n botswana eleph
Come and see a bit of Botswana with us…
n botswana sunset
…Like this old tree…
n botswana 2
…And these hippos.
n dolph
n antar
You’d probably not guess, but this is Antarctica. Climate change in operation.
n antarc
An article linked at the bottom of the page.
n duckling2
Follow me, lads…
N Hallgrimskirkja
Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavík.
n donkey
Are you my mummy?
n koala
Eat your heart out, Sinatra.
N orang3
I found a blanket nearly the same colour as me.
On a rainy day, you’d think they put up a tent around my favourite café.
n willow
n duxckling
We got lost…
Rescued by man, from man.
n lion
Still in Botswana…
Two of them…all played out.
N Nanortalik
Nanortalik, Greenland.
N Skogafoss
Skogafoss, Iceland.
n donk
Welcome to my field.
n heb lambs, domhnall Macsween
Domhnall Macsween’s Hebridean lambs.

Climate change is turning Antarctica green, according to researchers.

Late note. I’ve just seen that

Conservatives remove UK ivory trade ban from their manifesto. Profits antiques trade matter more than saving Africa’s elephants disgraceful!

May they rot in hell for that, if for nothing else.


40 thoughts on “SOPPY SUNDAY”

  1. The walking elephants are nice. But not so nice if they’re walking through your house. So if you are in India, NEVER build your plantation house on an elephant walk while allowing yourself to be distracted by a cholera epidemic. Elizabeth Taylor barely made it out alive, and an unfavorable movie review said “Pachyderm stampede climax comes none too soon.”

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    1. Yes… well, OK. I promise that if we are going to build Munguin a tower in India, we will made inquiries first about the route that elephants take. Munguin is very careful about his garden. He wouldn’t want a pile of clop hoppers walking all over it. Oh no.


      1. I can appreciate Munguin’s concern, and I’m pleased to have alerted him to this danger. Exactly why the British family in this movie decided to build on this location is not all that clear. Particularly when the elephants would appear at the walls at inconvenient times……such as formal dinner parties…..and would have to be driven away by servants with torches.

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        1. Because they were a set of arrogant bastards who wouldn’t ever listen to people who knew better than them, becasue they weren’t English and of a certain class.


    1. Conan……What kind of sick demented person would punch a seagull?
      Sounds like Glasgow is a tough town. I had no idea that public drinking was allowed anywhere in Scotland.
      Do the Jacobites ever get a parade?

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    2. LOL. That was a light casualty list for the OO.

      I do hope that the seagull tells its mates and that the perpetrator can never again sit outside enjoying his Macdonald’s!!


      1. Arm still in a sling, can’t put on a shirt without agony, so I’ve been hirpling round the house like Hugh Heffner without the bunnies. Dogs staring at me with that puzzled look that only dogs can master “when are we getting a walk then…?” Can’t even bloody cook.

        Apart from that, I’m fine Tris 😉

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  2. Conan……what’s the title of the YouTube upload? (Under the video screen.) Sometimes when this happens I do a word-by-word YouTube search and it comes up fine.


    1. Conan……the link worked fine.
      WOW……I see what you mean. Those characters who would punch a seagull for sure!


  3. Lovely -that’s some church in Iceland though. The church of skinny folk? Thanks for putting a cat in and just be grateful it’s not pooing in your garden 🙂

    I really like the orange babies and so much more civilised than our orange men. Yeah I heard about the Tories wanting to decriminalise the ivory trade. A pox on their houses. There really isn’t anything immoral enough for them not to want to try to make a buck from is there! Swines – cos it’s Sunday and I’m moderating my language.

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    1. LOL. Always grateful for that, PP.

      The church does kinda extend on either side of the tower 🙂

      And no, I don’t think that there is anything that they wouldn’t sink to, to make a buck, or to amuse their unpleasant selves.

      That kind of thing makes my flesh creep.


    1. Now, if only they could take up residence and be the first family. I’m certain that much more intelligent policies would emerge. I prefer that brown colour to the bright orange of Trump’s face.

      Still, he pulled off a bit of a coup out in Saudi. He seems to have sold them more weapons on one day than anyone has in the past. Eat your heart out Mayhem.


        1. Credit where credit is due. It will keep arms manufacturers in work and he will have a triumph or sorts to brag about.

          Not so sure the poor people of Yemen will be rejoicing. But he’s hardly likely to be interested in that.

          There he is mixing with royalty, surrounded by tasteless gold stuff.


      1. BTW…..please excuse the fact that I don’t post a “Like” on many comments that I otherwise would. Seems that WordPress won’t let me do that for some reason. Hmmmm….come to think of it, I think we talked about that on the last Soppy Sunday.

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      2. Tris……Yes, I’m sure that the orange faced wonder will be much impressed with the decor of the royal palaces he visits. The White House is pretty plain and doesn’t have a fraction of the gold that his homes have…..much less those palaces.

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