Let’s see if I can get this right.

The Daily Mail told us that Brexit was a good idea. It even seemed to go along with the notion that we should get £350 million a week for our health service. This picture was taken from the Mail.

Image result for brexit bus, daily mail

So with all that extra money that we will have to spend as of the 29th of March, why on earth would we need to have volunteers. Surely we will be able to pay people to work in the NHS.

If we get volunteers to do all the work, what will be done with the £350 million a week that is coming as what Mrs May calls the Brexit bonus? I mean there are only so many royal palaces we can do up, and we’ve already set aside the money for Buck House and the Palace of Westminster so that our royals and MPs and lords should be housed in a fashion suiting their own sense of magnificence.

I suppose we might just put the dosh toward the HS2 railway line from London to Birmingham, which seems to have fallen flat on its butt, along with Crossrail in London. (You’d have thought that all the sneering they do about Scottish projects, they might have managed to get their own projects finished not too much over budget and not too late.)

Anyway, if you have any suggestions as to why we should seek to recruit volunteer nurses and doctors, porters and cleaners… please let me know. Maybe it’s something they did in the war and they hope it will work in the wilderness that is Brexitland… I don’t know.

But if I were a retired brain surgeon (which I’m not), I’d make sure they didn’t know my address, otherwise, I might find myself volunteering for 60-hour a week shifts for not a penny piece, while we punch on above our weight.

To replace the EU nationals that this Tory Government is driving away after Daily Mail campaigned for

Oh look, Phillippa has come up with the answer while I was out for Munguin’s milk.

You see, it doesn’t much matter how much money you have if all the staff are leaving and you have no one trained to replace them… so maybe you will be having your x-rays read by auld Mrs McTomshie fae doon the road. I mean she was good on the tea leaves!

Did someone say Brexshit?


  1. Maybe the Dowager Duchess of Kilmabudgie could organise a working party and instruct the villagers’ ladyfolk to bake crumpets for a garden fete to raise money for Dr McLetchie’s Cottage Hospital and Oncology Unit.
    I’m sure I saw that on the Tories’ party political broadcast, Downtown Abyss.

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    1. Sadly, with the passing of Dr. McLetchie and the ever-increasing workload, the Cottage Hospital has been redesignated The McLetchie Memorial Triage Centre and Dressing Station and will be relocated on the vacant site adjacent to Kilmabudgie Cemetery. The Centre will operate on a first come last served basis for deserving cases on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays in every second month. Why not volunteer to help out there – bandages, bedpans and scalpels provided!

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      1. It’s encouraging to see that the populace is taking an active part in this Daily Mail project for the benefit of the poor. Clearly the rich will still fly out to Switzerland for their treatments.


  2. Aye bring your own bed and bedding, remember the picnic lunch and maybe something for your tea.
    The O’Toole interview has some great one liners.
    The rise of English Nationalism.
    The school playground fight between Cameron and Johnston.
    Brexit is a second referendum.
    Geography is deafening.
    Brexit is the Italian job movie ending, the Bus is overhanging the cliff.
    His solution is that the World should let England win the next World Cup, that will solve the playground type leadership we have.
    Our so called media have so sown their own downfall by Spin and lies they deserve all that’s coming.
    When are we going to get a reasoned political commentary in our media, never.
    Maybe the only short time solution is the change to federalism, the setting up of an English Government at Westmonster and a new Federal Government built in a neutral part of these Islands.
    In the meantime roll on Indepenence for Scotia.
    Thanks for the lovely card Nicola, well appreciated in our household.

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    1. Yep, I got one of these too.

      Thanks, Nicola.

      I see all the good Torie were out as if one person yesterday getting themselves a photo op with Tesco’s , showing what wonderful caring people they were by making a small donation to food banks. Funnily, all on the same day with the same sort of picture and more or less the same text. I mean if I were a sceptical sort of person, I might think that it was some sort of planned exercise and that it had originated in an instruction from No 10.

      Last week I read about a shortage of some drugs as companies begin their stockpiling in anticipation of March 29. Today, I heard that there is a shortage of feed for livestock for the same reason.

      So it’s 4 months away and already it’s affecting our lives.

      Still never mind. It’s Christmas (and has been since August), so, to quote Viv Nicholson, ‘spend spend spend’ and let’s all be merry and jolly and whatsit and give our families the best Christmas ever…

      And don’t forget to volunteer down at the hospital so that we can use the Brexit bonus to build Prince Airmiles a new yacht.


