Dear Daily Mail (et al)

Letter from Munguin


You see, this is how it works.

You write things. People read them. Some of them understand, or misunderstand, them.

Most intelligent people don’t actually believe anything you write. We know it’s all about headlines that grab attention and make you money. As Stuart Campbell, a proper journalist, has said on many occasions, people rarely get beyond the first few paragraphs of any story. So, it is easy to keep yourself legal by rubbishing your headline in paragraph 12, continued on page 17.

Indeed, these days, most people only see the headline as they pass them in the supermarket, so there is absolutely no danger of them seeing the truth on page 17.

But there are people who believe the crap in your headlines. The crap you have written.

These headlines have been telling people for years that all that ails the UK can be summed up in one word. “Foreigners”. ‘Coming over here taking our jobs, taking our women or men, taking our houses, our school places, our social security, our hospital beds, being criminals and rapists, etc.

You’ve preached a message of HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE…


And now, after a particularly vicious campaign against anyone or thing foreign, in order to achieve the catastrophe that is Brexit, you feign horror that British people, quite possibly influenced by your vile lying headlines, have attacked a 17-year-old asylum seeker, leaving him for dead, while other British people stood by and watched and did nothing. And why would they? They’ve been reading your headlines for years. They probably believe that this lad is the source of all their woes. Probably a criminal, a rapist and that he’s depriving decent English people of their health service.

And you, Daily Mail, have the audacity to make of it a front page headline with the judgement “SAVAGES”, so you can sell more papers.

Of course, we realise that you have never actually in so many words encouraged people to beat up foreigners. Goodness, no. You’re a bit more subtle than that.

But what you have taught some of the hard of thinking is to HATE foreigners. To BLAME foreigners. And while you have been blaming them, and not the policies of the great Brtish Government for all that ails this country (undoubtedly the real problem), you have encouraged attitudes which have filtered down to the thugs and resulted in this atrocity, and many others.

Once you infect some people’s heads with an impression, however idiotic and ridiculous, it is almost impossible to get rid of it. Ask the family of the Polish man who was killed for being Polish and still being here after Brexit. As the family of Jo Cox, who was killed because she supported the EU. To attempt to infect people’s minds with lies on a daily basis is irresponsible and frankly criminal.

So well done, Daily Mail and your friends at the Daily Express, the Star and the Sun.

To be honest, though, I imagine that most of your readers are more interested in who Charlie’s been bonking (it’s his good looks that do it, obviously). Remember the old adage, ‘when the mistress becomes the wife she leaves a vacancy’. And there’s nothing like a royal story to fill an empty mind.

You’re a shameful blot on a noble profession.



17 thoughts on “Dear Daily Mail (et al)”

    1. Thanks, Stuart.

      I’ll take out the duplication. Sometimes that happens, if you’ve written something in one paragraph and decide to make two paragraphs out of it. It’s something to do with the cheap, not fee platform I use. Probably their way of getting you to cough up.

      Fat chance. They clearly don’t know how tight Munguin is with his hard earned!



  1. Tris

    I have followed the story a little and from I have heard it was disgusting, hopefully the Police won’t arse it up and get every single one of them, and the courts absolutely hammer them for all they are worth, total scum, but when you threaten war with your neighbour because they have the kind of veto you don’t like and your sponsors in the right wing media hang on your every word and you have to keep giving them more and more racist crap and lies then something is going to happen. I have spoken to a few people who travel to England a lot and have said that they actually don’t want to talk too loudly now because to be Scottish in England is no longer a good thing, what a country. I swear if we lose the next vote I won’t ever forgive any no voters, the first time there were reasons, or lies as they are otherwise known, for voting no. There is no such out this time, anyone voting no is voting to be governed forever by right wing racists in the Tory Party. There will be no forgiving no voters the next time, not for me.


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    1. Totally agree. I wish these newspapers would see that their stirring up of hatred has repercussions. Rarely, of course, for them. Just for ordinary people.

      As for that loony Howard, it seems that May has refused to condemn what he has said, so prepare for war. What with America and North Korea on the brink, Israel bulldozing Palestinians’ homes in defiance of UN resolutions and Tess the Terrible threatening Madrid and off to do more weapons deals with Salman the Slaughterer, world war three is just around the corner. Who would have thought it within a week of Article 50?

      Just as well Big Ears is giving us some light relief with his amorous adventures.


  2. Thanks, Stuart.

    I’ll take out the duplication. Sometimes that happens, if you’ve written something in one paragraph and decide to make two paragraphs out of it. It’s something to do with the cheap, not fee platform I use. Probably their way of getting you to cough up.

    Fat chance. They clearly don’t know how tight Munguin is with his hard earned!



  3. Can I say sorry to everyone who keeps getting their comments held for approval.

    It’s not me that does it, needless to say.

    It’s not even Munguin.

    Please blame WordPress. They seem to hate us.


  4. Dacre couldn’t care less – he genuinely is this nasty. The owner of the DM (domiciled in France, hope they kick him out post-Brexit doesn’t give a damn as long as the money keeps rolling in – and sadly it does.

    Hatred of “others” is about all that sells papers (in England) now. DM is back to its origins and the 1930s really.

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  5. Excellent article Munguin. When I was a young man working abroad and looking for a paper one morning and trying to decide which one of 2 English language ones to buy an elderly English colonial type indicated that one was British/English style and the other more Americanized – he said “but never mind which you buy it will be far superior to anything you have been reading in England” (???). How right he was, and still is – British newspapers must be near the bottom of the slurry pit

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    1. Thanks, Bill.

      I used to buy (don’t laugh) the Telegraph. It had strong right wing editorials, but the news coverage was largely fair, and best of all it had a hard, but doable crossword.

      The Conrad Black went to jail and the telegraph was sold to the mad hatters of Sark. End of Telegraph as a newspaper.

      Today the only British paper worth anything is the FT, and although it’s not very good, I do support the National.


  6. Well said. What the hell is this ‘precious’ union turning into?

    I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the song “the beaten generation”? It sums up what Britain has become. Especially the line” reared on a diet of prejudice and misinformation “.

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  7. Thanks for the piece, Tris. I felt sick when I read about what had happened to him.

    I tracked down a link to the crowdfunding page for him, which has collected an impressive amount of money. I read that the brain damage the poor kid has suffered is bad enough that he can’t recognize his own brother, so I can’t help feeling that he’s going to need all of it. Here’s the link:

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    1. Thanks for finding that and publicising it, Ed. Happy to have contributed.

      Well, happy’s not the word, of course, but you know what I mean.

      I admire the person who thought to do it.

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