32 thoughts on “ALL OUR YESTERDAYS”

  1. The squaddies marching are the mighty Cameronians getting the freedom of Motherwell.
    They were part of the British Army Of the Rhine in the cold war and there are many legends about them. It all started, as legends do, with the drink. A squaddie was stabbed one night in a fight in Minden. The next day senior NCOs mustered the men and basically gave them licence to retaliate, which they did at length. Many young German men were beaten and Chinese whispers elevated it to another sack of Magdeburg, including a story about them trying to poison the water supply.
    Of course the German press made a meal of it calling them “Giftzwerg”, translated as Poison Dwarfs since many of the west coast regiment were smaller than average, and – of course – it was taken up by the British press with all the faux horror that they can master, which probably helped their selection for disbandment.

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  2. I’m looking at the austin 7 advert…and the lady driver!
    Austin made a bit of a virtue out of the simplicity and ease of driving of the “baby” to market it as suitable for women to drive.
    Driving past the “Walker” family, they do look like a smug bunch though…right down to the pun of their personalised number plate!

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  3. From Blue Highways 40 plus years ago

    A ”dwindled man” in a bar in Bagley, Minn., complains to Mr. Moon about baseball announcers. ”Velocity,” he says. The announcer refers to a pitcher’s velocity and a runner’s ”good acceleration,” but ”this is a baseball game, not a NASA shot.” In California, a very old man in a large camper says he refused to put in any television computer games to entertain his greatgrandchildren. ”Those kids,” he says, ”won’t have anything unless wires come out of it. If I ran an extension cord down my pantleg and let them plug me in, then they’d believe they had a real greatgranddad.”

    So true


    “there is no new thing under the sun.”


  4. “Sailor Beware” was released in 1952 and was the fifth of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’s 16 movies for Paramount. That was the same year of a telethon for the US Olympic team hosted by Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. The early TV show was a testament to how awful big stars can be when they appear onstage with no material and no rehearsal. Jerry was always a jerk, and his antics prompted Bing Crosby to leave the stage and refuse to return. He was apparently concerned that Jerry would pull his toupe off, and it’s often cited as the beginning of a lifelong feud between the two men.


    1. LOL I know that when he teamed up with Dean, Jerry was thought to be the “star”, and when they parted, because Dean could no longer stand him, it was assumed that Dean would disappear and Jerry would survive.


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        1. I seem to remember from my childhood that sometimes in Edinburgh there was the strong smell of hops and malt.

          I wonder what happened to all these breweries.


          1. Holyrood is built upon McEwan’s, there are flats built upon Tennant’s Roseburn brewery; Drybrough’s was at Craigmillar, a bit far to smell, but that is gone too.
            You still get the smell of the mash from the Fountainbridge brewery though Tris. Caledonian 80/- and Innes & Gunn amongst others.

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            1. Also at Craigmillar – Deuchars, Murrays, Mclachlans – elsewhere in Edinburgh – Campbell Hope & King, Bernards, Steel Coulson not forgetting Fowlers of Wee Heavy fame at Prestonpans.


    1. It’s a Scarab, i.e. Scammell Arab, the successor to the Mechanical Horse.
      These were in use from the late 1940s right into the 1970s. Mostly used to transport goods from railway depots to their final destination.

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  5. In conversation with a relative, an avowed “Leaver”, the subject came up of the major car manufacturers leaving the U.K.
    “Let them all go he said. We’ll build our own”. Maybe he was referring to pics 4 and 5.

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    1. LOL.

      This is the problem. People really don’t know about these things.

      Like a friend of mine (who should know better, what with being a lawyer) said that everyone would want trade deals with the UK.


  6. That car shown on photo 5 looks as though a sedan chair has a new use. Those chocolate bars – very yummy indeed. Fairly Liquid – she hardly ever buys – she shoplifts instead.
    Here is a crisp commercial –

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    1. LOL @ the advert!

      It was actually an electric car, and Dave says that it was favoured by Mrs Ford, who was obviously very much ahead of her generation pollution wise.

      I thought it was a doggy slogan ” I hardly ever buy it”


      1. You can tell the little car is electric as it has no radiator, hence the strange-looking smooth front. Mrs Ford probably favoured the electric buggy as it was easy to drive – you just put it in forward and pressed the pedal- compared to the notoriously difficult to drive petrol models of the early motoring era. Hand-crank starting, cone clutches, crash gearboxes – how did they ever sell them?
        Second bottom pic is Ron Wycherley a.k.a. Billy Fury.

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