I’m not sure, but I suspect that this, from the office of Liam, the disgraced ex-defence minister, Fox, is talking about having the ability to sell off our stuff,, for example, the Scottish Health Service, to whomsoever they want, without any of us pesky jocks kicking off.

You reckon?


29 thoughts on “THE GREAT REPEAL ACT…”

  1. Aye these Tories will sell everything that isn’t nailed down if we give them the chance. So let’s not give them the chance. I think the Animals said it best (no not the Soppy Sunday ones)

    “We gotta get out of this place
    If its the last thing we ever do
    We gotta get out of this place
    Girl, there’s a better life for me and you
    Believe me baby
    I know it baby
    You know it too”

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  2. That’s exactly my take on it. The NHS is the single asset that would most interest the US in a US/UK trade deal. NHS Scotland would be a major hurdle in making that happen. Now that we know the Sewell Convention is a “self-denying ordinance” the only available path that protects NHS Scotland is independence.

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    1. Yes, as I thought.

      I doubt it is just the health service either.

      And for those of us who work, Mr Fox says we need to deregulate business to make it more competitive.

      Maybe we should deregulate parliament?

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      1. He was happy to have his “book” published by the state publisher of Azerbaijan. He really should have stuck to his principles and submitted his product to the rules of the free market. I bet he still doesn’t see the irony in using the state publisher of a former Soviet republic to promote a book about globalisation and free trade. First class clown.

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        1. Oh, I had forgotten about that. Yes, I’m sure it sold dozens of copies.

          BTW, apropos of nothing, did you know that Iain Duncan Smith published a novel?

          Apparently it was noted for its universally negative reception.

          You should read some of the comments on site. I’ve never seen anything like that on Amazon.

          But yes, back to business, he’s certainly a clown. If he’s first class, that must surely be the only thing he’s first class at.

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      2. I’m sort of intrigued by that book – just how bad can it be? I ended up watching “sex lives of the potato men” just to find out how bad a truly bad film could be. Despite its all-star cast (Johnny Vegas, Mckenzie Crook, Mark Gatiss, Julia Davis) I have nothing but regret and can never erase it from my mind.

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        1. I’m not sure that it was necessarily a good idea to admit that to me. You know that I have a very long memory and can be merciless, doncha?

          Anyway, just for a laugh, I found IDS’s crap second hand on Amazon and bought a copy.

          I got maybe 10 pages into it, smirking at the bad grammar (he descended down a path…like you could descend up a path!), then I put it in a charity shop. I noticed that on several subsequent visits it was still there. I suspect the only reason it no longer is, is that it met an untimely end in the crusher…

          I could get a copy for you, but now that you’ve watched “The sex lives of potato men”, I think you’ve probably sunk as low as you can go.

          Can I recommend you cleanse your mind with something a little more stimulating?

          I’m told Edwina Curry writes a racy novel…

          OK joking. Anna Karenina is quite distracting.


        1. Jeeez. Thanks for that.

          It’s is an image I’ll find very difficult to erase from my mind.

          Still I’m sure that after all the sex they sat down to a nice meal of peas.


    1. Yep. Harold Macmillan said that Mrs Thatcher was selling off the family silver.

      By the time that Cameron came along they were selling of the carpets and curtains.

      This lot are going to sell the floorboards and the foundations.

      Above all that HAS to be stopped. It’s foolish beyond belief.

      Scotland will cease to be a country. It will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Virgin.

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  3. Things have come to a pretty pass right enough when we have the running (or should that be ruining ?) of our country by the 4 donkeys of the apocalypse. Ably assisted of course by the bovine straddler and, don’t be fooled by her, she hates the Scots and Scotland. Her and her boss are detestable human beings.

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  4. I come back to this again and again, why does a left and centre left leaning country believe a single thing the UK Gov says, more than that why are they at least not entirely suspicious of anything the UK Gov or the Tory press say.
    I guess that people in Scotland have opposed Tories but not enough take any meaningful actions.
    Why is the Scottish Labour party not frothing at the mouth with anger and looking at real ways out of the Brexit/Tory disaster?
    I watched Stephen Gethins SNP MP and Ian Murray Labour MP on a news programme. The discussion was the vote for Article 30. Gethins was on subject about the Ref and constitution, but Murray quickly started talking about individual policies because he had no argument.
    I came to the conclusion some time ago that Labour like ‘fighting the good fight’. It means lots of meeting and discussion papers, maybe organising a few strikes, but always in the trenches, never winning. Because if they won people would start asking what they were going to do.
    So far there is nothing coming from Labour about what they are going to do. Brexit is a Tory weapon, Labour collude to let it happen, but it is not theirs to influence. Though I will say that seeing seeing the draft reply from the EU T May does not control what is going to happen either.
    But in Scotland we have a new choice, but Scottish Labour is still down in the trench, digging a deeper hole.

