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Pardon the language, but Danny and I were laughing the other day about how the evangelicals seem to adore Trump, for all his ungodly ways.

n the end

100 thoughts on “JUST FOR A LAUGH”

  1. Just been introduced to Michael Spicer’s “The room Next Door”, the conservative party political broadcasts. Really funny and well edited.
    On airmiles ,I would love to see Rab C Nesbit read out the words spoken, in the Witness box in court. Bet the Sheriff wouldn’t believe the tale.
    On airmiles again, the Argentinians shot at a large number of Ruk service people,some of whom were on the Sir Galahad and now don’t have the cushy number he has. HE HAD AN ADRENALIN OVERDOSE, can’t sweat now, ptsd.

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        1. We should subject the lot of them to DNA testing (and analyse the DNA of the relevant Spanish royals and Hewitt as well). After all, there is such a thing as the Civil List – and who gets dosh out of that depends on parentage, does it not? After all, if a mother tries to get child maintenance out of the man she says is the child’s father, the guy would be within his rights to demand a DNA test to determine whether the child is actually his.

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          1. I have a better idea. Find them a nice house somewhere in Canada and elect a president…

            Or better still, get independence and invite them to dethrone in Scotland so we can have a democratically accountable head of state.

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            1. That would be my preference too – and the hell with Crown Estates, and let them pay taxes on everything like everyone else is supposed to (and I did all my working life too, though I’m not working now).

              It would do the royals a helluva lot of good to have to live on the equivalent of jobseekers’ allowance and the State pension while they look for paid employment… ain’t gonna happen, but Munguinites will of course know exactly what I mean.

              Them and the BoJos and Rees-Smuggs of this world.

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        2. A good friend who lives near Le Mans sent me a copy of a French site. It was called something like “So you think you know the royal family?”.
          It casts doubt on the father of airmiles and the non marine,published pictures of men in the royal household that bear a strong resemblance to them.
          Along with lots of stuff about the Chookie, sailor and ports.
          I’ll try to find a like to the Spicer site,I just looked for his name and it gave me a few videos.
          Really funny way he takes on the part of the Tele prompter and works with the original video.This is a similar technique to that used by the EBC on the radio,you take an interview and splice in a new interviewer,someone like nicky who wasn’t actually there and produce a propaganda version.

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    1. I wonder what a doctor would make of Fatty Airmiles’ non sweating for 40 years…

      What a complete idiot he appears to have made of himself… Who the hell told him it was a good idea to excuse association with a convicted paedophile, by using the excuse that he was just “too honourable”?

      Utter ******!

      Got a link for “The room next door”?

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          1. Whole can of worms opening up there.
            Dr Hilary says
            “Firstly it can be congenital, which is clearly isn’t in this case.
            Now do we know who his father is because this is a huge assumption by the doctor.

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      1. Michael Spicer

        A whole pile of them love the truss one and the health service non leader.
        Even trump gets it.

        LBC are saying that all airmiles movements will be recorded on the close protection services logs,so why didn’t he use those to prove his case,probably because he couldn’t use them,national security don’t you know.

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        1. What an ar*sehole Boris is. Is it possible that Airmiles is an even bigger one? Pity we can’t treat them like dogshit, put’em in plastic bags and chuck’em in the dustbin of history. Which must be pretty full by now.

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  2. When one of the Great Train robbers was interviewed by police he said that he couldn’t remember being at the scene of the crime but that he was at a Wimpy where he had a burger,french fries,coleslaw,two milk shakes and a cappuccino.

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    1. Well, you would, wouldn’t you.

      He seems to have a great memory for that particular day of that particular year… but he’s forgotten that lassie… well, probably so many!

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  3. The Grand ol’Duke of York
    He had 10,000 men,
    He marched them to the top of the hill
    And he marched them down again.
    When they were up they were up
    And they were down they were down
    And when they were only half way up
    It’s because they stopped for pizza in Woking

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    1. LOL…

      You’d have though with all that marching, and the fact that one would never call his dukeness “slim”… he’d have been sweating like the proverbial pig (no offense intended to pigs) by the end of it… but apparently not.

