Remember Alistair, he was the big beast who was going to sort out the uppity wee Nicola. Aye right!

His best argument here against her was that everyone else was wrong except her so they’d better not discuss it. So a huffy big beast with no arguments and a tendency to erm, lie.

Anyway, Alistair, I note that we voted to stay in the UK , which was what you wanted, and … oh, look what happened. That lot took us out of the EU, just as Nicola suggested might happen, against the will of the Scottish people, expressed in 2016, I’d say much more forcibly than was the will of the British people to leave.

And on Thursday we saw that little of the arithmetic had changed.

Scottish people voted as strongly for Remain parties as the English voted for Leave parties.

Still, Michael Gove or Boris Johnson, or some such person, is going to be elected by a tiny electorate of elderly blue rinse Tories (and that’s just the men) and bring “the country” together, because, god knows, they are such excellent conciliators, all of them…


Sorry, I probably should have warned you not to take a sip before that last sentence.


    1. Forgive my ignorance, living in foreign parts of the EU, but who the hell is Cleverley? I read various online UK media but this one has not registered. Enlightenment please!

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      1. The omniscient Mr Google has brought me slightly up to date. Sorry, Mr C for mis-spelling your name earlier, but can anyone tell me where you’ve been hiding for so long?


        1. Conan: Where the money is good and no one notices a liar, not even one that has been called out by a couple of senior judges after a court case. Westminster.


          1. They’ve been wheeling out Frankoise more and more recently. And that’s always fun because every time he opens his mouth you think “Farage without the charm”!


            1. No – he is Harry Enfield’s Tory Boy but just 20 years or so older.

              As for Clevrly I have seen him on many political programs and he never fails to come over as anything other than a total cretin.

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              1. Probably doesn’t smell like a drunk ashtray too…

                But it’s interesting that he insists on pronouncing his name in a French fashion, but doesn’t use the cedilla which would make it sound that way.


  1. Cleverly, Malthouse et al are not just no hopers in this race, they are Boris’s little helpers, his house-elves. They are only in it to run interference for Boris.

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  2. I can confirm and announce
    My intention to stand for the
    Leadership of the
    Conservative and Unionist party
    Of this United Kingdom.
    My expectation is of the
    Overwhelming support from
    The denizens of Munguins Republic
    ( well why not I just can’t help
    Jumping on every passing bandwagon)

    And I can talk the most amazing
    Amount of bullshite like all the
    Other contenders.

    Oh and my first policy decision
    Will be to facilitate a
    Referendum on
    Independence for Scotland

    (That’s the snp in the bag 😎)

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    1. You get my vote, Niko…

      But aren’t you obliged at some point to say how you will bring the country back together. Everyone else is saying it without giving us even the tiniest hint of HOW!


  3. It’s “popcorn” time again.
    Boris has been summonsed to appear in court.
    And, quite separately,
    Richard Tice is threatening legal action against Alyn Smith for saying the Brexit Party is a money laundering operation.

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    1. Oh… we want a clean fight …

      No, we don;t really. Get your dirty washing out.

      I wonder if anyone dare take that forward… They’d have to be awfully sure that the Brexit party’s accounts were in perfect working order.


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