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Sajid Javid, popularly(?) known as “the Saj” has just announced in a tweet that if he becomes prime minister (don’t laugh, some are even more ridiculous… Munguin) he won’t allow Nicola Sturgeon to hold an independence referendum. (You can laugh now… Munguin.)

Apparently we jocks made a decision in 2014,  and it was a decision that the Tories liked,  so that must be that, presumably for all time, (or as flip flop Davidson said recently, u-turning yet again on a previous statement, for 100 years or so).

Now, we all know the arguments for holding a second referendum, so I won’t over-rehearse them here, but in essence, it comes down to Democracy… you know, the will of the people.

The Yes movement, including SNP and Greens, accepted, albeit reluctantly, that the vote in 2014 went against them. But, being mindful that that vote was influenced by last-minute promises made by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband and for no particular reason co-signed by the leaders of their Scottish branch offices (none of whom would be your most trustworthy types), both the parties that favoured independence wrote into their manifestos for 2016 election, a proposal for a second referendum should Cameron et al, break their promises (as if), or should there be a dramatic change in the circumstances of the UK.

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Just as well really, because Cameron did break promises, there has been a dramatic change in the circumstances of the UK, and they did win a majority.

It’s worthwhile remembering at this point that a firm plank in the U KOK campaign was the argument that if Scotland left the UK it would be unceremoniously dumped by the EU, it would then go to the end of the queue behind Belarus or Armenia and other such places, membership wouldn’t happen for decades if not millennia, and that that would be an utter catastrophe for the country.

But, given that that catastrophe has been visited upon us, despite voting to remain with the UK and therefore the EU, despite us voting 62-38 against leaving the EU, it’s not surprising that the government and the Green Party are calling for that which was in their manifestos to be respected. You know, the will of (some of) the British people that the Tories keep banging on about.

The recent vote in the Euro elections has only confirmed the split between how Scotland and England vote.

As for a vote in 2014 being seen as binding in 2020, Mr Javid seems to miss the fact that he is a member of a Cabinet that has brought back the same legislation on Brexit to their parliament three times within a few months without any circumstances changing, and indeed was proposing to bring it back for a fourth time until the leader of said Cabinet was given a none too gentle shove in the back with the promise of knives to come.

Javid clearly has absolutely no idea of what is going on in Scotland as his tweet continued:

“Nicola Sturgeon should spend more time improving public services in Scotland and less time grandstanding.”

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The Saj seems to be utterly unaware that on virtually every front, figures show that public services in Scotland are far better than those in other nations in the UK. We have more doctors, more nurses, NHS dental care, more police, less crime, better care of elderly, better coordination between health services and social care services, better trains, free university education and fewer problems with prisons and probation services (mainly down to the happy fact that Chris Grayling has been kept as far away as possible from our country!)

All in all, Scotland is a better place to live than most of the rest of the UK. It might have been an idea for Javid to check this out before he opened his mouth or let his fingers walk across his keyboard.

And, when it comes to “grandstanding”… don’t make me laugh.

What about May announcing her resignation but refusing to go until Trump’s unnecessary and wholly inappropriate state visit is over so that she can demit her benighted premiership on what she doubtless thinks of as a high note.

This is a state visit. May did not invite Trump. The queen did. It’s about pomp and ceremony and tra la la stuff. Yes there are usually talks, but Trump might as well talk to Munguin. Any talks she has with him may as well be about the weather or his suntan. A few days after he gets on the AirForce One, she gets in Removal Van One.

Why could not her deputy, Livingstone or whatever he’s called, have run the government side of the affair? May is finished now, never mind in June.

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I’d also remind the Home Secretary that telling jocks what they can and can’t do or have, is unlikely to impress us much and rarely has the desired effect. Although clearly, he is not trying to impress us.

His audience is the mainly English Tory MPs in Westminster and the mainly English, mainly elderly members of his party. So jock bashing sounds like a clever plan.

