8 thoughts on “BIT MORE BREXIT LAUGHS”

  1. Who are we to blame now . The funny ? Cartoon asks.
    Don’t worry their will be plenty of blame to go around,
    It’s the fault of the poor the unemployed the work shy
    The lazy the unpatriotic the unbelievers the enemy within.
    And of course they will need no they must be punished for
    Doubting the greatness of Brexit and Empire 2.
    The brexit (Tiny ) empire will strike back at its enemies .
    God help us ! God help us all (but not Conan )

    The solution to any perceived failures must be more not less
    Brexit faster and better then before . The universe of alternative
    Facts has truly arrived .

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    1. @ Niko: Hello, old thing. People have been asking after you. You shouldn’t go away without telling us, y’know. We worry.

      If it weren’t so serious, for all of us, then it would be funny to see the great British Empire come unstuck, before it’s even begun. Country after country saying … yeah, well, we’d like to help you, but we have this really good deal with. X, or Y, or Z. so unless you are going to fall over yourselves to give us everything we want, don’t let the door hit you on the backside as you go out.

      Davis, Fox, the long-face one whose name escapes me, and even Fluffy for heaven’s sake.

      Don’t forget that Brexit means Brexit; it’s red white and blue and erm… well anyway, ‘rejoice at that news’ as Mrs Thatcher once said when some dubious victory was being announced.


  2. “Who are we going to blame for our problems now?” Well, we all know, don’t we? Scotland. We will become the whipping boy, while they cheerfully remove our resources and wealth and ensure we choke to death, then accuse us of being subsidy junkies. It’s the British way, and they will be aided and abetted by the union flag waving luvvies in the Lab/Lib/Tory cabal while their supporters cheer them on. They have generations of form.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is sadly deluded.

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    1. When in doubt, SNP bad… although I’m told there is a variation to that these days!

      Yes, the ever inventive unionists have decided that on occasions they will say “lentil eating sandal wearing Greens BAD”

      Remember when the Liberal Democrats were the sandal wearers? I wonder if they ate lentils?

      Still under the guidance of the most illiberal leader ever and his puppet, they are more Eton collar wearers and they munch on fois gras!


  3. I was interested in the scientists writing a letter to the Times. There was a time when groups of worthy folk would write powerful letters to the Times and the elites in Government would say, ‘This is important, we must look to see what we can do’.
    There are not those Gov elites anymore, and the UK Government has no real plan on how to deal with the effects of Brexit on science, or any idea of what to do. Three Universities have been guaranteed funding after Brexit, the rest are out in the arctic cold.

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    1. The university sector is hugely important to Scotland, and the students who have come from Europe contribute enormously to the economy. They get money sent from parents in France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and with it, they rent flats/rooms, they buy food, drink, etc etc. Some work part-time in bars and hotels.

      Without them, I’m not sure how Dundee, for example, will be able to sustain two universities.

      Already jobs in academe are going as the future for funding for research is uncertain. This is going to mean the best people going abroad, or not coming here. The future may well be Scandinavia.


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