65 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

  1. 2. A bus of that type used to do the run between Portree and Kilmaluag in the 70s.
    6. Geraldine McEwan – great actress: Jean Brodie TV series, Mapp & Lucia, Miss Marple.

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    1. Lovely ad. I’ve never really noticed, but do people touch their hair as much as that?

      And yes, Fry’s chocolate was/is delicious. I’m not sure but I think they only do peppermint and vanilla now. I used to love the 5 centres and I think that there was an orange one too… mmmmmmmmmm


    1. Maryhill has to be early 60’s as the Austin/Morris J4 only started to be available in 1960, the previous J2 was similar in style.
      The Austin A40 looks like a Somerset, under repair!.
      Note the lack of vehicles in the area.

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          1. Oh I wouldn’t say that, Tris. I’ve spent many happy times in Embra – usually on the platform in Waverley Station waiting for the train back to Glesca 🙂 In truth, I do actually like Edinburgh – but don’t let on to the Edinbuggers!

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    2. So it is but I don’t remember the laundrette.

      To left out of shot was a wee newsagent come sweetie shop where the Irish wifie sold wee hslf tumblers of ginger?

      Don’t think the glass was ever washed. Just as well we didn’t get an outbreak of the Plague as half the kids from Oran Street all the way up to Maryhill Rd would have been carriers

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        1. Of course all these streets have been demolished now and not before time.
          I was born in Rolland Street. Single-ends and room & kitchen houses. Shared cludgies in the common close. No, there weren’t many cars vying for places to park.

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          1. Thing is, people brought up huge families in those tiny flats, didn’t they?

            I suppose if you didn’t have many possessions, you didn’t need as much room, but it must have been a hard life.


    3. I think you are correct that pic 8 is in the part of Maryhill which was completely erased. It is partly occupied by the playing fields at the corner of Queen Margaret Drive and Maryhill Road. It was one of the most materially poor parts of Glasgow. As a student in the 1960s I carried out a survey for the old Glasgow Corporation about the houses in the area. Rolland St was in very poor condition, but Agnes St was appalling. The actual line of Agnes St is still there and it has been renamed Kelvinside Avenue! Shortly after that survey this area was completely demolished and new housing built.

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        1. No, I just had a form and had to tick boxes relating to things like drains, lighting, inside or outside toilets,etc and got a fiver for my efforts.

          This part of Glasgow was originally called Kelvinside, but the story is that when the area which is now called Kelvinside was built, the builders liked the Kelvinside name and some kind of arrangement was made to transfer the name. The area we are in is now called NORTH KELVIN or North Kelvinside (which was the name of the secondary school which served the area.)

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  2. That’s Roy Rogers (Leonard Franklin Slye), the “King of the Cowboys.” He was one of Hollywood’s most successful “singing cowboys.” The most popular singing cowboy of his time was Gene Autry, but Roy probably had the better voice and a long career in movies, radio and TV.

    By 1931, Leonard Slye had moved from his home in Ohio to California and was appearing with various singing groups on Los Angeles area radio. In 1935 he appeared in seven films as Leonard Slye with the group “Sons of the Pioneers.” One of those films was the Gene Autry film “Tumbling Tumbleweeds.” They appeared in at least two more Autry films in 1936. By 1938, Slye won a competition for a singing cowboy who would work for less money than Gene Autry, and he got his first starring role with Republic Pictures as Roy Rogers in “Under Western Skies.”

    Although Len Slye left the Sons of the Pioneers to become Roy Rogers, the group rejoined Rogers is later films. This is a 1937 recording with Slye on lead vocal. The picture is from the 1935 film “Way Up Thar” with Slye at top left.

    In the same era, the young John Wayne tried to be a singing cowboy from time to time. He was 26 in 1933 when he appeared in the role of “Singin’ Sandy” Saunders in the film “Riders of Destiny.” The dubbing of Wayne’s singing voice by Bill Bradbury (son of the director) was less than successful. From the film: “Why that’s Singin’ Sandy…..the most notorious gunman since Billy the Kid.”

    This video is a collection of John Wayne’s dubbed attempts at being a singing cowboy. It starts with clips from “Riders of Destiny.” At 3:00 he sings during a gunfight.

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      1. Tris…..The Sons of the Pioneers had a nice sound. Wiki says that 44 people have been official members of the group over more than 50 years. After the early radio and recording success in Los Angeles, Len Slye left them in 1937 to become Roy Rogers. Then they appeared in the Roy Rogers westerns. From “Rainbow Over Texas” in 1946:

        Ken Curtis (who later played Festus on the TV western “Gunsmoke”) was lead singer from 1949 to 1952 and is in this film from 1949. Hugh Farr sings bass. He played the fiddle and was with the group for 25 years, starting in 1934.

        It probably would have helped John Wayne if the dubbed singing had been in an even slightly appropriate style. 😉 In Rio Bravo (1959), Wayne just listened while Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson did the western singing.

