Britain is supposedly one of the richest nations in the world. So a few questions.

1/ Why do people have to sleep in shop doorways?

2/ Why was there a rush of Tory MPs being photographed at food banks yesterday, making a donation and then tweeting it with a standardised message, presumably so we would all think how compassionate they are? And why has foodbank use increased so much?

3/ Why, when clearly there are many problems to be sorted, do they insist on rolling out Universal Credit?

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4/ Why do they need volunteers for the health service when we are about to get £350 million a week Brexit bonus?

5/ Why is Crossrail overdue and over budget?

6/ Why is HS2 late and over budget already?

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7/ Why are the roads such a mess of potholes?

8/ Why are the trains the most expensive and among the least efficient in Europe?

9/ Why are retirement pensions the worst in Europe and indeed the developed world?

10/ Why, at least in England and Wales, is there a dire shortage of police?

11/ Why are the Prisons in England in chaos?

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12/ Why is the probation service in England broken?

13/ Why can my friend in London not get an appointment with his GP?

14/ Why did it take around 3 months for another friend (yes, I have some) to get his grandad buried in Coventry?

15/ Why are Tory councils in England going bankrupt?

16/ Why are we spending billions on doing up the Houses of Parliament in London?

17/ Why do Vince Cable and his Scottish tea boy think there should be a second British referendum, but not a second Scottish referendum. It couldn’t be that they liked the result of the Scottish one but not the EU one, could it?

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If anyone has any other questions, please feel free to ask them. No one will have much of an answer, but hey, you’ll have done your bit by asking it.


  1. Earlier this year on a trip to London, I actually saw three homeless people bedding down right there at Heal’s store on Tottenham Court Road. Frankly, I’m dismayed and disgusted at the fact that almost everywhere I go in the towns and cities of our “precious union”, I encounter these poor souls living on the streets. When I was young (long time ago), I genuinely thought that people who slept in the streets lived in Bombay, Calcutta, those sort of places. Ditto beggars, apart from those in tales of mediaeval times. Now it’s an everyday fact of life here in the wonderful U.K. But to answer all your “why?” questions, simply and directly, because the Tories just don’t fucking care (no apologies for the language, folks) and, sadly, neither do most politicians and huge swathes of the Great British Public. I’m all right, Jack! Let’s see how that plays out post-Brexit.

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    1. That’s the correct answer, andi. Go to the top of the class.

      I can’t bear to see people, particularly in the cold and wet, but all year round, sleeping outside when there is so much wealth in the UK. The Windsors have 600 rooms at Buckingham palace and many more in the 7 or 8 other palaces, not to mention mansions that they are gifted by us.

      You do what you can, but it’s never enough. And the more you do the less the state thinks it has to.

      It just breaks my heart. How can people like May live with themselves?

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  2. Why have two successive UK Prime Ministers had to sneak into Scotland like illegal immigrants ?

    CNN’s report of May’s visit to Bridge of Weir must make the UK an international laughing stock.

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  3. It goes without saying that these poor folk sleeping rough must be having a helluva time. Its outwith my experience to even begin to understand how they must feel or what they are forced to endure hour by hour and that’s just the physical stuff. There’s the emotional bit piled on top for good measure.

    As far as our lords and masters go, it’s these self same incompetents that have wrought this havoc on society with their selective austerity who’ll, post Brexit, supposedly be sailing the seas doing incredible trade deals to benefit us all. No they don’t care but they’ve been handed the reins and theyve still got plenty of disasters and human misery left in them to inflict upon us.

    They couldn’t run a bath but who says talent, intellect or emotional intelligence are essential criteria for their job?

    Some get there under there own steam, but for the vast majority, being born of the right mummy and daddy is all that’s asked for in Tory Britain.


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    1. I’ve tried to imagine it. I’ve spoken to some of the lads in Dundee sleeping rough. But even then, you can’t actually know what it feels like to be so cold and alone, and frightened.

      It’s so frustrating not to be able to do anything.

      But surely we MUST force government to province money for places for people to live. It’s not like we are a poor country.

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      1. I know that after a few days rough camping I’m looking forward to a shower and all I can think about is sleeping warm and comfy in my own bed. That of course cannot compare to the shivering hopelessness and despair of being forced to sleep rough with no hope for the future never mind being constantly in fear and at the mercy of others around you. The insecurity resulting from the exposure must be unbearable. The lack of self worth must be crushing. The physical discomfort a sea of all encompassing misery.

        Your absolutely right, this must not be tolerated in a civilised country. The problem is apart from giving aid, what can we as citizens actually do, because in reality most of us are presently not that many steps removed from the horror of it ourselves. It could be any of us and who would give a shit if it was? What we desperately need is an elected independent government, accountable to the Scottish people, that looks after all its citizens and does the job we pay it to do.

