No, honestly, everything will be just fine

Ah, wait, if we can’t eat our pets… what about our neighbours?


Oh, I say DOCTOR Fox,

What happened to the 40 trade deals you told us you’d have ready on the day we left.

So far, I understand that Switzerland and the Faroe Islands have signed up. And given that you’ve flown around the world 4 times, first class, in the getting of them, I think that’s fairly crap value for money, don’t you?

I’m also rather dubious about the Uk being the 5th largest economy in the world given that the USA, China, Japan, India and Germany are bound to be bigger… not to mention probably France. Certainly, after Brexit, it will be lucky to be the 15th largest…

Unless you count the market in black market food.


I’d say that Nigel Farage’s new party just made a no deal Brexit a lot more likely, given that if the Maybot fails to do what “the British people ‘apparently’ voted for”, ie cut their throats and stab themselves in the heart, then the Tories will lose big time to old Nigel at the next election.

Oh, what fun we are having.

Start stockpiling.



It appears that Theresa May’s government in its incredible ignorance of just about everything was unaware that, unlike in the UK, elsewhere in the world, little countries do have a voice AND A VETO.

Yes, the UK government walks all over Scotland and if she were not dependent on Arlene Forster for her survival, would walk all over Northern Ireland. London ignores Wales. And they assume that other little countries can be ignored too.

But, in the WTO (and the EU) it seems that it only takes one country, no matter how small, poor and globally insignificant, to say NO, NOPE, NON, or in this case NU… and yer arse is in the fire, as they say.

Indebted to Dave for sending me this blog.

Edit 18.48: And to Hutch McPherson for the original article