Un saut dans le vide

It seems a bit obvious to me that what Mayhem is doing by refusing to hold any vote until halfway through January and by announcing that companies should prepare for no-deal Brexit, is her trying to scare politicians into voting for her half-arse crappy deal because, in the kind of turnabout we have come to expect from her, it seems that a bad deal IS in fact, better than no deal.

!!!!!!promises proises

Soooo, David, I guess you were forgetting about the utter chaos that Brexit has caused?

And Mickey, is this the path that we chose?

John, pa gardiau oedd yr oeddem yn eu dal? Jokers? Give us a rousing chorus of “Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau”… oh no… I forgot… my bad.

Aye, DOCTOR Liam, so easy that you’ve managed to make an arse of it?

A better trade deal; that we have at the moment? Maybe you could explain how that works. Did you go to Hogwarts by the way?

Gerard, old thing? Did Tommy tell you that? You’ve been had. It was probably the tea that did it. Most Europeans prefer ‘un café’. PS, how’s the party membership going, by the way? Down to single figures yet?


Still, you may not be able to eat them, but they sure do look pretty, even when you’re very very hungry.


Oh yeah, and how about this?

24 thoughts on “Un saut dans le vide”

  1. If this attitude towards Scots was just a few rogue Tory nutter MPs you might just accept it.
    But when it is British government policy that is an entirely different matter.
    They only want us Scots to send them people who will do their bidding and what they have been openly doing and saying is that they will punish Scotland for not complying with this order.
    Scotland can only have representation at Westminster that is approved by the English elected government of the day.
    Despite the utterances of anti EU people,there is clearly no comparison between England’s union and the European Union.
    Scots must decide where our political and cultural wishes can be best expressed.
    Europe or London.

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    1. I don’t know how they take it, our Scottish MPs.

      Skinner wants them put in their place. Soames says go home to Skye… and a while ago was barking like a dog at Tasmina? Someone had a go at Mhairi because she’d been eating a KitKat from her pocket and her fingers had chocolate on them…

      These people are weird.

      What are we doing amongst them?

      I’m beginning to think, given that they pay no attention to us whatsoever, we should probably just leave them to it. I mean they are making such a good job of it, aren’t they?.

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  2. Despite the temptation to let it rip, it behaves us to keep our powder dry and trust that our Independence Party are in the know.

    However, we as individuals and organisations are obliged to put matters into action to convince the unconvinced in readiness for the starting gun

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  3. At the next outrage… I see it all coming to a head very soon now. SNP MPs should walk out, and stay out this time. Scottish Government should just get on with the job of doing what is best for us, and let the Westminster regime take the SG to court if it likes. They’re bound to commit even more outrages in the coming days – best for us if Holyrood ploughs on and ignores their rubbish, says “see you in court” – and for God’s sake, play up the sovereignty card.

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  4. “Is there anywhere in the world that isn’t laughing at the British right now?” the cartoon asks.

    NOT if they want to laugh at any actual footage of what is going on in Parliament!

    This cartoon might have been a perfect segue to a clip of John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” program on HBO last night, which had a satirical piece about the parliamentary proceedings involving Brexit. Sadly, the humor turned off-color as Oliver (and HBO) frequently do. Therefore I can’t post it for MR’s family-friendly and orangutan-friendly audience.

    However, the humorous point of the piece was that Oliver could not actually SHOW the footage from parliament because that would be banned in the UK, and therefore could not be shown there by HBO. I was horrified……..HORRIFIED do you hear! I knew of course that compared with the shining constitutional example of the USA, freedom of speech and press is something that the UK government has never really supported for the British people and press. When someone takes a naked picture of one or more of the royals for example, we must depend on the American tabloids to publish it. Pictures of naked royals are banned in Britain. In an earlier era, American newspaper accounts about Edward VIII playing around with Mrs. Simpson were banned in Britain.

    But we’re not dealing with the abominable monarchy here. We’re talking about Parliament! This is censorship on quite another level. The politicians don’t want to be laughed at? Really?

    Americans in the 18th century found that English Royalty AND Parliament are insufferable autocratic prigs who ignore petitions for redress of grievances. Since the violent American solution of 1776 is no longer acceptable, good luck with getting Parliament to reverse this outrageous policy anytime soon.

    This has been going on for a long time. From a Jon Stewart “Daily Show” incident in 2011:



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    1. I saw the Oliver piece on Twitter… It was hilarious.

      Frankly it’s been a comedy these last few weeks….even more than normal.

      I’m at the stage where if the SNP and other Scots decided to walk out of parliament and return to Scotland, I wouldn’t blame them.

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      1. Tris, did you say it was Soames who shouted “Go back to Skye” yesterday (18/12) when Ian Blackford was called on to speak? As in barker at Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh?

        I wonder… SNP put forward a motion to send the Scottish MPs home? Make the Soameses of the world kick them out so they would actually have to come back to Scotland and do what the Irish MPs did when they went back to Dublin and set up their Dáil?

        After all, the Scottish MPs have already been reduced to second-class citizens, sent half-way home, if you like, thanks to EVEL. EVEL, let us remember, was supposed to be payback for Scotland having devolution – and They are taking devolution away from us. I don’t recall the Tories ever mentioning EVEL before the 2014 referendum, do you? Did I miss it, which is always possible?

        I really, really hope that we get an announcement from the First Minister in the next few days. My poor, frazzled brain can’t take much more of this.

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        1. To be honest, so do I.

          The devolution settlement in itself seemed to be an acknowledgement that NI, Wales and Scotland were lesser countries and needed some sort of assembled themselves because Westminster was all about England.

          Each country should have had an assembly/parliament and Westminister could have served as the place where everything that wasn’t devolved was taken care of. Of course, that was hard to do because all the different countries had different levels of autonomy and in the case of Wales, to begin with, there wasn’t much to devolve.

          Instead of setting up an Engish assembly the thick Eton Boy came up with EVEL

          It effectively means that a Scottish or Welsh MP would never make the highest office.

          He or she could not vote on most of his /her policies.

          A massive change in NHS, Education, law and order… the Scottish or Welsh PM would be banned from voting.

          Northern Irish MPs never have that possibility, of course.

          When those at the top start calling the union “precious” and mentioning it 3 or 4 times in every speech, you know it’s coming to an end.


  5. The full speech by Ian Blackford, opening the SNP’s emergency Brexit debate, is well worth a listen if you’ve the time. Makes you proud and really shows up the English parties, both Con and Lab. Watch it here (starting at 10m18s) :

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