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        1. Love it. In the first one… Hey, fellas we just wrote a song we could use… wanna hear it. And miraculously, even without looking at the music or lyric, they sing it, perfectly, with multi-part harmony. These films weren’t exactly realistic!! 🙂

          I think Wayne definitely should stick to listening. 🙂

          PS How did Ricky Nelson get that bouffant hair style?

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            1. Tris……Loved Petula’s French version!

              It was one of Ricky Nelson’s big hits, but it did even better in the UK and Europe than in the States. It was released in the states as the B side of the record “Travelin’ Man,” and rose to number 9. But in the UK, the record was released on the A side, with Travelin’ Man on the B side, and it was number 2. It was also very popular in Europe where (Wiki says) it was number 1 for 14 weeks in Norway.

              Ricky (later, “Rick”) Nelson had grown up with his brother David in front of American audiences. They were the sons of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, and appeared on their radio and TV sit-com…..”The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet”……that spanned 22 years. Ozzie…..from 1930…..had been an orchestra leader in the big band era, and Harriet Hilliard was his girl singer. They got married, had David and Ricky, went to radio and TV as a real life family sit-com, and Ricky became a rock star. 🙂 Ricky is maybe 12 here…..the younger kid in the white jacket:

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          1. Tris…….Yes, as unrealistic as all the movie musicals were, the singing cowboy movies were even more so. In one scene they would be playing guitars and singing as they ride down the trail, and in the next, be chasing the bad men at full gallop with guns blazing…..LOL.

            Ricky’s hairstyle would surely have been the popular style for a teen idol of the time. By realistic movie standards, he was amazingly miscast as a violent young gunfighter from Colorado…….NAMED “Colorado” of course. But “Rio Bravo” came out in 1959, and he wasn’t cast in the role for any kind of acting ability; he was there to sell tickets to the teenagers. In 1958-59, he was at the top of his fame as a rock and roll star and was selling as many records as Elvis. Dean Martin at the time was fashioning his own solo career……just about three years after his split from Jerry Lewis.

            Rio Bravo was more fun than usual as John Wayne movies go. It’s now highly regarded.

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            1. Yes, Danny. I guess movie makers have always looked for a current favourite to sell tickets.

              I’ve never seen one of the Elvis movies, but I’m told they were absolute drivel but made a fortune for him and the studios.

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              1. Tris…..Yes I’m sure that the Elvis movies were in fact drivel, although they made a ton of money. I’ve never really wanted to sample any of them by video streaming or DVD.
                Compared with modern rock music which is just noise to me, I do like the old time country and blues “rockabilly” sound of the 1950’s from Elvis and Ricky Nelson, etc. (In case the term is not known there, it comes from the old word “hillbilly”….a derisive term applied to country music back in the 1930’s and 40’s, before it had developed a mainstream audience.)


        1. He reportedly went to see the film « Midnight Cowboy » and was so shocked that he announced that he was to return to the screen to give people some wholesome Wetern entertainment. Never heard anything more, though….

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          1. Cairnallochy, Tris……..The age of the movie westerns that made Roy Rogers’ career possible had long since past by the time “Midnight Cowboy” came out…..with a movie code “X” rating……… in 1969. (It was later re-cut with a minute or two deleted, and was awarded a more routine adult audience rating.)

            It’s not surprising that Roy was horrified. He and his wife Dale Evans were by all accounts deeply religious people who believed in wholesome “family” entertainment, like the old westerns they had made in their day. If Roy was serious about returning to the movies, it’s not likely he received any backing for it.

            He was only 19 when he went to California and achieved his first fame with musical groups that became the Sons of the Pioneers. He would have been 58 when Midnight Cowboy was released. He lived to be 86.

            I like this picture of Roy and Dale among the tuxedos and evening dresses at the 1989 Oscar awards in Hollywood.

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  3. One of the worst decisions I have ever made- I bought a 3 year old Maxi in 1974.

    It was a financial disaster- a money pit.

    Gear lever came away in my hand – not very handy when driving.
    Driver’s seat back snapped off -I t was only after that happened that I realised what force was involved to depress the clutch pedal – I had to hang on to the steering wheel otherwise it was impossible.
    Broken Engine Mounting.
    Impossible to go from 3rd to 2nd gear without crunching the gears very noisily.
    Catastrophic leaks which resulted in a mini tidal wave every time I accelerated or braked – a bit reminiscent of the old Portobello Bathing Pool when the waves were on. The carpets had to be dispensed with.
    Numerous engine problems.

    As a concept the Maxi was excellent – unfortunately the execution was a disaster.

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      1. A Fiat derivative, Tris, 124, Lada and FSO.
        Joke is ‘What does FIAT stand for Dad’
        Fix It Again Tony.
        I remember getting into a lot of hot water with these motoring jokes.
        Pal with Ford with water filled footwells as for advice, young son was there. Told him that Ford had forgotten the new mod for that problem, drill holes in the floor.
        Unfortunately a neighbour had a similar car and said lad says to owner, ‘ I see you’ve got a car that Ford forgot to do the mod.
        This was a man who washed the car on a Sunday morning and out it in the lockup for the rest of the week.
        Old joke, ‘ why do they fit headed rear screens on Skoda cars, answer ‘ to keep your hands warm when your pushing’
        Not a joke manufacturer now , Skoda are part of VW/Audi and make excellent machines.