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    1. PP……Very funny! Imagine the atmosphere at Pizza Express when the news hit. Apparently he’s recently begun sweating again. I wonder if he remembers the date. 😉

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        1. Ed….Yes he does seem to have trouble remembering any details about young girls.On the other hand, that pizza he had in Woking must have been FANTASTIC.

          Exactly when his alibi inability to sweat came back somehow reminded me of a famous line from the Richard Nixon impeachment hearings. Senator Howard Baker famously uttered the now iconic line that framed the Nixon conspiracy issue perfectly, and is now used when any new Washington scandal erupts: “What did the President know and when did he know it?”

          I recently heard it applied to Trumpy as: “What did the President know and when did he quit knowing it?” 🙂

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          1. “What did the President know and when did he quit knowing it?” Danny, along the lines of “paranoia doesn’t meant they’re not out to get you”, and with Nancy Pelosi talking about Trump knowing he’s an impostor who is not up to the job and did not win the most votes in 2016, it occurred to me that impostor syndrome doesn’t mean you’re not one.

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  4. All those evangelicals laying hands on Trumpy!

    From The Atlantic:
    “Because God works in mysterious ways (or, at the very least, has a postmodern sense of humor), it was Donald J. Trump—gracer of Playboy covers, delighter of shock jocks, collector of mistresses—who descended from the mountaintop in the summer of 2016, GOP presidential nomination in hand, offering salvation to both [Mike] Pence and the religious right.”

    Jesus surely guides his every action. (The evangelicals apparently love this stuff.)

    Perhaps it’s just as well that impeachment won’t remove him from office. We would then have Vice President Mike Pence, who is certain that it’s all God’s plan.


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      1. Ed….WELL SAID!
        I know that the Tory leaders all proclaim to be devout God-fearing people and all that, but I don’t know that any of them are so directly on a mission from the almighty himself. For that, you will have to come to America and seek the leaders of the Republican Party. 😉

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      1. LOL… Good one, Tris.

        I’d like to see Boris as a Christmas fairy decoration (that’s for girly swots, letterboxes) on the top of a (necessarily very rigid) pine tree (with needles superglued on), with the top bit stuck right up his [censored] frock. Then there’s that two-faced Judas Gove. He should dressed up as one of Santa’s little helpers and be lowered onto an eponymous chair. (Munguinites of a nervous disposition who do not know the term are advised not to look it up. If they do know it already, then the damage is already done. Obviously.)

        I feel oddly carnaptious, vengeful and filled with outrage this evening, and the charm and attraction of the usual revenge fantasies are no less underwhelming than usual. We know our Hebrews 10:30 and Romans 12:19 read “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay”, but hell, I want some too!

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  5. Here in the States, I didn’t suppose that any news item from abroad could possibly cut through the wall-to-wall media coverage of presidential impeachment, but the Prince’s jaw-dropping BBC interview has certainty done it. It’s even earned him a piece in “The Atlantic.” Now I understand the Pizza in Woking and sweat jokes. 🙂


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    1. Good article. He seems to have done a LOT of damage to the reputation of “the firm”.

      They really need a royal birth, wedding or death to get the adoring Brits crying their eyes out.

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        1. I expect, Danny, that they are hoping that something else will come along to chase it off the front pages.

          Like for example, the debate with Johnson whose articulation puts even Trump in the shade.

          Has anyone asked Airmiles what flavour of pizza he had?

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          1. Tris……I don’t think the flavor of the pizza was part of his alibi……LOL.

            Some of the many comments on the internet that mentioned the pizza joint in Woking referred to “American” pizza, which could be ordered with extra chilis. “American Pizza” is a mystery to me. It sounds like it’s hot and spicy with chili peppers.

            IN America, the great battle is between “New York” style and “Chicago”style pizza. New York pizza being thin-crust pizza, (often with only mozzarella cheese on top) that approximates what southern Italian immigrants brought with them to the city, and American soldiers who returned from Italy after WWII popularized. Chicago pizza on the other hand is something like a deep dish casserole…..generally containing every variety of meat and vegetable imaginable…….with thick crust whose edges curve up and enclose the whole thing.
            We also have the ever popular Hawaiian pizza with pineapple topping. (I think I read that Hawaiian Pizza may have actually originated in Canada.)

