So, this is it. You have until midnight tonight to get yourself registered to vote.

If you don’t, then don’t come moaning about how everything is going pear shaped.




18 thoughts on “YOU HAVE TILL MIDNIGHT…”

  1. Flat numbers in Edinburgh are even more ridiculous than Flat numbers in Glasgow. Hope the registration goes through, but you need a real code to identify your flat in Edinburgh, that you don’t need to get mail delivered, etc.

    Deliberate, or just stupid?


    1. Until parties do U-Turns like today on their policies….

      I appreciate you’ve probably voted SNP but I wonder how many pensioners sent off/filled in their ballot prior to May deploying both barrels to both of her feet, twice (dementia “tax” and no “triple-lock” on pensions) – again 🙂

      Catastrophically stupid doesn’t even begin to cover the state of her/her “cabinet”. Idiots or senile, the lot of them!

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      1. Yes. I think that no one should be allowed to change anything once the voting has started.

        Manifestos should be out by a certain date, and voting can start after a couple of days.

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      1. Knowing Swiss efficiency it was probably in the UK a couple of hours after you handed it to Die Post. On arrival here, in the tender hands of the newly privatised post, it’s probably got lost.

        I love the way everything works in Switzerland. I was once in a taxi with a Swiss mate in Geneva. We were heading for the station when I had to take the 19.00 train for Paris. It was important for me to get it, but we’d left it a bit late and there was a lot of traffic about. It was looking like touch and go that I’d arrive there on time… and it was the last train of the day.

        Without thinking I suggested to my friend that, on the bright side, the train (which had started at Lausanne) might be a few minutes late.

        The taxi driver nearly crashed the car. My friend explained: C’est un Ecossais!


  2. It occurred to me just before the council elections that my old mum had received her voting card but not the postal vote ballot papers. She needs my help to use the system because she can no longer work out the procedure. On thinking about it I realised that the last ballot papers she had received was for the Scottish referendum. I phoned up the number on the voting card and after getting passed around a bit I was told, after veryfing address details etc that the ballot papers had been sent on the 3 occasions. My mum definitely did not receive them because I’ve been sorting her mail for the last few years and would have made sure she got her vote.

    I thought it was a bit weird even though the electoral person on the phone was completely unconcerned. I read some stuff on the internet about some alleged postal vote jiggerry pokerry during the Scottish referendum but this all happened after that.

    She’s only one person and it’s probably nothing and I’m being daft, but just saying.

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    1. You’re right to be suspicious, I think.

      Unfortunately I’d not trust them as far as I could spit them.

      No offence is intended to ordinary staff. It’s the system I’m dubious about.


    1. And she can’t answer a single one.

      I’ve seen excerpts from her TV appearance tonight with Brillo.

      Strong and stable??????

      You’re having a laff!


      1. Best she stay far away from a debate she ain’t up to it
        Wooden insincere evasive and with no discernible empathy.
        Defo not a people person.
        Hence the facial grimaces sign of her being schizoid

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        1. Excruciating.

          She actually reminds me of Gordon Brown. I’m sure there’s someone off to the side saying “smile…try to look like you care”.

          Corbyn and Sturgeon, on the other hand are brilliant with people. People like them. There’s empathy there. Humanity.

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