From Private Eye.

Come on, UK government. This is no way to treat people. Not even people you look down on and dislike.

But we all know you don’t give a stuff about that.

There’s money enough for the things that matter to you. And nothing for the people at the bottom.

Hell mend you. Someone needs to because you are as sure as hell’s hot,  broken.


Douglas at his other job.

On an associated subject, Scotland and the UK got a mention in the Press in Sénégal today. Our fame has spread thanks to Douglas Ross’s decision that people in his constituency needed representation in the opposition debate on Universal Credit (which funnily enough isn’t credit… it’s paid in arrears…very much in arrears, unlike MP’s salaries) a good deal less than he needed a jolly to Catalunya and a big fat fee for doing some assistant refereeing at an even more ridiculous hourly rate than he gets for (not) being in parliament.

Again, I’m certain that he doesn’t give a stuff what Munguin’s Republic or any of us little people think about it. After all May excused him. And I suppose that’s fair enough really. After all, it’s not like he would have been in the business of saying anything critical of his London masters and he would have voted (or rather not voted) the way he was told to by the whips no matter how many people in his constituency suffer hardships, hunger, homelessness and more, as a result of their odious policy.

In a week when Scotland could have been making headlines around the world with the innovative wind farm and the first minister’s obvious rapport with the Arctic Council leaders in Reykjavík, we had to make the headlines in Africa because of a skiver who’d rather make extra money than do the day job.