    Stewart McDonald MP

    It’s not for me to defend Labour MPs, but this is simply not true – several Labour backbenchers contributed. If Harry was actually watching the debate in full, rather than trying to make a cheap political dig, he would know that.

    Harry Cole
    Verified account

    Incredible that not a single Labour backbencher sees fit to attend the RAF 100 year aniversary debate… not one.
    1:36 PM – 26 Nov 2018

    PS: Harry, there are two ns in anniversary.


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