A bit of a mix here today. The cartoons weren’t that great this week and didn’t warrant a whole page (but thanks to BJSAlba for sending anyway), so I threw in some pics of the march and some figures from Marky about the English election results.


CON 3562 (-1332)
LAB 2021 (-81)
LD 1344 (+700)
GRN 265 (+194)
UKIP 31 (-145)
IND 1044 (+606)
OTH 134 (+56)
NET COUNCIL CHANGES: CON -44 LAB -6 LD +10 RA +1 IND +2 NOC +37 #LocalElections2019 #LE2019
Somewhat unbelievably, Mrs May has concluded from these results, a massive shift from Brexit Supporting parties to those opposing it, that the great British public wants her to get on with Brexit. If this were anyone else, you might wonder at her sanity, but in the case of May who has called everything wrong from Day 1, we all know that she is batshit and frankly, why would we expect anything different…?
Dave sent me this pic from the march, but I couldn’t upload it so I found it online. He writes: The picture was taken of the end of the march just after Charing Cross. About 16:00. So this shows around a third to a quarter of the route, just before it gets to George square. I think more than 90,000 people.







As noted earlier we all know that the prime minister is batshit… not so sure about Mundell, who has sworn that no one ever mentioned being thrown out of the EU if we voted for independence. Is he mad as a box of frogs (eh?) or is he just desperately hoping that the Maybot will reward his slavish loyalty with a K or an OBE or something?

!£tory conference
He certainly draws a massive crowd, eh?




22 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

  1. The photo of the Scottish Tory conference is actually a town hall meeting in Minnesota last year – hence the American flag on the left.

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  2. If you thought Theresa was bat shit, here is the Scottish branch Social Security spokesbod telling people to vote Tory for the compassionate treatment of benefit claimants. And you thought Orwell was good at newspeak.

    Incidentally Ballantyne was the woman who said poor people who have more than two children shouldn’t expect child benefit or child tax credits but had claimed for her own SIX children. Yes I said SIX.

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    1. Good lord. What an awful woman.

      She said in parliament not long ago, that she wanted to see government have no part in running the health service.

      Obviously, people like her are entitled to stuff that ordinary people aren’t. It starts with royals and works its way down to the likes of her.

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  3. Munguinites will be aware that I have a particular down on Mundell. The man makes me grit my teeth in rage. So – my evil twin Edward Freeman over on the National made the following comment on the latest Alternative Fact from the man’s mouth, the one about how voting No was the only way to stay in the EU; however, I doubt if anyone will read it because it’s way down the list, so I thought – oh, never mind. (The National article is asldkjfal;sdjf) Here goes:

    “We must not continue to allow Mundell to get away scot free with his constant lies and bad faith. The Scottish Government must take every possible action to censure him publicly, and refuse to have dealings with the man at all in any other capacity than as MP for Dumfries and Galloway.

    If Scotland were independent now, Mundell’s position would be as Ambassador of the Westminster Government to Scotland. If any ambassador lied to us to the extent that Mundell does, he or she would be sent packing, following the rules of diplomatic protocol, in one way or another.

    Mundell must go. He has given us, and continues to give us, far too many instances of his lack of commitment to the truth, and his inability to act or speak in good faith. This latest – and tired, and old – lie alone, that the Project Fear propaganda back in 2014 did not say explicitly, loudly and frequently that the only way for Scotland to stay in the EU was to vote No – is sufficient cause to sever all official relations with him other than as one of the Dirty Dozen Scottish Tory MPs.”

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    1. Your evil twin has a way with words.


      I can’t make my mind up about any of them. Are they so removed from real life that they believe this stuff, or are they thick enough to think that no one will look back and say… “wait a minute”?

      Time the SNP stepped up its rebuttal department.

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      1. It occurred to me afterwards that if Mundell were the ambassador of the rUK to Scotland, he would not be permitted to make political jibes such as his thoroughly disrespectful remark about Nicola Sturgeon’s “chocolate money”. Even now, when he makes remarks like that, is he speaking as MP for Dumfries and Galloway, or as Secretary of State for Scotland? Is he expressing the policy position of the Westminster regime, or his position as a Scottish Tory with no remit from us to speak on our behalf, and – as far as I am aware – no say on our part in his appointment as representative of the UK Government in Scotland? Either way – whether as MP, or as Secretary of State for Scotland – such negative and insulting propaganda mouthings on his part prove beyond a doubt that he is neither a reliable nor even a borderline acceptable negotiating partner with the Scottish Government.

        Mundell should be both renounced and censured twofold – as unelected and unappointed representative of Scotland in the UK Government, and in his (incompatible) role as representative of the UK Government to the Scottish Government.

        Like so many aspects of the UK’s ramshackle bodge job of a constitution, under close and logical examination Mundell and his dual roles make no sense. Just like the man himself.

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        1. It’s only when there is compelling evidence that a government minister has told the truth that there is any likelihood of them being sacked.

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        1. I think Tris has a really important point there – one would hope that the Government or the SNP Press Office would put out press releases in response to all this kind of thing so there can be instant rebuttal. I seem to remember New Labour doing something like that back in the ’90s – and very effective it was, again if I recall correctly.

          Aye, and there’s the rub – who is going to carry those press releases, when State meeja and the rest of the right-wing press practise censorship by omission as their first resort?

          Perhaps the way to do it would be to start up such an office and keep a statistical tally of how many of its press releases are carried in the BritNat meeja vs. the percentages of releases by Conservative HQ and Branch Office are, and the Libdems, and any of the flavours of Labour and the Loose Change Party. Then, after a suitable interval, make a huge effort to get those figures out to cause as many waves as possible.

          Sort of the same thing as tracking the frequency of the SNP’s appearances on Question Time vs. the frequency with which the Great British Public see the Unionist parties.

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          1. You make a good point, Ed. Maybe Keith has been churning out press releases that never see the light of day.

            Efforts need to be redoubled though.

            People actually believer Davidson and Muddle!

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            1. On the subject of people actually believing Davidson and Mundell, and the remark about May being batshit crazy to think that the English and Nornirish (was Wales involved?) local election results were proof that the Great British Public wanted her to Get On With It à propos of Brexit, I noted elsewhere that that Laura Kuenssberg, who I understand is some kind of news suprema or heid honcha on the EGC news editing team or something, expressed exactly the same completely delusional view. Did she mean it? I wonder. But we know the effect such a thing has on the punters.

              What a shower of eejits, blockheaded, blinkered, partisan political hacks and hackettes. What a parcel of rogues, even. As opposed to the merely misled and misguided.

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              1. I’d have thought that even the dimmest of the dim would have seen that when your party (parties) are by and large pro-Brexit, and at the first opportunity to express an opinion through a vote, the public votes in large numbers for anti-Brexit parties, you’d be advised to be cautious about announcing that that means that the public wants Brexit.

                Of course there may be more to it that just that, but I still think caution should be applied.

                Anyway, she’s finished.

                Who is going to be next?

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                1. The poisoned chalice of primeministerhood would maybe have to be awarded on the basis of who draws the shortest straw rather than by the normally obscure processes within the Tory Party, as you would have to be pretty stupid to want to sit in that particular hot seat right at the moment. So Gavin Williamson or David Davis, then, though obviously Leadsom’s a strong challenger. We have to rule out Ross Thomson, however, because he’s a second-class MP by virtue of holding a Scottish seat. Or holding something, anyway.

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