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    1. I shall try to reply to you, yet again.

      The ‘opinion’ of the Scottish nation appears to be at odds with Unionists.

      Some comment on a recent opinion poll:

      “POLL : Devastating blow for Theresa May as overwhelming majority of Scottish public back the Scottish Parliament’s right to call an independence referendum
      Survation seem to conduct telephone polls in Scotland pretty regularly, but most of them are private polls (probably for a unionist party) that are not intended for publication. Today’s Survation telephone poll was commissioned by the SNP, but it’s little wonder the results have been published, because they are nothing short of disastrous for Theresa May’s “no, not now” strategy, which relies so heavily on using a tame media to build an illusion of public sympathy for her outrageous actions.

      Who do you think should have the right to decide if there should be a referendum in Scotland that would allow the people of Scotland to choose between Brexit and independence? Should it be…

      The Scottish Parliament : 61%
      The Westminster Parliament : 39%

      Even before today, the broadcast media had no excuse for constantly parroting the myth that Ms May somehow had Scottish public opinion on her side, but they’ll find people laughing at them if they attempt it again. Just in case respondents didn’t fully grasp the implications of what they were being asked, the Survation poll posed another question that addressed the issue in a way that left no room for ambiguity whatsoever –

      Do you think the Westminster Parliament should have the right to block a plan for a referendum in Scotland, even if it is agreed on and voted for by the Scottish Parliament?

      Yes 42%
      No 58%

      So respondents don’t think that Theresa May should even have the right to do what she is attempting to do, let alone that she should actually do it.

      Taking matters to an even more advanced level of ‘belt and braces’ super-clarity, a third question was asked just to check whether the people who didn’t want Westminster to have a veto on the principle of a referendum had a completely different view on whether Westminster should be able to decide the timing. Surprise surprise, they didn’t. (Or not in any great numbers, anyway.)

      Who do you think should have the right to decide the timing of a referendum in Scotland that would allow the people of Scotland to choose between Brexit and Independence, if it were to happen? Should it be….

      The Scottish Parliament : 56%
      The Westminster Parliament : 44%”

      That is hardly a nation running away from it’s destiny, is it?

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    2. I dunno.

      I can’t see why the people in Labour don;t see that it is their best interests to break with a right-wing semi-fascist country that lives in some ridiculous past that no longer really exists. Powdered wigs, breeches, honourable and rt honourable gentlemen and choir boys.

      Of course, I suppose that some of them could still be longing for a seat in the House of Almost Dead People, where flunkies will address them as M’lord, and make them feel that they have arrived.

      Odd though. The 20th and 21st centuries are much more interesting than the 18th.

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  5. If you think the SNHS is the only thing Westminster want to get their hands on, think again. SNHS, Scottish Water, Fracking, fish stocks, Fire and Rescue, Police Services. All potential transfers of public funds into private bank accounts. State pensions will be means tested, welfare system destroyed, free bus travel forget it, free education/ university forget it, care for the elderly forget it. Just about everything that has a value or were money can be scammed will be used.

    Let’s not forget that we have Westminster little helpers sitting in Scotland’s Parliament facilitating the theft of just about anything of value in this country for Mays precious Union.

    It won’t be quick, but it will be relentless.

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    1. Yes, exactly. They will sell everything so that they can go on as before.

      One day everything will be gone.

      It’s a mystery to me though that they’ve sold off a lot, but surely one of the biggest sales would be Liz. Why don’t they sell off the royals to Branson? There are loads of them. He could have them doing all sorts of things for Virgin, and make them really pay their way.

      But no. They and the BBC are sacred.


  6. Ah, the English.

    Using a “law ” made by one of the worst, treacherous, tyrants in history.

    Those that worked his will soon found out that his gratitude was fleeting; a serial rapist who got annoyed when a woman stood up to him, so then killed her.

    Unless she was related to a monarch who had an army…

    In “British” history a fat jolly man who used to throw chicken bones over his shoulder.

    In reality, a cunt of the first order.

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