I reckon Conan and I saw this at about the same time! (See the previous post.)

Q: What can we add to what Mhairi says?

A: Not a lot.

I just hope the Tories are touched by her passion for ordinary people who get a crap deal out of being British, and that they vote to tell the Work and Pensions minister to get back to the drawing board and see if he can’t fix the problems.

At the very least they could halt the rollout implementation until spring or summer when fewer people are likely to freeze to death.

He’s shown he can listen by his scrapping of the outrageous 55p-a-minute charge to phone the helpline. Let’s see if this kind of passion can persuade him to see sense. To carry on with knowing the consequences, particularly in the winter, it is frankly, inhuman….even by this government’s standards.


  1. Brilliant from Mhairi.
    However,thanks to HM government and it’s press pack,because of the dogs breakfast of what is reserved to London and what is devolved,there will be ample opportunity for the message to be spun as being the fault of the Scottish government.
    I suppose this is what they like to call a “grievance”.
    I grieve for those on the receiving end of this ideologically driven insanity which is becoming all too familiar from the London establishment.

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    1. These are real people, real Brits, who are having to g without food, without heating and sometimes being kicked out of their homes becasue of a half arsed job of work with insufficient staff or resources and 3rd rate systems.

      It’s a nightmare of mismanagement . And unlike in the past, even your housing is in danger if you fall foul of their inadequacies. Added to which I read that something like 60% of private landlords won;t touch people on this benefit.

      And they choose Christmas to roll it out.

      Are they even human?

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          1. Well, they have made life on any kind of benefit so utterly miserable that people are obliged to stay in their jobs no matter what kind of treatment they get.

            And that does mean ‘no matter…’


  2. I just don’t understand economics me. I don’t understand companies making huge profits but not being able to afford to pay folk a liveable wage. I don’t understand why these companies have to be partly subsidised through taxation by a benefit system to, badly as it turns out, help the people they’re not paying enough to live. I don’t understand how said benefit system wages war on the people it’s supposed to be paid to help. I don’t understand why since the banking crash how the rich have gotten spectacularly richer while the rest of us have gotten poorer. I don’t understand how people can vote for the animals that are causing this.

    There’s a lot more I don’t understand and maybe that’s shining brightly through in this post but the injustice being visited upon the people in this country is sickening.

    And as for that arsehole in Barcelona doing his official duties at the football grrrr!
    I hope his constituents in Moray are happy with his other employment and vote accordingly at the next opportunity.

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    1. Damned good post.

      I may be able to supply an answer to the things you don;t understand.

      Just odd words that came to mind as I read your post.

      I don’t understand economics either.


      System isn’t designed to help the poor; it’s designed to subsidise the wealthy, while giving the poor just enough to live on (y’know, so they don’t drop dead of malnutrition while they are making money for the rich. That would be inconvenient and bad for productivity).



      Looking at Nicola in Iceland this week with other like-minded leaders from Greenland,Norway, Faroes, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, I kinda felt that THAT is where we should be.

      I spent some time lasts week with a friend who lives in Sweden. The picture he paints of life there is what I imagine we could be if we weren’t chained to this dinosaur of an empire which is about to go base over apex.

      That people would vote for him instead of Angus beats the whatsit out of me.

      I hope to see Angus back in parliament in the very near future.

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  3. If ever there was any doubt about it, the tories showed last night just what utter spineless cowards they are – with the exception of Dr Wollaston who defied their 3-line whip.

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    1. Well. They don;t really care, do they. Besides, going against a three line whip might mean that the knighthood is less likely, or that seat in the lords more difficult or more expensive to get.

      It’s a depressing place, Britain.


