If you thought Paul Nutt-All, of the Kippers’ party, was pretty unpopular (what with MPs and AMs leaving his party in England and in Wales), then what about the Orange Faced Muppet in the Gold House? He has to hope that bombing Syria has boosted his popularity with ordinary people as much as it has with some of the Tories.

At the other end of the scale, you’ve got two leaders with positive overall results.

So congratulations, Nicola and Angela. Two people worthy of the word ‘leader’.

I was amused that Davis and Farron scored large numbers of people who either didn’t know who they were or didn’t care. It’s a pity that one of these nonentities is supposed to be arranging to drag Scotland out of Europe.

And poor old Boris, he rates only just above Nutty and Tan-Man.

Probably embarrassing for Tessy that she rates below her Scottish gofer, but Kez will be happy that she’s streets ahead of her hated boss.


I don’t suppose anyone thought it worthwhile finding out what people thought of Fluffy.

And then there’s Hammond.




  1. ….because I’d suggest that the vast majority of people don’t know who he is. Ditto Fluffy.

    They’re both political non-entities

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      1. I wish someone did a full-scale Scottish poll asking the question (maybe Rev Stu?) because I’d LOVE to see how many LibDem voters don’t know who he is. I’d bet on a figure of more than 30%.

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      2. I asked him & he did in fact ask in the last poll he commissioned.

        The figure is 38% 🙂 I think that’s across all Scots polled rather than LibDems but not 100% on that.

        Anyway 4 out of 10 don’t know who he is – best case for him is that’s all Scots voters, worst case its LibDems.

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    1. My partner is a member of that group Tris … sadly I’m not … I’m too young. I’m only a wee youngster turning 59 this year. LOL

      My partner did mention last night that the group were joking about accepting 5 more members to make their membership 1745 then starting up a new group. LOL


      1. oh you liar you! We know you have just had your 697th birthday 🙂

        Tris – since you went o/t first, may I request some bunnies for Soppy Sunday? Also I wrote a piece on STV voting system but now everyone is on the act (WGD and obv. Scot goes pop). Is it still worth submitting for the furry one’s approval?

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      2. DAMN!

        I was hoping no one would notice. I should have known better than try and pull the wool over the very knowledgeable independence supporters in Scotland and beyond.


      3. Are you old enough to be reading this blog, Arbroath. I know that sometimes the language isn’t all that it should be (and I’m not talking about the Latin), eh Conan!!??

        Yeah, there are some good numbers around there…

        1603, 1704, 1715, 1745…


      4. Of course, PP.

        Will be happy to put it up. It’s really important, and although I know almost everyone reads WGD and SGP, there might be a few who will see it here, and not there… In any case, it cannot do any harm.

        Bunnies, on Easter?

        Can’t imagine why, but for you, my dear, anything (Munguin said.).


  2. Both Sturgeon and Merkel are outstanding politicians who are helping to build progressive ideas across Europe and beyond.
    Merkel has done a fantastic job of keeping the peace in Europe through dialogue with Russia.
    Sturgeon is almost single handedly,as a political leader,showing up the reactionary neo fascists on both sides of the pond for the neanderthals that they really are and proposing alternatives to their retro political dogma.
    Where would the UK be now with either of these leaders in charge instead of that horrible Tory woman?

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    1. BIO: I heartily agree. I have deep respect for Merkel. I know she’s a bit on the Conservative side, and I was less than pleased with the Greek situation, into which she must have had considerable input, but for all that, she is a good person, a formidable intellect and a real leader.

      Likewise, clear-headedly and with vigour, Nicola has led Scotland through the potential minefield of Scexit, which was not the will of the people. At every step, she has put forward positive ideas to try to balance the will of the English with the will of the Scots. She has gained respect around the world.

      The rest of them are pretty laughable, and they REALLY aren’t leaders. They are dragged along by events. Followers.

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  3. From my perch in Hong Kong right now…I have come to the realisation that life is easier as an ex-pat.

    That and the notion that ‘job statisfaction’ surveys are about as reliable as ‘politician popularity’ polls.

    The only measure worth paying homage to is the overall poll of polls average. Everything else is either questionable, or a mere flash-in-the-pan snapshot of a moment in time.

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    1. Make sure you shout loudly enough for the natives to understand you. Some of them are so ignorant they cannot speak English. Still, good to see you are more polite here than in the Scotsman…


      1. I’ve never posted a comment in the Scotman, no ideas what you’re referring to at all.

        Also, Chinese people in HK have better English than most Brits. Truthfully.

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    2. You’re in Hong Kong, Dean? Are you working there this year?

      Every poll or election is a snapshot of how people feel at the time.

      Sometimes it will change within days.

      That’s the way it is.


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