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            1. Oh dear, the choices that poor royals have to make… and all the things they have to commit to memory, all the while not sweating. Thank god I’m common.

              As for pizza, I like the thin crust with lots of chillies (which WOULD make you sweat, possibly even if you had a rare condition known only to honourable royalty).

              Don’t tell me that Trump has sold Hawaii to Justin so he can afford to buy Greenland?

              The best pizza I ever had were in Umaga, Croatia

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              1. Oh my goodness – my friends had a summer place in Motovun in Istria. Beautiful. I visited several times when worked within striking distance. Can’t remember I we went to Umag, though I do remember going to the beach (well, shore) a couple of times. Here’s a photie of Motovun. Splendid place. https://is.gd/CMMo7N

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                1. Has to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

                  That path along the shoreline… the pine trees… the scent that stays with you for years. Hot sun on pine needles…

                  Umag… what a special place.

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                  1. It’s certainly stayed with me. Umbrella pines, the smell, as you say – some from the trees, the rest from the pine litter on the ground. (That would be pine duff to you, Danny, I think). Just lovely. I remember feeling incredibly content there, as in some of the best times I ever had.

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    2. For those without a tv licence or indeed outside of the British Isles there is a Youtube of it.

      I couldn’t be arsed watching it… but a mate of mine couldn’t stop laughing when he watched it.

      It’s been a catastrophe, but there, he was warned by the PR people and he, obviously, knew better…

      Ha ha ha..

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      1. Good Lord Tris! Does this guy live on the same PLANET as the rest of us?…..LOL. When his PR guy resigned before the interview, that should have been a clue for him.
        I’d love to try that really memorable pizza at the place in Woking. 😉

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        1. Airmiles is Royal, Danny. That means he knows better than everyone else, and Mater said it was Ok, because she knows all about dealing with the press.

          Aye, mostly pizza is something you eat and forget. I really must make a point of travelling to England for a slice of this magic stuff.

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          1. Apparently even royals appreciate pizza. 😉

            As weird as Airmiles and the other royals are, there are the commoners who MARRY royals, and then begin bitching and moaning about all those horrible press people who want to take their picture and publish articles in the tabloids. My view is that fame-and-fortune-loving commoners who are greedy and stupid enough to marry into the Windsor family deserve all the misery that the press can heap on them. Diana appears to have been the archetype for the women who married her sons. Harry and his wealthy and famous television star wife are now said to be undergoing “stress” as they seek a quiet simple family life. Geeeeze!!

            A pox on all of them! Both the royals by birth who had no choice in the matter, and the commoners who DID have a choice and therefore richly deserve everything that comes with the royal package.

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            1. Oh, I agree completely, Danny.

              If either of them was stupid enough to not know what was coming at them, someone in the family should have explained.

              As for the birth royals, like the lazy tossers, Beatrix and Eugenie, they seem to cope by not giving a stuff what anyone thinks… but then they are the daughters of Airmiles!

              Still, I heard that Johnson thinks that they are all perfection.

              Ho hum.

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                  1. I remember that one. I thought at the time the designer must have done an “Emperor’s new clothes” sort of number on her, expressing his or her true feelings, which the stupid wee [insert insulting term of choice HERE because I might get in trouble for using the one that first came to my mind because it would be terribly, well, offensive on a number of levels] of a princess, along with everyone around her, was too crass to realise was deeply insulting and shaming to her.

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                  1. I heard in the past couple of days on MSNBC that before the revolution, American colonists had started impeaching various officials – presumably they would have been agents of the Crown – for abuse of powers. So, given that the law in the colonies was based on English law, it seems a reasonable assumption that there IS in fact an impeachment mechanism somewhere buried in the mish-mash of law and precedent that the English are pleased to call a constitution.

