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    1. Yes. She opportuned, didn’t she?

      She thought Corbyn’s crap; his party isn’t on his side; I could go for this and get a fat majority and push through a pile of horror policies I’d just not get through on a slim majority.

      Unless she is very stupid she doesn’t believe her own excuse about having a big majority to give her power when negotiating with “presidents, prime ministers and chancellors”.

      She wo’;t be negotiating at all. It should be David Davis, or whoever replaces him. And neither will the presidents, prime minister and chancellors be negotiating.

      We aren’t leaving France or Bulgaria or Austria. We are leaving the EU. Davis will negotiate with them.

      Of course, she is such a lacklustre politician with a terrible record on actually achieving anything, that she has had to hide herself away.

      Meanwhile Corbyn has been speaking to hundreds of thousands, if not millions all over the country.

      She comes over utterly useless in interviews and when we do catch her talking to vetted faithful she stutters and stammers her way through Strong and Stable government.

      Everywhere she goes there are crowds of people screaming ‘Tories out’. The BBC tends not to cover that.

      Everywhere he goes there are cheering masses.

      Even when she does appear in front of “ordinary” people on the Now Show, she makes a nauseating mess of it.

      I don’t think Corbyn would be a great leader, but this woman is a disaster on speed! And any input that she will have in Brexit will undoubtedly play badly for the UK.

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  1. I may have mentioned this, I hate Tories!😠

    Dean, will be along in a minute saying I’ve just insulted thousands of my countrymen.
    I don’t give a toss Dean, your party are murderers, thieves and charlatans; that would tread on their fellow human, to become slightly richer.

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    1. 2hrs later
      Jimminy you have just insulted hundreds of thousands
      Of your countrymen and clearly you don’t give a toss.
      Shame on you!

      And now just give us one example of a snp MP or MSP who
      Became poorer after being elected ????
      We await your answer !!


      1. Actually Niko, you’re forever saying how you think all Tories are scum… erm… so a bit mystified.

        Not sure that anyone ever really gets poorer by being an MP or MSP.

        Unless they have previously been a doctor or a lawyer or a surgeon or a university professor and they give up their job to become a parliamentarian.

        So probably quite a few in all parties.

        They get paid well but by comparison, someone like Johanne Cherry, Ken Clarke, Keith Starmer could earn vastly more in private practice…

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      2. Can’t give you an SNP one Niko, but there is puir Jim Devine, who was jailed and bankrupted in 2011 for being too greedy…

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      3. I believe Alec Salmond gave his salary to charity! Don’t know if this was his WM one or Holyrood one. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

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    1. tris

      Yes quite right err ! Why haven’t the snp raised income tax
      On the richest in Scotland seeing as they have had the right
      To do so since being in government of Scotland.


      1. Well, for a start they refused to reduce the rate of tax on the people in the middle band, as the Tories have done in the UK. Hence Scotland is being accused of being the highest taxed part of the UK (although when you take into consideration some other taxes, including local tax, that’s not true.)

        I’d love to see the SNP put up tax on people earning over £100,000. I don’t know why they haven’t.

        It may be that they have to pay the Brits to alter the tax rate and that the numbers earning that kind of money make it unviable, or it may be that they don’t have the power to do that yet.

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      2. They have to raise ALL bands simultaneously, this of course you know, as your party through the Smith commission helped make it so.

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        1. I think there are some now powers coming in, or which have just come in. But they are limited. And without some other major tax to balance it it’s a blunt instrument.

          When Mrs Tahtcher reduced the top rates off tax massively, and the bottom rate a little, she increased VAT from 8% to 15% to compensate.

          The Scots have no way to do this.


      1. I used to think Niko was just an idiot. Nowadays, nearly half his posts pass the ‘idiot filter’. The man is in recovery!

        Perhaps, one day, all his posts will pass that criteria. After all, I doubt that 50% of my posts pass the ‘idiot filter’ either.

        Just so’s you all know, I think Theresa May is about to lose this election.

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        1. Niko is no fool. Even if he has a tendency to write in blank verse.

          I suspect most of us make the odd post that makes no sense. Me in particular.


    1. Wow. That was brilliant.

      Everyone should read it. (Language warning).

      I wish she’d stop going on about her strong negotiating position. She is doing that to buy votes from people who loathe her, but loathe foreigners even more. “We want to stuff it to the foreigners.”

      Her mandate for debating Brexit with Brussels is based on a slim majority in two of the 5 countries which participated in the referendum.

      That gives her the right to remove Britain from Europe. Not any general election.

      The EU has made it clear that no matter what her majority in this election, that fact remains. She’ll get no better deal if 98% of the population votes for her and she takes every seat.

      And finally, she won’t be negotiating with presidents, prime ministers and chancellors.

      She may talk to some of them, but the negotiations will be done with the EU and probably by the Brexit secretary and his civil servants.

      Heads of government in the EU have their own countries to run.


  2. One big problem for Labour is that no matter what they promise the Tories will always be back in Westminster to reverse it.
    Another for Scottish Labour voters is it depends on what England votes.
    Right now Scottish Labour are making a manifesto commitment to never vote for a second Ind Ref. So no matter what the Tories do they say to Scottish voters you will need to put up with whatever comes until we get back in power in Westminster for a wee while then etc.
    It’s a new take on the ‘you’re with us or we’ll break your legs’, it’s now, ‘vote for us and we’ll break your legs’.

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    1. it’s a strange negotiating situation, isn’t it.

      No matter what you do to our parliament, our nation or our constituents, we will always vote with you to keep our glorious empire, its intrinsic unfairness, it class barriers, its royalty and aristocracy, and it’s place in the 19th century.


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