Ha ha ha ha ha ha…


I knew if we kept her long enough, we’d find a use for her.
Stayin’ alive?
Munguin wishes to echo these sentiments. If there’s any left over Munguin Towers needs some paint.
NO. My chancellor says you get far too much anyway. Go away.
Sorry, peeps. Arlene cleared me out.
atrump (1)
Trumpisgreat? Thanks to David for sending.



7 thoughts on “Ha ha ha ha ha ha…”

  1. Ah, the power of Munguin! No sooner did I suggest on Soppy Sunday that the royal lay-abouts do some nuilding work than the Scotsman has a head-line “Prince Charles to build well-being centre”!!

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    1. Charles has his under-footman read Munguin to him every day, while he chooses which one of the array of boiled eggs he is going to eat.

      Is he going to get any help doing this, or is he possessed of great skills in brick laying?


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