So, let’s see if I got this right. They aren’t going to use the army, but they have 3,500 personnel on standby. Presumably for absolutely nothing? Good use of personnel, guys, and given that since you outsourced your recruitment to Crapita, you can’t get anyone to join, what are you going to do? Ask the Chelsea Pensioners?

The worlds biggest buyer of fridges for storing medicines?  They are storing drinking water (in fridges)?

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(We have plenty of that in Scotland! We can do a reasonable rate if you buy in bulk.)

But this roaster says …you’d expect any responsible government to do take these steps.

I tell you what I’d expect a responsible government to do, matey.

I’d expect them to have prepared for a no vote before the referendum. What kind of idiots would have failed to consider that they could lose? Oh yeah, the over-privileged Eton Boy, David Cameron. ‘Nuff said.

Having lost and not having done ANY preparatory work, I’d have expected them to NOT trigger Article 50 until they had a collegiate response to the situation, you know, something like a realistic plan, maybe that they could put forward to Europe.

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I’d have expected a responsible government to NOT have a General Election (breaking the fixed term parliament act) and then go on to lose their majority.

I’d have expected them NOT to bribe, of all parties, the bloody DUP, with £2 billion of OUR money to get them to keep the hapless prime minister’s incompetent backside in Downing Street. Lord knows, she was useless enough before she tied herself to that bunch of extremists with their blood red lines.

I’d certainly NOT have expected them to still be fighting like cats and dogs amongst themselves, never mind any of the opposition parties, and never mind the EU negotiators, with fewer than 100 days to go before we drop out by default, over the edge of a cliff.

I’d expect them not to take a Christmas holiday while this crisis was happening. If they have to sit in parliament on Christmas day, tough cookies.

No deal is better than a bad deal

I’d expect them not to wait until the middle of January to bring back the delayed proposals, (which were definitely going to be voted on last week, you’ll remember) to parliament, you know, once they’ve returned from skiing in Megève or sunbathing in the Maldives, and blackmailing their own MPs to either vote for them or crash out into oblivion.

I’d have expected a responsible government to have behaved like a responsible government. But I’d have expected it with realistically very little hope. They told us that no deal was better than a bad deal, and the bad deal they have negotiated is now better than no deal? Only in Toryland.

So it is a HUGE surprise to me that, far too late, they are facing up to the fact that they may be about to bankrupt us all, and split their party… and that they have started taking emergency power to themselves.

Although, frankly, the thought of morons like them having any kind of emergency powers and what they might do with them, scares the s**t out of me.

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    1. P.S. If Anna Soubry means it, it might prove that not all Tories are beyond the reach of reason. It’s only a pity she’s just one of 317 – and that one of the rest is Mundell. I wonder if Soames thinks Mundell should go back to Dumfries & Galloway?

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      1. I imagine that Soames does think that Mundell should go somewhere. He probably isn’t sure where. Come to that, no more am I.

        I doubt Ms Soubry is alone…she mentioned a few others.

        I wonder what Tory voters are saying. Not knowing any, I can only imagine.


    2. By the way, the hapless chappie in the video is called Chris Heaton Harris. He’s some sort of Brexit minister, maybe even the Brexit Secretary by now. Who knows? Or cares? Life moves fast in Mayhem’s cabinet.


  1. Around my neck of the woods, we’re meant to have an expression that goes “Calm down, calm down!” The best way of having a nice Christmas is to think about well-meaning people like us in the United States and France. Democracy is a process, not an end-state, and it is becoming clear that internationally elite groups have used discontent linked to the Great Recession to implement a massive divide-and-rule strategy. We can either wear yellow jackets on the streets or eat over-priced sprouts at home: either way we must not be too irritated by the incompetence of the divided British ruling class, therein lies our best hope of progress.

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    1. Much as I agree that there are well-meaning people resisting fascism, white supremacy, and general right-wing thuggery worldwide, I don’t buy your “internationally elite groups”, CCC.

      There’s been a great deal of meddling in countries’ internal affairs through the use of social media / propaganda, most of it, currently, from Russia, which is, let us remind ourselves, a far-right kleptocracy with a decades-long mastery of propaganda techniques. I have been a student of Russia and things Russian all my life, and also of modern European history, so I am instantly suspicious of attempts to blame shadowy international conspiracies – whenever I hear one mentioned, I instantly think of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (, among other things.

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      1. I’m not talking about a conspiracy- I’m talking about how Trump, May, Erdogan, Putin etc. all manage to manage their populations in line with their not so dissimilar nationalist agendas- I don’t see that your “instant suspicion” is justified- especially when the United States has meddled in democracies for decades. I don’t think studying Russia (interesting and educative though that may be) should provoke instant conclusions…

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  2. And don’t forget a responsible opposition would have pointed all of this out and OPPOSED it while it was happening.
    One of your best pieces, Tris. Thank you.

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    1. The Loyal Opposition should also have secured a meaningful parliamentary vote on the terms of Brexit. They didn’t. It took a member of the public , Gina Miller, to get that .

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  3. Scottish YES TORIES

    10h10 hours ago

    #BREAKING All British army leave cancelled from April 1st.
    Now, what does that suggest the UK government have in mind . . . Hmm? @ScotTories @BBCNews

    I have just seen this. Soooo Mr Heat -on-Harris. You’re not planning to use them but they have had all leave cancelled?



  4. England’s new football anthem.
    Pensioners are coming home (instead of football).
    Apparently a no deal Brexit means 1m expats will be returning to Blightey to blight England’s public services.
    Ho ho ho.

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    1. Just as all the doctors and nurses leave. Bravo.

      Stupid woman seems like a bit of a compliment given how incredibly incompetently she’s running things with her pet Eton boy adviser.


  5. The Christmas Story from the future.
    Long ago, about 4000 years, when King Charles ruled England(now part of Eurasia), the angel Claude told a vision to a youngish woman who lived in the northern town of Watford. The silly woman’s name was Theresa and she was engaged with Jeremy every Wednesday.

    The angel Claude said to Theresa: ‘Peace be with you! Jacob has blessed you and is pleased with you.’ Theresa was very surprised by this and wondered what the angel meant. The angel said to her ‘Don’t be afraid, Jacob has been very kind to you. You will become infallable by the Holy Spirit and give birth to a Brexit and you will call it DealorNoDeal. It will be Jacob’s own and his empire will never end.’ Theresa was very afraid but she trusted Jacob. ‘Let it happen as Jacob chooses.’ she replied to the angel. Claude also told Theresa that her friend Elizabeth, who everyone thought was too old to have children, would have another benefit scrounger whom Jacob had chosen to prepare the way for DealorNoDeal.
    Theresa said goodbye to her friends in Westmonster and went to visit her cousin Elizabeth and her husband FiltheGreek at Windsor. Elizabeth wasn’t happy to see Theresa. She knew that Theresa had been chosen by Jacob to be the mother of his Brexit. Angela angel had already told FiltheGreek that Elizabeth’s scrounger would prepare people to welcome DealorNoDeal. He was to be called Billy to help out the DUP.

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  6. A vain vacuous (sorry nebulous) woman.
    What are the Tories and their press pack getting so exercised about?
    Is it the assertion that she is a woman,or a nebula/vacuum or possibly that she is stupid?
    Or possibly all of the above.
    Stupid people.

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  7. Tris
    They would never do a deal on water, they would just change the Scotland Act, put it under the control of Mundell the Governor General and take what they want as the yoons clapp and cheer as they did it.

    Bunch of b

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