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Come on, UK government. This is no way to treat people. Not even people you look down on and dislike.

But we all know you don’t give a stuff about that.

There’s money enough for the things that matter to you. And nothing for the people at the bottom.

Hell mend you. Someone needs to because you are as sure as hell’s hot,  broken.


Douglas at his other job.

On an associated subject, Scotland and the UK got a mention in the Press in Sénégal today. Our fame has spread thanks to Douglas Ross’s decision that people in his constituency needed representation in the opposition debate on Universal Credit (which funnily enough isn’t credit… it’s paid in arrears…very much in arrears, unlike MP’s salaries) a good deal less than he needed a jolly to Catalunya and a big fat fee for doing some assistant refereeing at an even more ridiculous hourly rate than he gets for (not) being in parliament.

Again, I’m certain that he doesn’t give a stuff what Munguin’s Republic or any of us little people think about it. After all May excused him. And I suppose that’s fair enough really. After all, it’s not like he would have been in the business of saying anything critical of his London masters and he would have voted (or rather not voted) the way he was told to by the whips no matter how many people in his constituency suffer hardships, hunger, homelessness and more, as a result of their odious policy.

In a week when Scotland could have been making headlines around the world with the innovative wind farm and the first minister’s obvious rapport with the Arctic Council leaders in Reykjavík, we had to make the headlines in Africa because of a skiver who’d rather make extra money than do the day job.

63 thoughts on “ALL IN THIS TOGETHER? AYE, RIGHT!”

  1. Has Dean defended the undefendable lately? He being one of the working class Tories, Lord Snooty holds in such low regard.
    As for the unionist linesman, did he know the mass abstention was going to happen? And went to Catalunya as some sort of wind up.

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    1. We’ve not had the pleasure of Dean’s company for a long time. Maybe we’ve been harsher with the Tories than we used to be and he decided not to revisit, or maybe even he is fed up with the way they treat people.

      Who knows when the Whips tell them what their opinions will be.

      I thought that it was interesting that he, staunch unionist was in Catalunya while their government ministers were being charged with sedition.

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  2. Tris

    I watched some of the UC debate and the Tories, and many in Labour, are just not human beings at all. I hate them with a vengeance and esp Labour, they could make life for the Government a lot more difficult but don’t want to upset their own right wing nutter members in the North, you know the real North like Sunderland. I saw the Mhari Black video and hats off to her, at least she makes it very difficult for Tories sitting listening to her, I wish more in the SNP took the same approach as too many appear to have bought into the Westminster bubble for my mind. Douglas Ross is just your typical entitled Tory and a shit Ref as well. Who votes for these people, do they hate Scotland that much that they would rather have a part time Tory MP than a proper MP, you have to wonder about the sanity of many in Scotland.

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    1. Well, it seems obvious to me, Bruce, that there are flaws in the system.

      They say that 80% of people are paid the right amount of money. That means that 20% are not.

      That’s a lot of people.

      Why would you roll out a brand new system that is only, even according to them, 80% efficient?

      How would they like it if only 80% of them got their correct salary/expenses/pensions on time, correctly calculated?

      How you could listen to these stories and not be affected, I just don’t know.

      But I expect they were serving a nice Chablais that evening, so who really cares.

      I’m beginning to think that, with a salary in the £75,000 region, it should probably be unacceptable for MPs to have second jobs.

      Candidates should put on their election material what other jobs they will be doing while they are supposed to be working in the interests of constituents, including the remuneration expected and how much time it will take up. If the constituents still vote for them, well fine. It’s their choice.

      If that means that some of the high fliers decide that they can’t afford to live on what they get paid, well fine. People like Jacob Rees Mogg can go get on with the money making side of their careers and leave the MPing to those who are prepared to live in the already generous salary. The only exceptions would be people pursuing careers to keep their qualifications up to scratch (doctors and lawyers, I think) and even at that the bare minimum of work to allow them to do that.

      If we lost people who expect to make vast amounts, well, we’d lose them. It’s not like any of them are THAT bright. Malcolm Rifkind, Jack Straw…

      Folk that can’t comfortably live on £75,000 a year, plus generous expenses, shouldn’t be making decisions for those who are getting by on state pensions of £115 a week.

      Of course if people put down refereeing jobs as their hobby, that excludes them, but maybe they could be forced to give any monies they make to charity.


    2. I am sure that Mr Ross’s voters in his constituency will not desert him for his actions. Probably, it will increase his support with even more ex-Labour voters shifting to him ….. and not just to keep out the SNP, but, because they actually support such measures.


  3. “Folk that can’t comfortably live on £75,000 a year, plus generous expenses, shouldn’t be making decisions for those who are getting by on state pensions of £115 a week.”

    Sort of. Personally I would think that Mhairi Black, who is a bit of a heroine to me, is the sort of person who probably earns that sort of money and is in no way a bad person. Indeed she speaks out against financial inequality.

    I trust that you would be happy for her making decisions about poor people? I certainly would be.


    It is odd that our comparatively poor MP’s should be subservient to a Cabinet that is incredibly rich.