Anyone think he has got much of a chance?


On the subject of this awful leadership contest that we are all having to go through, even before it has begun, why do all of them say over and over that they can unite the country, but fail completely to explain HOW they will do that when they can’t unite their own party?


I liked this answer to Javid’s tweet from Femi Sorry.

Replying to

Your party threatened Scotland that leaving the UK would mean leaving the EU in 2014, and now you not only want to drag Scotland out against its will, but refuse to let them decide if that’s OK? If you become PM, then as I’M ACTUALLY FROM Bromsgrove, count on me to be a problem.



  1. As the progeny of patents from a former Colony you would think he should know better.

    What was Tasmina called..

    Yes, a coconut.

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  2. OT
    Twitter going viral on some football competition.
    Seems it’s an all english final as reported in the media.
    Thought I would look up the first team members of the two contestants.
    Of 60 first team members there are 6 that are english and most of them seem to be well tanned. The rest come from n the main Europe.
    Must be that Global Warming that’s making too much sunshine in englandland.
    The exceptionalists and unionists can’t see their hypocrisy, untruthful saying that there is no evidence of a requirement for a referendum.
    A week is a long time in politics.
    Scotland, just shut up you’re not getting your freedom, that’s the democratic will of the english tory party.

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    1. When the finalists became clear there was this guy on Twitter who bleated on about how great England was and that football was coming home, again.

      Someone did point out that nearly every player was from somewhere other than England and that the two coaches were also not English.

      If I could be bothered to find out, I think I was probably find that the clubs will be owned by foreigners too.

      But hey, let them have their wee bit of fun.

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      1. Chelsea

        30David Luiz
        11PedroBooked at 56mins
        10E Hazard



        Above the list of the starting 22 players, All seem to be local boys from the London Area.
        No wonder John Cleese says London isn’t an english city.
        Yes let them have their dreams, just like the Scottish teams with their European players.

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  3. “Nicola Sturgeon should spend more time improving public services in Scotland and less time grandstanding.”
    By this he and his friends mean that she should be putting our public services into private hands as they have done in England. This will in their eyes be a great improvement.
    We must never forget that they once told us that the economy was safe only in their hands.

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    1. Well absolutely. Just look at how efficiently water is run, and of course, prisons and probation and dentistry… we could go on and on. Only £9,500 a year for a degree.

      Certainly there is very little profit to be made in Scotland, which, for Tories is hugely disappointing.


      1. Sorry to disagree with your last paragraph tris, but there is great profit to be made in Scotland, first and foremost its people. Who is first in the firing line, literally, when they launch one of their wars. The Scots serving in the British military. And usually, at least recently, against innocent people who invariably get caught up in the conflict leading to yet another refugee crisis.
        That’s not to mention their, continuing to this day, asset-stripping of Scotland’s riches. The tories, and their bedfellows in their attempts to keep us subservient to Westminster disgust me. If we don’t take the next opportunity to free ourselves from this swamp of corruption, lies and deceit, then we deserve all we get.

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        1. Yes, Alex… sorry. I missed out that

          And I agree very much with your last sentence.

          If we stick around for more of this then hell mend us.


    2. Robert,

      To add:

      “Nicola Sturgeon should spend more time improving public services in Scotland and less time grandstanding. Which she could certainly do if she wasn’t having to fight against the lunatics in Westminster.”

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  4. Those Scots who thought that independence was unnecessary and just crazy Nats wanting to stir things up must now realise that handing decision making over to people in another country isn’t a smart idea and will have direct consequences for the money in their pockets and public service provision.
    They may not agree with independence but a big majority of Scots believe that it is up to us to decide and not Westminster,especially Tory governments.
    So……I see trouble ahead for a Tory PM that tries to stop us.

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    1. Apparently Rory Stewart has said the same thing.

      If the others do too, it looks like there will be an impasse between our government and theirs.

