I was out and about today, first in Munguin’s garden and then down by the river front. I know it’s not Sunday, but, what the hell.IMG_20170403_124516773IMG_20170403_124524197IMG_20170403_124540786IMG_20170403_124554744IMG_20170403_124606848IMG_20170403_124621607IMG_20170403_124628739IMG_20170403_124650324IMG_20170403_124657615IMG_20170403_124735367IMG_20170403_161148396_HDRIMG_20170403_161201689_HDRIMG_20170403_161300953IMG_20170403_161743392


14 thoughts on “AFTER ALL THAT ANGST…”

    1. Ha ha. I’m safe here, unlike where you are. The garden usually has its share of bee colonies though and I have to be a bit wary, because I’m allergic to their stings.

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    1. Yes, it is. More so in summer. But great at the moment as all the birds in the garden seem to be paring up. And there are a lot of interesting calls, and replies.


  1. I love this time of year. New growth and new beginnings. Everything is possible.
    A great time for camping out in the highlands before the midgies wake up.

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    1. Ha ha… yes. There’s always the midges.

      But you’re right Jutie. It’s a great time. Light nights, sunny days and everything coming back to life.


  2. Very beautiful, you are a talented gardener. In fact next time you are in my neighbourhood bring a spade! Because if it grows in Dundee, it must be able to grow by me. So after you have canvassed for Gerry in Coatbridge, drop by 😉 My back garden is quite the challenge!

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    1. LOL. Actually, I’m not really that good at gardening. It’s a bit organic. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t My neighbour REALLY can make things grow, the swine.

      Knowing me, I’d take the spade canvassing and end up dropping leaflets in your garden.



    1. Thank you. Yes. Sharp eyes. Indeed.

      One of my failings in gardening is that I can’t kill anything, so I kinda let snails and slugs have a bit of freedom.

      Even Greenfly get soapy water rather than insecticides, most of the time.


        1. I’ve got all sorts of areas int eh garden where little animals can live, broke flower pots overturned to provide shelter, piles of wood, and leaves and dark corners with rotting wood.

          It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love watching the animals. And bit by bit they get used to you and go about their business ignoring you. Just like it should be.


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