Jacinda is the Prime Minister of New Zealand.



pizza andy
There’s Andy being honourable again… Hating every minute but too noble to push her away.
Image result for sweaty prince andrew
Ewww, yer all sweaty. No, wait a minute, you don’t sweat! Someone probably threw a drink over you, eh?




She might have added “you pompous ass”!



35 thoughts on “RANDOM THOUGHTS”

      1. Yes Sir, PP! Standing up and 100% vertical, Sir!

        (Glances down) My knees are not knobbly, though one of them must once have belonged to a housemaid. This is not in the least fair, because I am nothing like a housemaid, except perhaps in having a bad attitude, and do not do nearly as much unpleasant, back-breaking work down at floor level.

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  1. It’s so cold here in the upper reaches of Glasgow that the Ross Thomson quote is welcome advice,keeping my hands down my own trouser legs.
    I’m in the middle of a high tech problem.
    A parcel was delivered and signed for yesterday somewhere near where i live.
    It was a next day delivery,due last friday but didn’t arrive until Monday,
    I got the text message that it would be delivered between 15:38 and 16:38.No parcel even although I was in.
    Then I get at 17:00 the message saying delivered and signed for.
    Contacted the parcel company to say it wasn’t me that got it, they send me a GPS map of where it was delivered, you’ve guessed already,my house.
    Contact them again,they now say they delivered it to the address on the parcel BUTT won’t tell me the house number as it’s against the data protection law,but confirm it’s in the street after me saying the map shows my house.
    There are only 200 addresses in the street so someone’s got an early xmas present if they keep it.
    Technology superceded by the pressure on the driver to get rid of it as quickly as possible and a non signature on their wee display,the one I can’t even make other than an X on as my mark.
    Rant over. I know the delivery driver gets paid a pittance for each parcel.

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    1. Dave: What a nightmare.

      A pal of mine willo only order from eBay now. His argument is you can check who the delivery people are with them.

      Often it is Royal Mail and they know the area. Also if they don’t get you in they take it to the depot instead of leaving it with someone else.

      These machines are hopeless. I have a bit of fun signing various names, because, honestly, you can’t read them at all. I’ve been Prince Philip and Donald Trump in the last few weeks… Maybe I’ll be Petula Clark next time.

      The one good thing is that, by and large, on-line retailers do sort these things out…eventually … which is no great deal if you needed the thing the next day.

      Hope you get it sorted soon.

      The ridiculous almost slave labour of delivery drivers is another scandal in today’s Britain (and possibly elsewhere).

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      1. tris

        Well been a long cruise around the carribean and then
        Stayed in Miami but now back
        In the republic

        Whilst sunning on deck struck a conversation. With a lady who told this tale of how at her dining table an Englishman
        Told a Scot the Oil around the UK did not belong to Scotland .

        To which my reply was oh no no no jumping upright on me recliner.

        I know what happened next I said to her she to her puzzlement did not quite understand the rancour.

        Anyway due the furious row staff decided to split the table unfortunately all the tables were full so after wandering about the (massive) dining room they had to all sit back together with the assurance they would sit at different tables henceforth.

        don’t mention the Oil I say to her ever afterwards lol 😝

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  2. All these turncoats flocking to the lib(non)dems, reminds me of the old song …

    ‘… So I lay down in the gutter
    And a pig came up and lay down by my side
    Till a lady passing by was heard to say
    She says, “You can tell a man who boozes
    By the company he chooses”
    And the pig got up and slowly walked away’

    Lyrics: Benjamin Hapgood Burt

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  3. Old Gaelic proverb.
    Aithnichear duine air a chuideachd.

    A man is known by the company he keeps.

    Sweaty airmiles still in the news,what are we missing?

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    1. Well, hopefully, the fall of the house of whatever they are…

      But probably, the right-wing press is using this as a distraction from the farce that is the general election.

      Airmiles is so far down the pecking order now that it really doesn’t matter that they are making a fool of him.

      Tabloid media use royals to sell papers regardless of whether they are lauding or berating them.

      And it keeps the mind away for the buffoonery of Johnson.

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      1. Look, you see, while they are talking about the utterly unimportant idiot, Airmiles, they are spending less time noticing that an ex-Tory p[rim,e minister is doing Labour’s job and tearing this appalling government up for toilet paper.


    1. It’s bloody freezing here.

      But I’d rather go and sit in the grounds of Munguin Tower in short and a t-shirt than watch a debate that will have very little relevance to us.

      Most of what they discuss with be, health, cime, police, education… I suppose we’ll get the die in a ditch speech about Brexit… no ifs, no buts, come what may.

      But we know from experience how much rubbish that is!


      1. Reading that piece I must confess to thinking this was the mood in Scotland before the Darrien Scheme, a brave new world of opportunity was going to open up. Well didn’t work out like that.

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  4. McLeish seems to have just discovered a few things that we (independenistas) have known for some time.
    As an aside,sovereignty is a matter reserved to the people of Scotland,as agreed by Westminster recently and it is for the people of Scotland to determine their constitutional arrangements and not the government of the day in London.
    Westminster claiming the right to determine Scotland’s future and the people of Scotland being sovereign are mutually incompatible principles.

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