        How do we get that I wonder?

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        1. You describe it very well there, greig12.

          I’m scratching my head. Although I don;t think that independence is going to cure this overnight, or ever really, it would be a step on the way.


  4. Question
    Why are FOUR MILLION WORKERS living in poverty?
    Our in government but not governing leadership say that earnings have never been higher.
    They are not listening or looking, what is to be gained by letting people live in these conditions?
    They forget that prince albert died of an infection, not old age.
    We can do better when we have taken control over our country.
    No irony bypass representatives of unionista political parties need apply just human beings with the normal concern for our population and visitors.

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    1. You’d have thought, Dave, that it was the duty of government to legislate for wages that would cover the basics of a home, enough food and some extra.

      Even back 100 years ago, people who were working could afford a hovel.

      It would help if the government in London had a little more humanity about it, and if it were a little less intellectually vacuous.

      Incompetent to start off, their only focus is independence. I wonder they’ve the nerve to accuse us of that.


  5. Why the feck do we put up with this. We as in the British people and we as in for feck sake Scotland we are we still in this fetid, stinking. rancid union (sic).

    Scotland – Norway with Westminster.

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    1. Yep, imagine taking MORE than the money Norway has used to build itself up to be one of the richest per capita nations in the world, and still being this run down semi third world country.

      And we have an out BUT WON’T TAKE IT!!!


  6. Tris

    I can get an appointment with my GP, but I have to wait a month. You can phone every morning at 08:30 to see if there is a cancellation or, as the recorded message they play says, in a life or death situation phone 999.

    Is this general in Scotland? I am in Dunfermline and I was blaming the Dunfermline Eastern Expansion which has seen thousands of new houses built but, as far as I know, no new surgeries.

    We are not immune from the evil that has spread north from Westminster.

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    1. It’s about 2 weeks now at our surgery. There is a terrible shortage of doctors, caused in part by so many leaving the service to head for Europe, having been made to feel unwelcome here.

      Of course we are not immune. It’s better here than in England , and we spend more per head on the NHS, but in the end the restrictions are there in funding.

      If we weren’t punching above our weight; if we weren’t building over-budget railways for London and the Midlands and accommodating aristocrats in palaces aplenty, maybe we could afford to run our country like Norway does.


    2. We had a similar system in Montrose, (Townhead Practice) but now the practice is setting up an email address, where you will be able to see vacancies (for appointments) and book into the spot which suits you. It’s early days yet and I, myself, have still to register, but it looks like a workable system.

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      1. That sounds like a plan, as long as they run that in tandem with (and it isn’t detrimental to) a system which people can use if they have no online access.


    1. Well, obviously, they are all mates, and retired politicians require friends in high and lucrative places.

      I mean, most of them go on to earn fortunes… What was it Straw and Rifkind wanted for a day’s work? £10,000 or something?

      If they insist that taxes are paid on that kind of money when they are still only commoners, someone might make THEM pay taxes when they retire, take ermine and earn more in a day than some people do in a year.

      Give you a good laugh at Straw: He criticised other Labour Party people for being on the take… and a few years later got himself caught in the same sting.

      Can you remember the name of the Tory who was caught at the same time, telling the “interviewers” that he was shortly to become a lord?


  7. As I was discussing with a pal the other day,an independent Scotland may not be more wealthy but we would be able to tailor our economy in such a way to make it more equitable.
    No more trickle down voodoo b/s economics but a society that treats everyone as having equal rights,including the rights to food and shelter.
    As long as our economy continues to be run from Westminster,that just isn’t going to happen.
    We used to have three dogs and if one of them stepped out of line and did something unusual,it would be immediately attacked by the other two.
    This,unfortunately,is where we are at with independence in Scotland.
    The population has been conditioned by the London establishment to see Scottish dependence as the norm and anything else must be attacked as threatening the status quo.
    Hence attitudes like “I hate that Alex Salmond and now I hate that Nicola Sturgeon”
    Perhaps Brexit will open a few more eyes to the reality of our situation but it is going to take time.

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    1. But we probably WOULD be richer. The oil revenue would be ours. Additionally we wouldn’t be spending all that money on punching above our weight.

      Seriously, if Iceland can do it with no oil and fewer than half a million people, then surely Scotland can.

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  8. We are all three or four unpaid paydays (Maybe less) away from sleeping in doorways and it terrifies me. One of the reasons I’m such a miserable bugger.

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    1. The thing, when you are led by toffs, is that THEY are not. And they have no perception that loss of a job, marital break-up, the arrival of a step-dad/mum who doesn’t like you, a bit of illness, and the inefficiencies of the DWP can so easily mean that you are sleeping rough.

      Of course Munguin would never throw me out… would he?


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