Tories with a truck claiming the SNP want you to pay a car park tax

Well, and maybe you could say, opportunists, chancers, amateurs, third raters?

And while we are on the subject of the third rate opposition in Edinburgh…

Telt, again?


Bonus Pic:

26 thoughts on “WHAT MORE IS THERE TO SAY?”

  1. I could almost write a book on the “workplace car levy” stuff….

    For a start it began way back in the 1990s when Boots wasn’t owned by an (allegedly) asset stripping group engaged in systematic tax evasion over several decades/continents. I choose my words carefully but I have no insider knowledge.

    Way back then tens of thousands worked in and around that area & it made perfect sense to “resurrect” tram lines which were in most cases still in place.

    So (somewhat belatedly as it happened) the workplace car levy went into place & there is a publically owned tram network which works.

    Not sure anyone is proposing that – or improved public transport (not private) for this?

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    1. NB – I’m talking about Nottingham which has the only (enforced) parking levy I’m aware of in the “UK”. Most other businesses appeal their business rates and end up paying the same…

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        1. You can say what you like about them (Notts people) – including being the strike-breakers in 1984 which they were – but they successfully resisted the deregulation of buses* & now have the only publically owned rail (tram) network in the UK….

          *unlike everywhere in Scotland AFAIK?

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            1. Full of hoodies? πŸ˜‰

              Nottingham public libraries are the only other major library network apart from Edinburgh to use the Library of Congress system rather than Dewey in the UK. That’s about my knowledge of Nottingham.

              This is for Tris and Ed, who can probably understand it.



        1. Aye I saw that as well Tris.

          Apparently it is to be called the Ian Austin party with Ian Austin as party leader. The party has someone called Ian Austin as their press secretary as well. πŸ˜‚

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  2. Wonder if carless jackass thought that parking his Adtrailer across 3 parking spaces was a great idea.
    Was he in a companies car park or a public, my understanding is that the car parking charges are for companies to be charged for the spaces and to pass on the charge. Correct me if I’m wrong , please.
    A Discretionary charge levied by local authorities on companies.
    Seems carless jackass might be worried where he’s going to park his trailer, he certainly didn’t solve the closing of the local post office in his constituency even with the help of the local MP, P. Masterton, the erstwhile supporter of the WASPI women, Oh, that’s still ongoing.


    1. This campaign of theirs defeats me. And the half wit Kelly has made another ass of himself over it, given that it was already in the Labour
      manifestos for Glasgow and Edinburgh.

      Are any of them possessed of a functioning brain cell?


  3. The main,if not only,purpose of the Unionist party(s) in Scotland is to oppose Scottish independence.
    That is why people vote for them.
    To that end,they will say and do anything.

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