Les élections françaises. Bonnes nouvelles

Nous n’avons pas accordé beaucoup d’attention aux élections présidentielles en France qui constituent le prochain grand test du nouveau mouvement de droite en Europe, nommé ‘altright’.

Nous étions donc heureux de voir Marine Le Pen aussi près du bas de la liste que possible. (Compte tenu de la candidature plutôt douteuse de Fillon).


We’ve not bothered too much here about the French Presidential elections which are the next test of the so-called “altright” hard right-wing movement in Europe.

We were, therefore, rather pleased to see that the Fascist leader Marine Le Penn is as near to the bottom of the list as is possible. (Given the dubious candidature of Fillon.)

36 thoughts on “Les élections françaises. Bonnes nouvelles”

  1. I nearly managed to read all of that in the original French!

    OK, I got the jist of it.

    My French and Latin have become so much better since I started hanging around here.

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  2. Qu’elle sombre dans les ténèbres qui gisent au fond même de son être… a nasty piece of work, that one, and the more insidious for being less offensive in her speech than her benighted father.


  3. May I go a tad off topic?

    You know how we are supposed to hate all foreigners, and stuff?

    I found this quite moving:

    At the peak of the Clydebank Blitz, the defence of Clydebank was partly down to a Polish warship, in for repair. These are the forgotten hero’s that were, very fortunately, on our side. That was heroic, and it ought to activate the “Français par le sang versé” but it does not. Indeed other soldiers in more recent times have been denied that right. It is that arrogance of an imperial nation, that it cannot even recognise heroism in it’s own defence as worthy of recognition.

    Sweary words – insert here.

    To divide those that have defended us, from us, is what I utterly detest about Westminster.

    Personally, folk that have defended us mean a lot more to me than a bunch of idiots in Westminster.

    Sorry, I know this is very off topic, but Theresa May is making enemies of people that helped us win a World War.

    How stupid is that?

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    1. Well, Douglas, to start with it’s fine to go off topic. I know some blogs make a bit of a thing about it, but honestly I don’t care at all.

      Secondly, you’re bang on.

      I don;t think Scotland wants to leave the EU at all, and England only narrowly, but none the less that is what it voted. but there are ways to do things … and then there is the way that this lot are doing brexit.

      They are alienating everyone. None of them is in the least bit likeable, except maybe Boris in small doses.

      And every time they go anywhere near Europe, they seem to upset folk.

      Yet they need friends.

      They should look a the way our FM does business, and learn.

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      1. Well tris, thanks, indeed. Most blog owners would be less understanding. So, if I may continue?

        Nicola Sturgeon is our best hope. I am absolutely convinced about that. She is probably the best politician that the UK has had since, who?

        Harold MacMillan comes to mind. Not a ‘bloody Tory’ but someone who understood solidarity.

        On a slightly more light hearted note, I thought you might have admired my immaculate French?

        Back to the other stuff:

        My point about the Clydebank Blitz was that they were undefended, apart from a few ack ack guns and that Polish Boat. Whether the UK was stretched too far is at least arguable, but this ship, which has an amazing story to tell elsewhere, protected us when few others appeared to be available.

        Just for information and interest:


        Quite the boat! Quite the crew! Quite the people!

        I am not at all astonished that Clydebank celebrated it.

        Mutual respect, perhaps?

        I wonder whether young folk in Clydebank are taught about that as part of their history classes, or whether it is just another forgotten corner of imperialist blotting paper?

        Who knows?

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        1. D’abord, je m’excuse. Votre français est chouette! Admirable!

          We should be grateful to all the people, all over the world, who fought along side us.

          Some of my best friends are partly Polish thanks to their parents/grandparents meeting Polish soldiers during the war. (Lucky them, they get to keep their EU status).

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    2. I see Leicester fans in Madrid tonight screaming that the Spaniards should ‘F off’. (In Madrid, you’d have to ask, erm, where to?) They are screaming that Gibraltar is theirs and Britain is on a global tour. Nazi salutes and all.

      Great ambassadors.


    3. I’ll second that without a moment’s doubt. My beloved Polish uncle ended up here in Scotland, after many adventures, and fought with the Free Poles – and at the end of WWII, discovered that he was the only member of his extended family in Poland who had survived. A couple of short years after that, and the Iron Curtain came down.

      There is a great cultural affinity between Scots and Poles (and a shared history going back long before Bonnie Prince Charlie’s ma).

      I don’t think I need to say any more at this point, really.

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    1. She certainly sounds like one, Niko. Among my many French friends, I know no one who would disagree with that.

      Fortunately, I doubt very much we will see her as the next president.

      Even if she gets through to the second round, the French who aren’t right wing extremists will club together against whoever, just to keep her out.


    2. I was going to say, Niko, re “Not in a romantic way”, that I hoped the *** was worth it anyway, but then I thought that that would be really, really rude, and decided not to. Polite company and all that.

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    1. Sound like typical French women. Indefatigable in their defence of liberté, égalité, fraternité. Sorry for yanking your chain. I thought it was funny, but it probably wasn’t. 😦

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