      Folk will have to choose.

      There is a majority in parliament for a referendum. If the Brits refuse, I imagine that Nicola would have to resign and see if Ruth could form a government.

      That would be interesting. Because unless the Liberal Democrats, Greens and Labour supported her, she couldn’t. So it would be an election. I wonder who’d win that… Ruth Davidson Party?

      On another one of the candidates, it seems that Dominic Rabb has said that he is “a details man”.

      That’s interesting considering that it took him all his life to discover that the UK was an island and loads of stuff came in by sea from France.

      He also managed as Brexit Secretary to negotiate a deal, then resigned in protest over it. Then he voted for a dea he said was worse than staying in the EU.

      An Ideas Man, huh?


    1. Jeez, if they had politicians up every time they lied, there would be no court time for ordinary criminals.

      I expect that he’ll have been up at Eton with the judge though… so no harm there.

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      1. Yeah well what they get up to at Eton don’t bear 🐻 thinking about.

        That’s were all the HARD BREXIT thing comes from
        Them Etonians like it HARD and rough…


      2. Which might be a good thing?

        Cleaning the Augean Stables comes to mind.

        “the stables in which King Augeas kept 3000 oxen, and which had not been cleaned for 30 years. The cleaning of these stables was accomplished by Hercules, who diverted the river Alpheus through them.”

        Sounds a bit like the solution for Torys and Labour in the HoC.


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          1. Take your pick, all of these run through (or under) London:
            The Brent
            Stamford Brook
            Beverly Brook
            Counter’s Creek
            The Westbourne
            The Wandle
            The Falcon
            The Tyburn
            The Fleet
            Hackney Brook
            The Walbrook
            The Neckinger
            The Effra
            The Peck
            Earl’s Sluice
            Black Ditch
            The Lea
            The Ravenbourne
            and of course, The Thames

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  5. Boris will just use the dugdale defense.
    Backed up with the Lorraine clause.
    Reads as ‘I was just acting like a daft boy and got paid to do it, it was an honestly held view’, ‘And my rich media backer’s to blame’
    Then the Carmichael trump card,’All politicians lie’
    I’ve forgotten to get javid’s permission to post this comment.
    Forgot I live and work in the Last englanland Colony.

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      1. Is this very clever, or very stupid? We are either governed from the bottom or the top, and, on balance, the botton is better?

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  6. Re the “Boris case” – Scots readers should be aware that this is a private prosecution which (unlike Scotland) is very easy to commence. It’ll be amusing and no doubt his “previous” will come out but there will be no conviction, or possibly even a “case”.

    Re tory leaders – readers will remember I was saying it’ll be Rory the Tory some weeks back. Not changing my views now.

    Re Referendum Bill – well played SNP. In any normal country/region the local media would be supporting it.

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    1. I still think Rory is weird, at least because he seems to have no idea where the border is.

      But he will do, I guess. He too has said we cannot have a referendum. Good move for the blue rinses on the southern coast of England. Not so clever here.


  7. Tris
    If an unelected Tory PM refuses a second independence referendum, which they will, then it confirms even to the thickest unionist that the U.K. is not a union but a prison. Now most unionists won’t care as they are not Scottish they are British, certain ones would prefer we were all just England , but it could be the spur that starts to get things moving if the SNP don’t blow it. My worry is the SNP wait and see strategy, I really do think they are all for the Pete Wishart magical 60% nonsense and that won’t ever happen, certainly not without a campaign u defeat but either way I hope the Tories refuse to play ball as in the longer run it can only help.


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    1. They certainly play into our hands by trying hard to appeal to the voting constituency that elects Tory leaders… largely elderly, well off and southern English


  8. Just realised that Mr Javid failed to finish his painting by numbers picture of Thatcher. Must have got bored or had to turn to his crayons to write his ‘not allow’ speech.