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        1. LOL Yeah, good ones , Dave.

          I once had a test drive in an old Skoda too. Nightmare. But towards the end of that period of wasting garages’ time, we tried a new Skoda, which was a bit like a Golf.

          Very nice.

          Oh and one time we tried a Yugo.



          1. I bought a Yugo in Perthshire in the 80s and decided to head north over Glenshee and the Lecht for a change from the A9. The car was so well-built and heavy, but the engine so weak that I had to turn back, go right down to the Spittal and try to race up to the Cairnwell. I managed it barely but didn’t even try the Lecht. Great car, even though it didn’t have a radio!

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            1. I remember the FSO dealer bragging about how heavy the bonnet was, and I was thinking “in what way is this a real advantage?”


  4. Back in the 50s the old Edinburgh Corporation Transport used to operate City Tours from Waverley Bridge using Bedford Duple coaches as shown here.

    One of the tours was round Holyrood Park via the top road.

    Is have always wondered why these tours were stopped as I am sure they could be popular today especially if passengers could get off at Dunsappie, climb the hill and then board a later bus to complete the tour.

    Lothian Buses still operate city tours but not round the park . Meanwhille there is no shortage of other tour buses from parts far and wide driving round the park.

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    1. First bus is currently undercutting Lothian buses on the tours as a repercussion to the “Lothian country” routes.

      Of course they miss out where I live. Bastards.

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  5. 3 mates and me bought one of those Bedford vans, fir £30, and went to Arran for the Fair. We spent aw wir money and had tae shovel coal tae get money fir petrol tae get us hame. When ever we meet up me and the mates always agree it wis wan o best holidays we ever had. Happy memories.

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    1. Oh yeah, that sounds like an ace holiday. The kind when you just blow everything on having a great time and to hell with the consequences.

      Alas you can only do that when you are young.


    1. LOL LOL. I hear that she is not going to be part of the welcome for him, nor will she attend the state dinner.

      The reason is that she has recently given birth and she will be looking after her kid.

      I suspect that she probably has staff to do that and no doubt could manage a few hours out, but they thought it best to keep them apart.

      What a joke they all are.

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    2. LOL…….It was probably inevitable that Trumpy would get in a flap with the royals on the eve of a state visit. I love the excuse the palace came up with about why she won’t be there to meet the moron from America. Who would have imagined that the royals go on “maternity leave” from royal duties. That’s really funny. She’s SO busy with diapers and bathing the baby and what not. 😉

      It’s always been trouble when an American has married into the family. Such as having a public record of past “nasty” comments about American politicians who come calling.

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      1. The whole thing is rather amusing and, at the same time, embarrassing.

        Like everything else May has done, it has gone horribly wrong. She had no need to invite him for a state visit. Many presidents have never been accorded that honour, and yet, she did it within days of him being elected.

        Anyone with a working brain cell would have advised that she wait to find out just how controversial he was going to be. But no. She would invite him as she rushed over the Atlantic in her haste to be first. Merkel, with much more experience and a lot more intellect treated him with caution.

        And now he arrives while there is a leadership contest going on. and she and her cabinet are lame ducks.

        She won’t be there pretty soon and her cabinet may or may not be reappointed to the same or different jobs.

        He’s endorsed one of the contestants and said he doesn’t much like another one. Like me, he probably hasn’t heard of some of them. Incidentally, it must have wounded Gove badly that he said he didn’t like him.


        Govey thought he was in there, big time.

        Additionally, in an interview in “The Times”, a rather more distinguished organ than yesterday’s interview for “The Sun”, he indicates that he will give Britain a great deal within weeks and advises that they should walk away completely from the EU (and Hwawei).

        He seems unconcerned, while passing his advice, that they need a deal with China and the EU. The UK can’t just deal with America on MAGA or America First terms. All the stuff that ordinary people buy here is made in China from TVs to shirts.

        State visits are about cementing friendship and ties. His intervention in the British political situation of the moment, a situation he doesn’t understand, already incredibly complex and fraught, isn’t really what state visits are about.

        And he’s bringing his extended family to meet the queen. Not that I care, but it is embarrassing for him that he is using her like this, and that the Brits are in such a state to win his approval that they are letting him.

        I can’t imagine that the queen likes him. I’m doubt that Charles does. To be fair he’s more an “Air Miles Andy” kind of bloke. Fat, vulgar, greedy and unprincipled.

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        1. Tris…..Screwed up like Hogan’s goat on both sides of the Atlantic I’d say. 😉 The inclination of Trumpy to interfere inappropriately in the affairs of other countries seems matched only by the depth of his ignorance. Macron must have been amazed when Trump advised him to withdraw from the EU.

          Merkel was in the States last week to give the commencement speech at Harvard. She was also interviewed by CNN.


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