  4. Sorry about the mistake earlier. The No comment was meant to appear as a response to your, ” are they even human” comment.
    Yes, Mhairi was brilliant as usual, but I’m afraid it won’t cut any ice with the soulless tories, or indeed their fellow travellers, the red version, who didn’t even have the backbone to vote against these draconian measures in previous debates.
    The only way is out, and personally, partially because I’m getting on in years, I can’t wait for the start of campaigning, and in that respect our Yes group is already up and running, led by some formidable people from all independence supporting political parties, and none, so while our area voted Yes in 2014, nobody is taking anything for granted, so we’ll be working as hard as possible to ensure the next time, when it comes, we secure a substantial majority for independence.

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    1. No, of course. She didn’t.

      They had their whip. They voted how they were told, and I understand from reading Joanna Cherry’s Twitter feed that some of them sniggered through the tales of misery and hardship.

      A bit like it was some story. Not real. Not affecting fellow citizens.

      But they don’t live in our world.

      They live in a world where they can take a day off work to earn a few thousand in another country and not get into trouble for it, not get sanctioned for it, indeed get the support of the prime minister for it.

      They live in a world where they can take an hour-long bath in the morning and hand the taxpayer the incredible £600+ water bill.

      Why would they care that a few tens of thousands of oiks will starve to death or be thrown out of their homes?

      How will that affect their bathing or indeed their footballing hobbies?

      The UK isn’t a nice country, is it?


      1. The UK isn’t a nice country, is it?

        bit silly that comment most people do not agree
        or want a English tory dominated UK Its just
        the bent political system which embeds their
        dominance .

        listened on the wireless to that owen Patterson
        lying on how the Customs would be frictionless
        after walking out of the eu.
        contrasting with the head of Dover harbour board
        who said the tail back would be twenty miles long.
        well who to believe a unstable mad man with delusions
        of the re-imagined British Empire.
        Or the person who deals with the issue every single
        day//umm I wonder.

        He even lied about it being all done electronically.

        we will make our own laws he ranted and of course
        the world (inside his head ) would be obligated to obey

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        1. Utterly delusional.


          Still the good news is it will only be 20 miles. I had imagined worse… but as you say, the guy who deals with it is the expert.


  5. Do you lot not get if the hardship and pain caused
    by universal credit is not unintentional its part
    and parcel of the free marketeers strategy to ensure
    a weakened quiescent pool of workers to exploit.

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      1. I had, at one time, a few friends / acquaintances from the EU that worked here. They were genuinely concerned at their personal circumstances that underlay the xenophobia that was the vote for BREXIT. They were good and decent people, from Polish Plasterers to people in University tenure. They all added to this country. I liked a lot of these people. I wanted them included, not excluded.

        I’d think that, conversely, there are probably a lot of people living in Europe that started life here. Perhaps they have got decent jobs over there, perhaps they are running a vineyard or are just drinking the sangr

        On the UK side there is this ‘fear of the other’.

        Given our history of accommodating displaced people, and some of these displaced people have gone on to enrich our society, either in their own generation or later ones, this seems absolutely no need to deny the ‘best of British’ is a healthy admixture, a bit like a you get when you mix a cake.

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        1. Some of my closest friends are EU nationals, Douglas.

          In particular a very close and dear friend, from Hungary whose whole family are like part of my family.

          My mate and his girlfriend came to Scotland for university, and moved into an apartment in the Munguin Towers block. We hit it off and the wider
          friendship, with visits of family members, developed from there. You may remember that Munguin himself made a visit to Hungary and stayed with the family last year…

          It’s actually hard to believe that when I lose my EU citizenship, we won’t be able to freely do that anymore. No more automatic citizens’ rights. Not for them, not for us. In the meantime my friend has moved to Sweden.

          Feels like an iron curtain is coming down again.

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          1. I really don’t ‘get’ BREXIT voters. They voted deliberately to reduce, rather than increase, our individual freedoms. How crazy do you have to be to do that?

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            1. No, nor me. I respect their opinions. I even have some friends who are pro Brexit. And I think a lot of people genuinely believed that the word was queuing up to do business with the UK.


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