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      1. It’s an expressive piece entitled Eleven Years of Scotland’s Misery in a Portrait and having to look at it isn’t nearly as bad as being someone who’d want to.

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  9. Seems we now have number Twelve candidate for the leadership of the tory party.
    ONe Mark Harper, WHO, i had to look it up.
    Ex Chief whipper, had to stand down when it was found he had a domestic helper who was in the country of england without the proper paperwork to not only live in england but to work there.
    Along with another wee expenses scam.
    His credentials are impeccable for being a candidate.
    Again we read that certain members of the house of ermine wearers have managed to remove £50,000 in travel and expenses for atttending every day but never speaking or submitting a question.
    The house of common fools and the house of ermine wearers must have very special job mentors, If it was me at the local job centre, AKA the slave market, I would be given my own specialist life coach. If I don’t take a job at minimum rate they take away any benefits, just to encourage me.
    Time for the place to be turned into dust along with the subsidised food and drink.
    Looks more like we are the fools for putting up with it.
    A revolution will eventually happen just like in Russia.
    The establishment need a good funeral to get some smoke and mirrors, they’ve used up this years quota of weddings and births.
    Aye a good funeral and a week’s national mourning is the doctor’s presciption.

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    1. 12 or them… there will be more standing than voting soon.

      I was wondering why we are having tv debates for an election that 99.9% of us won’t be able to vote in.

      Anyone know?


    2. Dear God, preserve us from another “comprehensively” educated Tory. They’re either zealots or pip-squeaks. Fortunately, this one is “ideally suited to his present position” as those who can influence advancement might say.
      Apocryphally it was said of Attlee by Churchill that “He Is a Modest Man Who Has a Great Deal To Be Modest About”, this could apply this fellow too although I doubt anyone would bother to waste such an elegant line on him.
      On the other hand, he’s not without a certain teflon talent. He was in Immigration and yet despite Windrush and that “go home “ bus… he was in DWP, yet remained sufficiently obscure as to avoid taint. He even managed to turn a broken ankle occasioned whilst pole dancing in Soho into something humanising, giving him character and colour beyond that of the Chartered Accountant that he became after Brazenose where he was tutored in the three most tedious and mundane of mysteries, politics, economics and philosophy. He has neither expectation nor prospect of success, it’s an attention seeking gesture signalling only that he’ll dutifully fag for whomsoever.

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      1. I’ve come to the conclusion that politicians are a weird lot.

        Why would you put yourself out there when you know you are going to be ridiculed and where, as someone once said, every career ends in failure?


  10. Tris,
    I forgot to mention the film, ‘The Longest Day’
    8 DC3 , Dakota, aircraft were at Prestwick last weekend on their way to Normandy for the ‘Celebration’ of D-Day.
    Just wondering if the Germans have been invited?
    So, you can look forward to next week getting the whole ‘FUN’ day, aircraft dropping parachutists, infantry storming the beaches etc.
    Bet they don’t show ‘Saving Private Ryan’, the opening minutes are just horrendous and are just film shot with special effects, the reality must have been a true Horror.

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    1. And what is ever more fun, Mr Johnson and Mr Farage’s mate, Donny, will be there (as long as it isn’t raining or windy… his hair, y’know) to make an inappropriate comment or two and probably fart in front of the Queen. Oh and his 4 children and their spouses will be coming too.


  11. It’s interesting to hear all the bizarre angles (such as randomly turning on the elected government of Scotland) these Tory leadership hopefuls are having to take to make themselves stand out.
    And having to do see without giving mention to Brexit, which will no doubt be the one thing that defines their leadership.
    I think Sajid Javid is unlikely to be leader anyway, so his comments about Scotland just seem like cheap point scoring to win ground.
    Irvine Welsh put it well on twitter, when quoting Javid, he said: “Don’t worry about it. You won’t become PM. Look at who is against you. As utterly ludicrous as it seems, even you aren’t quite big enough of a total fucking twat yet.”

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