      1. Jodie ن


        Interesting thread…I’ve been to 4 pharmacies so far this weekend & have been unable to get my medication…Jodie ن added,

        So. This happened today. My lovely gorgeous son went to get medication he needed today from the pharmacist. It’s a relatively new regime so he’s been talking to the doctor about dosages etc. The pharmacist told him they were running low on most things because of #Brexit, and 1/
        Show this thread

        Nov 30

        They wouldn’t have any of his medication till at earliest Monday. Which means my son will have to take less over the weekend to make it last. He’s away from home and pretty scared. There’s nothing I can do. The pharmacist told him all supply chains are struggling and 2/

        Nov 30
        Stockpiling has begun. Major pharmaceutical companies aren’t releasing drugs. And there are shortages everywhere. People are also starting to stockpile individually. The pharmacist said he hasn’t seen anything like it in 30 years. He said major chains are keeping it quiet 3/

        Winnie CullMac

        You all know by now what I think about Brexit. But this got very serious for me today and in all conscience I can’t keep it quiet about it even though it’s a very personal matter. These aren’t unusual drugs either. Pretty bog standard but vital. Im a mum. He’s my 6ft 4 baby. 4/

        Winnie CullMac

        Nov 30
        I’m going up tomorrow to check he’s ok. But don’t anyone dare tonight to tell me Brexit isn’t impacting our country. And particularly our young people. I never wanted to post such a personal post but my god we have no time left. Please please think about what Brexit will mean


  3. I recently had to wait 6 weeks for medication which is life or death for me.
    Fortunately had sufficient to see me through but maybe not next time.
    I can understand people stockpiling essential drugs because they do not trust May and the Brexiteers to ensure that supplies will continue as usual.
    That compounded by food shortages and a forecast severe winter on the way are going to put peoples’ lives in jeopardy.
    Not that they care,so long as they get their Brexit.
    I cannot say how much I despise these people and hope that Scots finally realise that there is an alternative to the selfish insular philosophy which has prevailed in England since Thatcher.
    We can do better on our own.

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    1. Well, if it down to may and her bunch of useless prats Scotland can forget it. Grayling’s in charge of distribution and he’s made a complete mess of everything he’s ever laid his hands on.


      1. I hope you had enough to get by, Douglas. The advice seems to be that you should take a smaller dose so that you won’t go totally without, but 6 weeks? Impossible.


  4. I’m a type 2 diabetic, but I’m not worried. My doctor said that if I lose enough weight, there’s a chance I could be cured.
    Can’t wait for the rationing.

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  5. I would like to suggest coin fed gas meters for measuring out the anaesthetic during operations. Pre op guidance issued along with advice not to eat anything the day before could also include budgeting tips on saving up pound coins for several months before your procedure.

    A lack of coins would of course mean painful often fatal ops for some but would be a salutary lesson to make people work harder and make more money thus incentivising the vulnerable to do better. Volunteers as per the Daily Heil will have a vital role feeding the meter.

    I think I’m getting the hang of this brexit Tory Britain thing. If we lose indyref2 I reckon with a little more practice I’ll fit right in.


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  6. Last week heard on RT (hotel TV) an unnamed British MEP asserting quite adamantly that there’s no truth or substance in reports that there might be shortages of food or medicine after Brexit, even a hard version, and that these claims are simply scaremongering. He said that the world’s largest exporters all operate under WTO rules which ensure smooth and frictionless trade.
    I was uncertain whether this was UKIP propaganda or RT propaganda. I regard the two bodies as equally dubious, Alec Salmondd’s programme notwithstanding.

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    1. No way of knowing, but if the ports are clogged and the roads are clogged, who knows what will happen.

      As Conan says, we’ll probably all lose weight.


  7. OT, but I just saw this. Totally a metaphor for Brexit and the new deals that Mr…. or sorry, don’t send me to the tower DOCTOR fox is going to get us (if Mrs Loathsome doesn’t have him torn to pieces by dogs first).


  8. And this:
    Hasan Patel 🌹

    Following Following @CorbynistaTeen
    More Hasan Patel 🌹 Retweeted s patel
    I will get angry. I’m angry that our futures are being jeopardised by this government. I’m angry that 4.1 million children live in poverty. I’m angry that youth services have been cut 62%. I’m angry about foodbanks, universal credit, school funding…

    …and I’m studying.


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