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                    1. Ed, Tris…..I’d say that impeachment argument is spot on. After all, the US federal law, and the law in 49 of the 50 states is based on the English common law. (Louisiana is the French outlier.) There’s also a Wikipedia article “Impeachment in the United Kingdom.” I’m sure that by now Wikipedia has been folded into the unwritten constitution.

                      Who can forget the impeachment trial of William Latimer, 4th Baron Latimer during the English Good Parliament of 1376? Although impeachment has not been used by Parliament since the impeachment of Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville in 1806, it’s still on the books, and does not require royal assent. The impeachment procedure is documented in the first edition of “Erskine May.”

                      I’d say it’s high time for Parliament to revive the old tradition. 😉

                      Strictly speaking the King is above impeachment, and Charles I declared: “no learned lawyer will affirm that an impeachment can lie against the King.” Cutting off the head of an offender, however popular that once was in England, didn’t make its way into the US federal constitution.

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                    2. Excellent, Danny! Thanks for the info. We here at Schloß Freeman are remarkably ignorant on the subject of English law. We could have looked it up, of course, but are having a severe attack of what the French call paresse.

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                    3. Oh – I almost forgot – maybe the Monarch is above impeachment – William Barr certainly seems to think so – but how about their posteriority? Could we impeach Prince Airmiles? So much more interesting than the usual births, deaths and marriages they come up with for PR purposes.

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                    4. Ed…..Notwithstanding Attorney General Barr’s inclination to extend royal prerogatives and protections to commoners like Trumpy, I see no reason why the British shouldn’t expand the procedure to apply to lesser royals such as Prince Airmiles. Seems fully consistent with Parliament making it up as they go along. 🙂

                      Impeachment testimony does grind on, but it has its fun moments. This is from today’s proceedings, with Representative Maloney of New York grilling Gordon Sondland who bought an ambassadorship to the EU for a $1 Million contribution to Trumpy’s inauguration committee. Sondland is one of the now famous “three amigos” from the Rudy Giuliani Ukrainian operation. Sondland conveniently keeps “remembering” new things as they come to light, while changing his testimony accordingly…..staying one step ahead of perjury.


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                    5. Yes, I saw that – a remarkable moment, and – I’d warrant – unprecedented in history, US history, certainly. It proved as nothing else could that Trump is a fu*cking moron who can’t keep his big mouth shut, who tells lies practically every time he opens it. At heart he’s a low-rent, misogynistic and racist criminal and con-man with a personality disorder or three and a disturbing degree of sociopathy.

                      It’s fortunate he’s so stupid, or he would be really, really dangerous all on his own. The unfortunate thing is he’s stupid enough to be manipulated by Putin into believing any old disinformation sh*it the old KGB man and his Russia-whitewashing and advancement apparatus cooks up. And Putin’s plan involves weakening the US, weakening NATO, and weakening Europe.

                      Leave the question of nuclear weapons to one side for the moment, people, except to note that between them Trump and Putin have between them torn up important parts of the nuclear non-proliferation regime between them and trashed decades-long arms-control treaties.

                      Trump is living proof that Dunning and Kruger can be so, so right sometimes.

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                    6. Yes Ed…….Excellent description! Trumpy is surely a poster boy for Dunning-Kruger. He still seems not to realize that the summary of the phone call that he insisted on releasing in order to clear himself is the most damning evidence against him. 🙂

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                    7. Tris, paresseux? Or even, Tris paresseux? Not a bit of it! Were it so, Mr. Munguin would have reduced the munificence of his remuneration long ago!

                      I assume Mr. M. has heard of the living wage, Tris, but like other Munguinites I am not convinced that he actually believes in it, or no more than he does in other such monstrous interferences in the labour market and impositions on long-suffering employers.

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  6. Allison’s Restaurant “Now serving toast” reminds me of my own and only trip to John O’Groats years ago.

    On a blackboard outside the shop and restaurant stood a blackboard proudly proclaiming:
    Today’s Special
    Tea or Coffee

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    1. Some older Munguinites must surely remember the days when getting a meal in a restaurant during the day, particularly on Sundays, was a very chancy business – those were the days when you might see a sign on the door of an eatery that said “Closed for Lunch”.

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