Disjointed stuff here about what I’m hearing about the UK’s proposed agreement with the EU as it trickles in.

So, as predicted, it’s all going swimmingly, straight to the bottom of the sea.

The utterly secret deal that everyone seems to know about is causing consternation.

Of course, we don’t know if any of this stuff is true, because no one, not even the Scottish government has been informed, but as Robert Peston pointed out, Scotland is hardly likely to be happy about the Northern Irish being able to operate within the EU frameworks, while Scotland cannot. Nicola Sturgeon did not demur.

And, as Peston points out, the DUP isn’t happy for the exact opposite reason. Although it would likely be of great economic value to their province to remain more closely tied to Ireland and Europe, they want no truck with all the extra jobs. It would mean not being 100% subjugated to Her Majesty and her flag. (NB: Exceptions apply here regarding dinosaurs, gay people, abortions and anything else that suits Orange people.)

joke nigel1
Not THAT kind of orange, you numpty. He’s VERY unhappy.  Signed Munguin.

Up to now, it’s not looking good for the prime minister and her plan.

 This is going to be one of these days where the news trickles in bit by bit. Unfortunately, I’ll be out all afternoon. But that shouldn’t stop the discussion.

Updates welcome, Munguinites.

21 thoughts on “SO, HOW’S IT ALL GOING, THERESA?”

  1. Thanks, Tris! Grafter had something to say on your last post, to the effect that if I thought that the Westminster regime would let Scotland and its resources go so that England could have its Brexit, I was sadly mistaken. That is a very reasonable argument, and I too would have thought so, and still do on my darkest days, because it would pretty much guarantee putting Scotland under something akin to martial law, shutting down Holyrood and imposing direct rule.

    Whether May can stand up to Fragrant Arlene, call her bluff – surely she would prefer for Norniron to remain part of the UK rather than be ceded to the Republic – whether the May regime will survive at Westminster – whether a Tory Party and Labour Brexiteers together can decide to boot both Scotland and Norlin Airlann out of the Union to satisfy the majority of committed Brexiteers among the English electorate who want Brexit even if it means giving up both the Province and Scotland – my analysis remains that the chances of our being booted out even without indyref2 just went up.

    I wish I had functioning crystal balls.

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    1. LOL.

      There’s always Christmas…

      I think the thing is that we are in absolutely uncharted waters…

      None of has an idea what happens next, including the disastrous dolt in No 10.


  2. Tris
    As we are the dirty unwashed and Scottish we will br the last to know and if that doesn’t tell us something it never will. From what I can gather N Ireland got what it wants apart from the nutters in the DUP so if true the a SNP need to call the next Indy ref 2 and let’s see if Mudell and Tankstraddler have any guts, either way it looks like it’s not going to pass parliament so we probably need to get ready for the fight for indy2 and it will be a fight all the way. The Torres ain’t going to let their cash cow colony go lightly, I even read an article that they might even try to disband Holyrood.


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    1. Yes, Bruce. That’s been suggested. Emergency powers and all. Must all pull together. Blitz. Can’t have tartan jocks pulling in the opposite direction , sewing discontent. Direct rule from the bunker under number ten…

      I doubt they have the cojones for it, but , as I said. We are in uncharted territory.

      Let’s prepare for Independence.

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  3. Typical just typical
    The snp see the grass may
    Be greener in Northen Ireland
    After brexity.

    And of course they want some
    If not it all of it themselves.
    Greedy lot 🤓


    1. Well, do you want investment to go there instead of here?

      Why can’t we have the same?

      Special deal for NI, special deal for Gibraltar, special deal for Cyprus. Piss off Scotland?

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  4. Sounds like the maybot’s having a night out at the movies.
    A western ‘ last train to boothill’
    From the tweets she only needs to convince 157 tory mp’s to get another year’s rolling contract as PM. That sounds pretty easy.
    So 10 DUP representatives or 5 aberdeenshire fishermen or 157 tory mps are in charge, the rest of us don’t count.
    From what we get drip fed of the deal to end all deals is the EU are holding Five Aces in this game of poker.
    We can only hope the maybot keeps to her word about not being a quiter and QUITS.

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    1. I wondered if she would come out of Downing Street tonight still PM, but if she goes, who takes over?

      Not one of them is any better, and some may even be worse.


    2. pmcrek

      Follow Follow @PiratesForIndy
      I’ll resign if Northern Ireland gets to remain in the customs union & single market as its a threat to the union.

      *Northern Ireland gets to remain in the customs union & single market.*

      I’m not resigning because I meant fishing.

      Spineless tea boy.

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      1. Wonder what Mundell’s next red line will be after the fishing is sacrificed in the negotiation process ? Someone muscling in on his tea making role at Cabinet meetings ? Or will he be spared the decision by elevation to the ermine ?

        I propose the linesman as his replacement – after all, he has the most experience of making difficult and often unpopular decisions.

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        1. All of the Tory MPs are third raters. I doubt they expected to be elected. I wonder if May or whoever follows her, wouldn’t add insult to injury and get her tea boy from the lords.

          Fluffy really is a spineless piece of sh*t


    1. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Jim Graham🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and 19 others liked

      Laura Kuenssberg
      ‏Verified account
      2h2 hours ago

      Senior tory tells me Brexiteer anger so high that seems likely there will be a call for no confidence vote tomorrow – letters going in –

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  5. None of the Cabinet have read the agreement. None of them would have understood it, anyway.

    I bet a) Labour abstain b) Tory rebels end up voting with government, including Anna Soubry, or abstaining.

    We will Brexit to timetable – Westminster will collectively sign up to something it doesn’t comprehend and would be against if it did.

    Hope I’m wrong but what a mess.

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    1. Brexit is really too complex for anyone to understand… or at least to resolve.

      The chances of anyone of the Cabinet understanding it are, as you say small, but even if they were clever, there simply isn’t a way to l;eave the EU without some sort of border. It’s how these things work.

      Maybe they truly believe that that’s how these things work, but not for the Brits, because they are Brits.

      I hope you are wrong too. What a mess


  6. Presumably the Tories have done a deal with Corbyn such that they can dispense with the DUP and get their Brexit through parliament.
    I feel more abstentions coming on from Labour.

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  7. The DUP have been stitched up, and they know it. The deal about the border is temporary until 2020, or maybe just longer if necessary. By that time the DUP won’t have the clout in Westminster. It’ll be interesting to see what they do, both collectively and individually.

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    1. The thing about “temporary” is that it’s ok to propose that if there is a possible solution, but that solution is hard to get at the moment.

      The truth is that there really IS no solution to the Irish border.


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