    “It’s the rich what get the pleasure,

    It’s the poor what get the blame,

    It’s the same the whole world over,

    Isn’t it a bloody shame?”


    There is a game being played at the top of the Conservative Party that has absolutely nothing to do with the country at large. It has to do with small scale politics, which ‘wing’ of a bankrupt party wins.

    It is verging on ridiculous that several North East fishing communities voted Tory because they thought the billionaires in the Cabinet cared a toss for them. Those people were either conned, or conned themselves.

    Sorry, steam of consciousness stuff.

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    1. Yes, becasue she can live on £75,000 without wanting to earn more money on the side.

      If someone needs to take a second job when their first job earns them £75,000 then they don’t live on the same planet as I do. They probably don’t take the same attitude to things as I do. They probably shouldn’t me making my laws.

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  4. Very strange picture of part-time politician Douglas Ross modelling manly sportswear (a bit like Eggy Murphy). I’ve looked at it a few times and it looks as though he is just about to start masturbating a black penis.

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  5. Just to add, Taking any sort of payment from a third party would be, well, just wrong. How many MP’s would that disbar?

    The people of Auchtermuchty demand to know!

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      1. Apologies, I was unaware just how young you all are.

        My Dad was of the newspaper generation, and especially the Sunday Express. Their editorial page – remember when editorial and news were separate? – had some right wing person who had a regular opinion piece there , which included as a regular feature ‘kith and kin’ arguments about Rhodesia, South Africa, etc, etc. He would state a frankly fascist position and then say:

        “The people of Auchtermuchty demand to know.”

        Sadly, I cannot find anything much about him now. He was of the pre digital age.

        Perhaps he was lucky.

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        1. LOL…

          Sorry Douglas. I’ve certainly read newspapers, and I do remember when news and opinion was separate, at least to an extent.

          But I’m happy to say that I only once ever bought the Sunday Express. 🙂

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          1. Y’know, before our generation, there were only three ways to get news, through that new-fangled radio and TV and Newspapers? Newspapers, it seemed to me dominated.

            It was ridiculously acceptable to be of a superior ‘race’. It was what journalists claimed. I was never particularly thurled to the idea that journalists nor their readers were in any way superior.

            Perhaps some of your readers, they can’t all be that young, could dig into their memories?

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  6. Hang on, according to Tories, 75,000 pounds per annum is not a lot to maintain a mansion and surely 115 pounds per week is enough to maintain a hovel?

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    1. Must be the old Bulldog spirit, huh?

      You’re losing jobs; we’re pulling the plugs; the ships are being built in England; the tax offices are moving to England; the passport offices too (although you probably won;t need one because going abroad will be out of the question… But smile, and rejoice in the luck that we have her majesty the queen to reign over us…

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      1. Yep, job centres being closed down by the dozen by the UKGov. But they, ie UKok Gov, are planning to set up a civil service, a massive office right next to Edinburghs council offices. They are planning to relocate 2000 civil servants from England, with the building having a 20 year contract. So what will they be doing exactly is anyone’s guess, but we can be in no doubt it is to their own benefit and another two finger gesture at Scotland. Disgusting waste of money. Wonder where the relocated will live, Westerhailes?

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        1. I wonder what that is about?

          A new department? Certainly they will hae to have many new departments to make up for all the work previously done by the EU.

          The English won;t much like being relocated to Jockland.

          Remember the hows yer father when the BBC wanted to locate the Question Time Team in Glasgow,

          Old Dumblebum put his heavy establishment foot down hard.

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          1. If you do a search, UK gov to open civil servant ‘hub’ in Edinburgh u will find lots stuff on it, looks like thy r sending up an army, 2900 from England. Must be costing a lot, tax payer funded, so why have the ‘Scottish office’ I wonder.

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  7. The UK has the lowest pension of all the EU, by a long chalk. Also ‘benefits’, starvation amounts, keeping the people poor, in fact deliberately plunging people into destitution. A government, ie, UKtory Gov, making their own people destitute, is acting criminally imo. They should be locked up, but instead they are awarded huge wages, massive expenses all from the public purse, from tax payers. Just about everyone pays tax, even those without jobs don’t forget, via VAT.

    It is a basic human right to have shelter, food and warmth. That is not being honoured in the so called UK. Being are actually being denied basic human needs, just to survive. That’s before the tories scrap human rights as soon as Brexit is done and dusted, soon.

    Scary stuff and you wonder who is behind this. The Tory UKGov are not working alone, they have connections, to dodgy regimes who would be only too delighted to profit from a privatised NHS, low wage ecenomy and no wage economy.

    Inhuman humans, there is a glut of them, and it’s scary indeed.

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    1. Aye Hetty. It’s always amazed me that the muppets moan about human right and health and safety.

      Who needs ’em?

      I reckon they will find out fairly soon that THEY need them.

      But heigh ho.

      It’s what they wanted …may hello gie it tae them.


      1. Hetty,

        If I did not have a works pension, I would be dead right now. The contribution of the State to my livelihood would not keep anyone in health and comfort. I think that, looking to the future, that has to change. For everyone.


        I absolutely hope that we don’t have to go through that enlightenment.

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